Best Jack for jeep Wrangler(High-lift, Floor, and Bottle jacks)

Jacks are the most common and popular tools for lifting your jeeps and cars. But, there are a lot of varieties from design to weight and lifting capacity though searching for the best jack for jeep wranglers is not complicated. Nevertheless, some jeep owners still buy car jacks for their jeep wrangler though the two vehicles are not the same in wheel size and weight.

An average wrangler’s weight is from 1800kg to 2000 kg, and the wheel is more prominent than the usual car wheel. So, you must use a robust jack that can hold your vehicle’s total weight and lift your wrangler high enough.

I have made a solid list of the best jack for jeep wranglers, including floor jack, high lift jack, and bottle jack. You will have your desired jack that can hold at least 2800kg and lift your vehicle 6 to 48 inches.

1. BIG RED hydraulic jack for jeep wrangler

At your first sight, you will love this beautiful jack for your wrangler. from its color to material; this is one of the trusted jacks for jeep owners. If you have a Jeep JK, JL, or JKU from 1997 to 2022, I am sure the vehicle weight is not much than 2700 kg which is less than Jack’s weight capacity.

That is why I have listed this one in the first place because this red beast can hold almost 3 tons ( 3000kg). So if you ask how capable is it for my wrangler? My answer is it is limitless. How high you want to lift your jeep! It can raise your wrangler from 5 inches to 20 inches with the maximum weight capacity. This is made of durable steel and with an industrial luster that may help you to use it for at least three years. You will also have a 24.5 inches extra-large handle which may help you to put the jacks anywhere under your wrangler.

The mechanism is simple, with a quick lift pump and 360-degree swivel casters. So you can easily lift your jeep by normal pumping and land it by turning the handle. The item weight is only 36 pounds with a safety bypass system so that you have nothing to think about overweighting. If you want a warranty for this first-class jack, please create contact with big red. If they deny, you can pay it with six months.

Reason to consider:

  • 3 ton(3000 kg) weight capacity
  • Weight capacity is high much high than wrangler weight.
  • Lifting capacity is from 5 to 20 inches
  • Made of high-quality steel both for jack and handle
  • the bigger handle of 24.5 inches
  • the safety bypass system is included to check overweight
  • suitable for wrangler and other SUVs
  • payment method is in 6 months.
  • Trusted to the customers
  • Hydraulic trolly system


  • Extra longer neck is not suitable

2. Hi-Lift jack for jeep wrangler

Anyone can use it in his garage for tire changing or on a muddy road to lift wheels from mud. Among all, one of the high lift jacks is the most trusted for its lifting and holding capacity. ARB is the manufacturer that makes this jack from cast iron components for much durability.

Its holding capacity is 7000 pounds (3175 kg) on average, and no wrangler weight is much than 2500 kg. so you can use it for your jeep wrangler without second time thinking. The most powerful feature is its lifting capacity, where you have multiple choices from 42 inches to 60 inches lifting capacity so that you can select one of the targeted jacks according to the trip area.

The price range is almost similar, how big a high-lift jack you buy. From its teeth to handle and socket, everything is durable because, at last, Arb provided powder coated finish with zinc-plated hardware. It is only 29 pounds in weight so that you can keep it in the front or backside of your jeep JK, JKU or JL. Arb always serves great customer service where you can also request for warranty.

Finally, an off-road jeep owner should keep a high lift jack in his toolbox for lifting, winching, or clamping. I think this US-made high jack might be a good investment. 

Reason to consider:

  • Different lifting capacity to 42 inches to 60 inches
  • Lower price in multiple ranges
  • Cast iron component made
  • 7000(3175 kg) pounds weight capacity 
  • Product weight is only 29 pounds
  • Perfect for jeep wrangler in any land
  • Three different choice options in the same design
  • Trusted to the customer and US-made


  • Only red and black colors are available

3. Arcan Is The Best Floor jack For Jeep Wrangler

Floor jacks are the safest and user-friendly tools to lift your wrangler at least 3 to 15 inches. Arcan Is one of them to try in your jeep. First of all, it is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum with 3 tons capacity that means its holding power is much high than the average wrangler weight. The material they used is much durable, and there are almost no records of cracking.

Any owner can trust Arcan because they used one of the most reliable aluminum with perfect holding capacity. For tire changing to the major engine working, 6 to 15 inches lifting capacity is enough for a jeep. This floor jack can lift your jeep from 3 to 18 inches from the ground with adequate security. They used a handle e with a modern pumping system that can help you raise your jeep quickly without any expert.

As this jack can hold 3 tons of weight, you can select this one for your wrangler JK JKU or JL. Finally, if any daily driver wants to use a floor jack, he should try this one because owners trust it the most for its safety and holding capacity. Moreover, he will get a 1-year warranty with great customer supports from the manufacturer.

