Air Leveling Valve Problems and Solutions!

An air leveling valve is a crucial part of a car. It works as a connector between the car’s frame and suspension. The real problem starts once its performance decreases to a significant level. So, what are the reasons behind air leveling valve problems?

Broken lines, airbag leakages, bad driving habits, and valve leakage are the most common reasons behind a faulty air leveling valve. A defective air leveling valve provides a bumpy ride that you won’t like to face. The vehicle’s height differs significantly due to a damaged air leveling valve.

If you’re unaware of the causes behind the broken leveling valve, fixing it will be pretty challenging. So, asking for an expert mechanic’s help is wiser than fixing the leveling valve with your limited knowledge.

Defective Air Leveling Valve: Reasons and How to Fix?

Fixing Air Leveling Valve

Once you diagnose a damaged air leveling valve, you’ll find various reasons behind it. These reasons are pretty elementary but make the issue more complex.

Before fixing the leveling valve, you should be aware of its reasons. Learning about the reasons helps to find an easy solution quickly.

Broken Cable

Air cables smoothly provide air to the airbag. These flexible lines wear out with time since they’re made of tubing. So, you can guess that a defective cable can’t supply the required air to the airbag with a broken line. It’s because the air leaks from this line continuously, resulting in a deflated airbag.

Damaged Bag

What if the airbag itself is damaged, right? Well, a damaged airbag is better than no airbag at all. Various reasons are responsible for a damaged or leaked airbag.

Poor installation is a prime reason for a damaged airbag. As a result, you won’t be able to use it without special equipment. Sometimes, loose wiring damages the bag causing severe problems during an accident.

Aggressive Driving

You’ll likely damage the air leveling valve quickly if you have a bad driving habit. Driving in a hurry on zigzag roads can severely damage the valve.

Sometimes, hard brakes can affect their position, which might damage the leveling valve.

Loose Connections

Loose connections might seem simple, but it dramatically impacts the leveling valve’s performance. As stated earlier, a loose connection fails to deliver the signal quickly, resulting in poor performance. These connections lose their connectivity if you use them frequently.

Valve Leakage

You can term it as valve leakage or a broken valve. When there’s a leakage in the valve, the air leveling valve fails to perform at the optimum level. Consequently, you’ll face severe problems in an emergency because of the faulty air leveling valve.


A damaged air leveling valve won’t help you to go on a long-distance journey. So, it’s better to resolve the issue ASAP. You won’t face any problems till the leveling valve works smoothly.

We hope the discussion on air leveling valve problems has given you a proper direction about the signs. Fix the leveling valve once you notice any of these symptoms. It’ll minimize your expenses and maintain the vehicle’s performance. Don’t hesitate to contact a mechanic to fix the faulty air leveling valve.