Dodge Charger Touchscreen Not Responding: How To Fix It


The Dodge Charger is a popular vehicle among drivers due to its fantastic service and superb features. But the touchscreen sometimes disappoints the customers through its mediocre performance, and you might not be able to operate it at all. So, what are the reasons behind a Dodge Charger’s touch screen not responding? Software issues, short …

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Paccar Vs Cummins: Which One Is The Best Engine?


Truck and Semi truck engines have evolved and come a long way. Among many engine manufacturers, Paccar and Cummins stand out as two of the most renowned brands. Both of these brands make world-class engines and have business around the world. Cummins engines are usually well accepted among people as the better engine. Paccar has …

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Jeep Wrangler Rattle Over Bumps: Follow The Steps To Fix It

jeep wrangler rattle over bumps

Jeep Wranglers are one of the favorite vehicles among adventurers and regular drivers. Its lifespan, durability, and features have earned the respect of consumers. But the rattling issue while going over bumps is critical and annoying for drivers and passengers. Do you want to know why the Jeep Wrangler rattles over bumps and their remedies? …

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Warn VR8000 Vs. M8000: Which One Is More Powerful?

warn vr8000 vs m8000

When traveling in isolated locations, losing traction and becoming stuck can be a massive problem. But a winch may swiftly get things rolling again. We who enjoy outdoor trips are all too aware of the value of recovery equipment. One such tool, in the opinion of many off-road lovers, is a winch.  Both Warn VR8000 …

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Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off: What To Do

Heated Seat Turns On and Then Off

Seat heaters are like a blessing, especially in winter. A heated seat provides ideal comfort and luxury to the vehicle’s driver and passenger. But, sometimes, it turns on and off, causing optimum consumer discomfort, especially in trucks like Peterbilt 378 and 379. So, why does the heated seat turn on and off? What’re the solutions …

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