Detroit Truetrac Vs Locker: What Should You Pick?

What is the most notable difference between the Detroit Truetrac and Locker? Though the differentials are from the same manufacturer, the Locker is more off-road friendly than the Truetrac. But, there is more to consider while differentiating these differentials. You should be careful when choosing a differential for your car. This is because you might …

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Air Leveling Valve Problems and Solutions!

Air Leveling Valve Problems

An air leveling valve is a crucial part of a car. It works as a connector between the car’s frame and suspension. The real problem starts once its performance decreases to a significant level. So, what are the reasons behind air leveling valve problems? Broken lines, airbag leakages, bad driving habits, and valve leakage are …

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5 Bad Kingpin Symptoms: Easy Ways To Identify

bad kingpin symptom

A kingpin is a crucial part of any trailer-supporting vehicle, especially a tractor. It helps a driver to carry loads easily using the trailer. However, it’s tough to use the trailer with a damaged kingpin. Driving with a damaged kingpin can result in a severe accident. Do you want to know about the bad kingpin …

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Paccar Vs Cummins: Which One Is The Best Engine?


Truck and Semi truck engines have evolved and come a long way. Among many engine manufacturers, Paccar and Cummins stand out as two of the most renowned brands. Both of these brands make world-class engines and have business around the world. Cummins engines are usually well accepted among people as the better engine. Paccar has …

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Symptoms Of A Bad Air Brake Chamber: Easy Fixes!

bad air chamber symptoms

Air brake chambers sometimes may make mechanics confused. The elements can resemble secret passages. Sometimes a faulty air brake chamber can cause brake failure. But before this, there are specific symptoms. So what are the symptoms of a bad air brake chamber? Push-rods twisted, corroded, or dented visually impair the chamber are signs of a …

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17 vs 20 Inch Wheels: Why and How they Matter to You?


Wheels not only pull your vehicle from one place to another but also add various features for better handling and comfort. Whenever you exchange your vehicle’s wheels, it changes the vehicle’s ground clearance, looks, and overall performance. So, changing wheels from 17 to 20 inches or 20 to 17 inches is not like changing aftermarket …

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Diehard Vs. Interstate Battery: Which One Is Better?

diehard vs interstate battery

Battery plays one of the most crucial roles in a vehicle, from starting to running electrical devices. A bad one can create headlight problems, panoramic sunroof issues, and voltage regulator problems in your jeep or car. Different people will suggest the names of different battery brands for your car. You might get confused quickly about …

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How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key?

How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key

The Ford MyKey is an excellent system allowing drivers to learn safe driving. It helps teenagers to learn safe driving quickly. But turning off MyKey without an admin key can be a hassle. So, how to turn off MyKey Ford without an admin key? Turning off MyKey is elementary. First, reboot MyKey. Then, use an …

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H7 Vs. H8: What Are The Differences Between Them?

h7 vs h8

A quality battery always plays a vital role in starting and controlling a vehicle. When a vehicle has a bad starting issue, Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems, or backup camera issues, remember that most of the time, a bad battery is responsible for those troubles. So, you need to make a wise decision before exchanging a …

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Car Smells Like Propane: What Can Be the Reason?


Smelling gas from a car is really confusing and concerning when you really don’t know the exact cause. It minimizes driver attention and comfortableness when they drive on a long road. It is a basic symptom of engine issues and has an indirect relation with car fuel economy. Sometimes owners become much worried and confused …

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Mack vs Peterbilt: Who Makes the Best Trucks?


A bigger truck plays a very powerful role in carrying commercial products and fulfills consumers’ demands. Thousands of products are being carried by hundreds of trucks a day all over the United States. But, if you choose the wrong semi-truck, which expands the cost on the road more than others, your business will not be …

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Woolwax vs. Fluid Film: Stop Rust in its Tracks!

Woolwax vs. Fluid Film

Even if you are spending a ridiculous number of bucks buying your dream car without proper maintenance, it’s going to become trash anyway. Among tons of maintenance tasks, undercoating is probably the most underrated one for most riders. It’s tiresome, takes a bit of time and patience, and it doesn’t seem necessary to many. However, …

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How To Remove Roof Rack Cross Bars Jeep Grand Cherokee

how to remove roof rack cross bars jeep grand cherokee

Every jeep grand Cherokee has a factory-made roof rack from first-generation jeep grand Cherokee (ZJ) to last-generation jeep grand Cherokee (wl). As it is an outdoor vehicle, sometimes you need to carry goods or heavy outdoor recreational products like kayaks or canoes. After the vacation, you might not want to have the roof rack cross …

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Eibach vs. Bilstein: The Ultimate Suspension Showdown!

Eibach vs. Bilstein

Even though you take your vehicle’s suspension system for granted, it’s actually one of the key components of a smooth riding experience. This is often not felt until you notice the suspension is jammed or needs a complete replacement. That’s why you should not just think of ‘buying’ another suspension; rather, consider spending on this …

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Do Aftermarket Catalytic Converters Make Your Car Louder?


Some people don’t know how the aftermarket catalytic converter works. Even car enthusiasts and avid engine aficionados are no exception. Therefore they often ask – do aftermarket catalytic converters make your car louder? The answer is conditional. Generally, aftermarket catalytic converters work as original Catalytic converters. It works mainly as a sound reducer of a …

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