Uconnect Bluetooth Audio Not Working? – Fix ASAP!


You might have wondered what you get for spending so much time in your car or Jeep? Yes, Uconnect will fulfill all of your desire, from controlling the vehicle to watching tv and checking fuel to using the internet. Having Uconnect ensures more control over your vehicle, like changing the radio station, checking the oil …

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Woolwax vs. Fluid Film: Stop Rust in its Tracks!

Woolwax vs. Fluid Film

Even if you are spending a ridiculous number of bucks buying your dream car without proper maintenance, it’s going to become trash anyway. Among tons of maintenance tasks, undercoating is probably the most underrated one for most riders. It’s tiresome, takes a bit of time and patience, and it doesn’t seem necessary to many. However, …

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How To Remove Roof Rack Cross Bars Jeep Grand Cherokee

how to remove roof rack cross bars jeep grand cherokee

Every jeep grand Cherokee has a factory-made roof rack from first-generation jeep grand Cherokee (ZJ) to last-generation jeep grand Cherokee (wl). As it is an outdoor vehicle, sometimes you need to carry goods or heavy outdoor recreational products like kayaks or canoes. After the vacation, you might not want to have the roof rack cross …

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Eibach vs. Bilstein: The Ultimate Suspension Showdown!

Eibach vs. Bilstein

Even though you take your vehicle’s suspension system for granted, it’s actually one of the key components of a smooth riding experience. This is often not felt until you notice the suspension is jammed or needs a complete replacement. That’s why you should not just think of ‘buying’ another suspension; rather, consider spending on this …

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Piston Slap Vs. Rod Knock: What Are The Differences?


Both Piston slap and rod knocks create concern about your engine. To remedy these concerns, you need to understand piston slap vs. rod knock. What are the differences between them? Know that the sound of piston slap seems like air weeping. But the sound of rod knocks seems like two rods are hitting each other. …

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Do Aftermarket Catalytic Converters Make Your Car Louder?


Some people don’t know how the aftermarket catalytic converter works. Even car enthusiasts and avid engine aficionados are no exception. Therefore they often ask – do aftermarket catalytic converters make your car louder? The answer is conditional. Generally, aftermarket catalytic converters work as original Catalytic converters. It works mainly as a sound reducer of a …

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How Long Can I Drive With Bad Piston Rings?


The piston rings are a set of rings found within the engine of an automobile. These rings assist in regulating oil pressure and consumption by the engine. If the piston rings are cracked or worn out, your vehicle will have various issues. So, you may have questioned how long can I drive with bad piston …

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