35 vs 37 Jeep Tires: Whats The Differences And Similarities?

If you are a jeep Rubicon or Willy’s owner and looking for a bigger tire set than the present one, there is a lot to know. Two tires are popular for their off-roading capability in the jeep industry, but still, there are differences between 35 and 37 inches tires.

Shifting jeep tires from 35 to 37 will change many things from looks to riding taste in a rough area. So, stay with me, and I will talk about everything 35 vs. 37 tires. 

Differences Between 35 And 37 Inches Jeep Tires

35 Vs 37 Tire Weight And Width 

it is clear that a 37 inches jeep tire is slightly bigger in size and weight than 35 inches. But, from brand to brand, size, and weight, it differs. A 35 inches tire weight is an average of 59.4 pounds, whereas 37 inches weight Is almost 73 pounds. The width is slightly large than a 35 inches tire in the same way though you need not change rim position.

Changes Jeep Looks

Thirty-seven inches tires make the jeep more aggressive though 35 is pretty stunning. Wheels come outer side from vehicle body in 37 inches tires though you can also do it in 35 inches by using quality jeep wheel spacers.

After all, bigger tires turn a vehicle into a beautiful giant; what you can distinguish is 35 inches tires. 

Changes Ground Clearance

As 37 inches tire is two inches larger than the other tire, your vehicle height will be extended automatically. If you want to get all the facilities of a high-ground clearance jeep, then you should try bigger tires.

But, if it is a lowered jeep, then you must need realignment all the body. You have to use lifting kits or make the suspension bigger to adjust these tires.

Better Rock Trailing Facilities

better rock trailing facilities

A 35 inches tire can go in a rough area, including rocks and muddy land, where 37 inches work in a better way in the same situation. a jeep wrangler is always supportive to every offroad capable tire from 33 inches to 37 inches.

It totally depends on you and the area you are going to travel. But there is indeed less chance of sticking when your tire is slightly bigger. 

Changes Riding Taste

You will definitely notice something has changed when you are using slightly bigger tires. You will feel yourself in a high position when you are in the driver’s seat.

The vehicle becomes wider, and sometimes you will not feel comfortable on a narrow road with bigger size tires though these tires are much compatible for an off-road trip.

You will feel much cornering power in these 37 sized tires with maximum ground clearance. But the problem is that bigger tires make vehicles more aggressive that is not suitable for town riding. 

Bigger Investment

37-inch tire’s price is a little high than 33 or 35-inch tires, but the problem is that you need to use all tires in the same size. As a result, you need to buy four big-sized tires that are too much costly.

This is not the end of the problem when you may also need to buy some extra kits. Sometimes, 35 inches tires fit better with your jeep if the vehicle is lowered and 37 inches fit if the wrangler is lifted.

So, you need to buy some lowering or lifting kits for better fitment of these tires. Finally, the tire replacement process will not only make you excited but also cut your pocket. 

Similarities Between 35 And 37 Inches Tires

Both Are Off-Roading Tires

both tires are preferable for off-roading though performance is quite different. You can use both tires in hilly, muddy, or any tough area if everything is well set up. When you are in your office road, and the vehicle is lowered, tire size really matters. But when you are on an off-roading trip, anyone will not care whether it is 35 or 37 inches. 

Adjustable In The Same Rim

adjustable in the same rim

you will find it like magic when you can use both tires on the same rims so that you can minimize a large cost by not buying extra rims. If your rim is 17 inches that a wrangler owner gets from the factory, you are available to use the same rims both for 35 and 37 inches. 

Same Brands Are Available For Both Tires

there are a lot of choices in the tire industry when you are an off-road traveler. If you are too much attracted to a particular brand, it is possible to have both (35 and 37) tires In that brand.

Goodyear, BFGoodrich, and firestone are one of the top brands where you can buy 33 to 37 inches all jeep tires in different price ranges with the same customer supports. 

Both Tires Are Not Model-Oriented

If you are planning to buy headlights for the jeep grand Cherokee, you should not look for top jeep JK-led headlights on the internet because fitment is both an annoying and satisfying matter when you are buying anything for a jeep. but, jeep tires not model-oriented products and you can try both 35 and 37 inches tires

Frequently Asked Questions

Are 35s Big Enough For Rock Crawling?

35 inches tires are enough for any off-road trip if the vehicle’s other condition is well. This tire is capable of taking you from muddy roads to rocky areas, hilly areas, to the deep jungle. Though 35s tires are enough, 37s is the most suitable for rock crawling.


Off-road Tire is one of the most distinguishable features in the jeep industry from others parts of the vehicle. At first sight, Anyone will notice the jeep’s giant tires with minimum ground clearance.

But, when I am talking about 35 vs. 37 tiresthere are actually not many differences without looks and riding experiences. 

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