Reason to consider:

  • Trusted From aircraft-grade aluminum
  • maximum 3 tons holding capacity for wrangler
  • can lift your jeep from 3 to 18 inches
  • large e handle with fast pumping system
  • acceptable for any jeep wrangler
  • 1-year warranty included from Arcan
  • Most of the customers are satisfied with this


  • Prices seem a little high

4. Hi-Lift jeep JL Jack

One of the major duties of this brand is to create a better jack for four wheels vehicle. This High-lift brand is a single product-oriented company so that as a Jeep owner, you can purchase a jack from it with trust. This is from high-quality steel with a power coat exterior where you will also see gold zinc-coated finishing. The gold zinc-coated finishing prevents all types of rust and increases its durability.

Like the other high lift jack, it can also load more than 7000 lbs( 3175kg), which is enough for a wrangler user. Lifting capacity is nearly 48 inches for any kind of winching, clamping, or spreading. If you think this is not enough, you can also try their 60 inches High lift. You have an adequate large handle that is most durable, and stickers with safe use information are given in the handle. So, you can use it for your jeep wrangler JK JKU or JL for its holding and lifting capacity.

Moreover, you can place it anywhere in your wrangler for its weight (32 pounds) and dimension (51.2 x 10.5 x 5 inches). If the manufacturer refuses to provide you a warranty, stay tensionless, he has the other way of customer support where You can pay the total price in 6 months.

If you ask whether this high lift is safe or not? I say that it is ‎Certified as a recommended product by the I4WDTA so that it will minimize your tension about safety matters.

Reason to consider:

  • 48 inches highest lifting capacity
  • Highest holding capacity 7000lbs (3175 kg)
  • Product-oriented brand
  • 60 inches lifting capacity is also available
  • Gold zinc coated design
  • Capable of lifting any JK or JL
  • Product weight is only 32 pounds with appropriate dimension
  • $21 per month paying system available to the customers
  • I4WDTA certified jack


  • Not much better for other works

5. Alltrade Best Bottle Jack for Jeep Wrangler

If you want to try a different jack with slightly less lifting capacity but most secure for your wrangler, yeah, a bottle jack is a perfect lifting tool. It is one of the most user-friendly lifting tools where you just need to put the jack in a perfect position like a floor jack.

I have found one of the most popular bottle jacks, which has been made from quality materials, and users are most satisfied. Powerbuilt is the manufacturer of the black color aluminum-made jack. Its dimension is 9.75″L x 9.75″W x 12.25″H that is much closer to the wrangler’s body from the beginning. So you can lift your jeep from 11 inches to 17.25 inches with 3 tons loading capacity.

You may know as a wrangler owner; bottle jack can lift in a minimum range though it is also enough when you are more focused on safety. But if you are looking for more lifting capacity, you can raise it 21 inches manually. Though it is from quality aluminum, the manufacturer company also used steel, and there are fewer chances of cracking and lowering when your vehicle is at a maximum height.

It is lightweight( only 22.4 pounds), and when you try it in a soft area, it will not be imbalanced and sink. This is one of the top products in seller rank, and most off-road vehicle owners are satisfied. There are a lot of 4-ton bottle jacks in the market right now, but if you want the highest lifting capacity, I think you should try it. 

Reason to consider:

  • One of the trusted brands for bottle jacks
  • 3 tons loading capacity for any wrangler
  • Maximum Lifting capacity is from 11 to 21 inches 
  • It’s from durable aluminum and steel
  • Same working capacity in the soft area
  • The safety lock is provided not to lose the position
  • Only 22.4 pounds in weight 
  • Easily adjustable under jeep wrangler
  • Customers can also request for warranty


  • Price is slightly higher

Buying guide

There are a lot of jacks for our jeep right now, but you have to clear your vision of which jack you need for your wrangler. It would help if you had an idea about your vehicle’s weight and jack’s holding and lifting capacity. 

Select jack: 

I think you can use every jack for an off-road vehicle. But I don’t believe in scissor jack because they are not fully eligible to hold a large vehicle weight though people are also using it with trust. The others, from high lift jack to bottle jack, are totally trusted and popular for jeep wrangler. If you are a regular traveler and spend a lot of time in a muddy or hilly area, high lift jacks are much suitable for you.

Every jeep wrangler owner should have a high lift jack because it helps you to pull your vehicle wheels from deep mud for its highest lifting capacity. You can also use it in the midway or home garage for tire changing to the engine working. 

Floor jack and bottle jack work in the same way. They are from the same engineering, and if you can use a floor jack, you can also use a bottle jack. They have a larger handle so that you can also lift your vehicle from the middle position. They have much loading capacity with adequate security, but they can not lift jeeps as high as a high lift jack. 

