What Is the Output Spline Count on an NP231J? [Explained]

Basically, the outline spline count on an NP231J is 26. But, it’s not a fixed number for all types of transfer cases. Unfortunately, though this spline count significantly impacts a Jeep’s off-road performance, most people just ignore it. As a result, they often fall into several significant issues.  That’s why, as a Jeep owner or …

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Which Port on the Master Cylinder Goes to Front? [A Guide]

Depending on the type of master cylinder you have, either the nearest port or the rear one, it goes to the front brake unit.  If you’re unfamiliar with the mechanics of the master cylinder, it can result in a horrifying mistake when troubleshooting or restoring broken components.  That means you should have precise knowledge about …

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Detroit Truetrac Vs Locker: What Should You Pick?

What is the most notable difference between the Detroit Truetrac and Locker? Though the differentials are from the same manufacturer, the Locker is more off-road friendly than the Truetrac. But, there is more to consider while differentiating these differentials. You should be careful when choosing a differential for your car. This is because you might …

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Air Leveling Valve Problems and Solutions!

Air Leveling Valve Problems

An air leveling valve is a crucial part of a car. It works as a connector between the car’s frame and suspension. The real problem starts once its performance decreases to a significant level. So, what are the reasons behind air leveling valve problems? Broken lines, airbag leakages, bad driving habits, and valve leakage are …

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5 Bad Kingpin Symptoms: Easy Ways To Identify

bad kingpin symptom

A kingpin is a crucial part of any trailer-supporting vehicle, especially a tractor. It helps a driver to carry loads easily using the trailer. However, it’s tough to use the trailer with a damaged kingpin. Driving with a damaged kingpin can result in a severe accident. Do you want to know about the bad kingpin …

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