Lifting and loading capacity:

You are looking for a perfect jack for your wrangler; the next important matter is lifting and loading capacity. Generally, a wrangler’s weight is from 1800 kg to 2500 kg without passenger weight. So, you must buy a jack that can take more load than the vehicle’s total weight.

Sometimes scissor jacks are much risky when you have an updated jeep Rubicon or willy, and that is why I have removed all the scissor jacks from this list. I think 3 ton weight jacks are totally appropriate, and you can use them without a second time thinking. 

Jack can raise a vehicle from 11 inches to 60 inches, depending on which jacks you use. If you want to use it both for tire changing and rough terrain, high lift jacks are perfect because they can raise a wrangler from 40 to 60 inches. You are a casual driver and spend much time on the highway; the bottle jack and floor jack are enough because you don’t need to lift your wrangler in that high, and these jacks can lift 8 to 21 inches. 

Materials of the product:

With enough loading capacity, How the jacks are manufactured is also important. Sometimes people buy high-priced jacks from a well-known supplier, but it cracks after a few days for worthless materials. So you have to find out which manufacturer provides quality aluminum or steel.

If you find it tedious, you just simply focus on other owner’s opinions. Surely, many of them could not make wrong decisions. The products I have provided up are from quality aluminum and steel with zinc coated finishing, and most of the customers are satisfied. I think you don’t need further checking about materials. 

Safety and warranty:

Nothing is one hundred percent safe until you can use it in a proper way. Suppose you have bought a 3-ton jack with maximum lifting capacity; the next thing you must do is to read the user manual. If it is a floor jack, then you should learn how to use the floor jack with safety. So, safety is nearly up to you when you have the best jack in your hands.

Some of the jacks are I4WDTA certified In the list so that you can put more trust in them. Sometimes it seems like overplay when you always look for a certification. If your jacks can load your wrangler’s weight and you can use them perfectly, there is nothing to fear. 

Most of the manufacturers don’t offer a warranty when you buy a popular jack for a jeep. Moreover, the product price is almost near in your hand. Nevertheless, some of the brands offer an installment system. So if you feel the price is a burden, you can take the chance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do you put the jack on a Jeep Wrangler?

It depends on what you want to do and what type of jacks you have. If you have a high lift jack, you can put it anywhere in the vehicle from front and rear bumper to wrangler chassis. When your jack is a floor or bottle jack, you can try it from center rear differential to axle tube.

Put it in the chassis or bumper, If you want to pull the vehicle tire from mud. When you need to work under the vehicle body, I think the center rear differential or axle tube is a more exact location.

How safe is a Hi-Lift jack?

High lift jacks are more secure and user-friendly than using a floor jack when you know how to use it. It can take your jeep in the most elevated lifting position for tire changing to pulling tire from deep muddy holes. But there is a slight chance of position loss when all tire wheels are not blocked. If you put it in a triangle position, yes, it can cause a major accident. Otherwise, it is totally secure, and there is almost no chance of cracking. 

Are hi-lift jacks Made in the USA?

All the high lift jacks are not made In the USA. Some of them are also from china or others. But, you have to believe that some non-US-made jacks have got much popularity in this time. Most of their customers are happy with the product’s quality and customer support. But I know US-made products would be the best where you will get much customer supports. So, I have listed some US-made jacks for your wrangler, and that is also I4WDTA certified.

Is a 2-ton jack enough for a Jeep Wrangler?

Two-tons jacks are enough for a wrangler when vehicle weight is slightly less than the jack’s loading capacity. First, you should check your jeep weight because all the wrangler’s weights are not equal. If you see vehicle weight is almost close to 2 tons, I think you should avoid this.

Because, Still, there is a chance of cracking your jack. Most of the scissor jacks have 2 tons loading capacity, and I don’t find them fully secure. That’s why I removed scissor jacks from this article cause. Now the decision is up o you! 

Should I block the tire before putting the jack?

Obviously, you should block the front tire if you are working in the back and block the rear tire when you are on the driver’s side. First, you must take your vehicle in plain land especially, when you are using a floor jack or bottle jack. Then set the parking brake and block the tire with essential tools or a stone near your hands. Blocking vehicle wheels can make everything more secure; whatever jacks you have( high lift, bottle, floor)


People are continuously making wrong decisions when they purchase automotive-related products. If you don’t want to be one of them, always be curious about your vehicle. I know you don’t have much time to solve automotive maths so that you have let everything to the internet.

If you ask, what is the best jack for a jeep wrangler? The answer is to check your wrangler weight and confirm how much lifting capacity you want. I have made the above list from my research and personal experience that may help you make your judgment.

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