Best Jeep Tailgate Table With Cutting Board

You have made everything ready from food to kayak, clothes to the tent for your next trip. Then you opened your rear door and noticed something else. You have no tailgate table which can provide many camping facilities.

So you are trying to find out the best jeep tailgate table which can take your outdoor recreation to the next level. Its installation process is easy, and your jeep models or year does not create any extra hindrance. So why does a traveler miss that amazing accessory for his jeep?

The jeep wrangler is highly suitable for using a tailgate table than the others. I suggest that you check the Suparee double layer and EAG Metal Tailgate for the next jeep modification because most owners trust these for their quality and better fitment.

7 Best Jeep Tailgate Table With Buying Guide

Your vehicle model is not a big factor if you are a wrangler user. But, nevertheless, I researched for the quality products which also fit according to the jeep model.

1. Suparee Double-layer The Best Jeep Jk Tailgate Table

Since 2009 Suparee has been a well-known company in the wrangler industry, especially in getting people’s trust. They made this table as jeepers opinion with adequate space.

When you are with your extended family, this type of double-layered table will make extra room to get more fun behind the tailgate. The product weight is 14.72 pounds, and its dimension(27.5*17.5*4 inches) seems enough for a jeep tailgate.

Don’t doubt about its manufacturing process; it is made with 12 gauge aluminum with 100 lbs weight limit. Installing process is quite simple when you have a drill. What do you think about its model or fitment?

I can assure you this product is compatible with any wrangler, and if you have a jk model of 2007 to 2018, don’t get confused about its door( 2, 4 doors ). It is also compatible with Jl and wrangler unlimited models. It also offers a two-year warranty to minimize your tension.

Reason to consider:

  • The double-layered table will create more space to put more items in the tailgate.
  • It fits with jeep wrangler jk
  • weight is 14.72 pounds with all the bolts
  • 12 gauge aluminum metal in its heart
  • Loading capacity 100 lbs(43.36 kg)
  • Two-year warranty from suparee


  • the extra cutting board is not provided.

2. SUPAREE Double-Layer Tailgate Table for Jeep Wrangler JL

When you are thinking about a double-layered table behind in your jeep, Suparee provides the best as before. This table is highly fit for wrangler Jl with a beginner-type installation process. If this double-shaped tailgate table is not enough for camping, then I will say that buy a cargo-type vehicle.

It will double the storage capacity with (30 x 14.75 x 3 inches) this dimension. So, Anyone can not blame it for its length and width. Suparee not only provides adequate proportion but also increases the weight limit up to 100lbs.

like others suparee’s table, this lightweight(12.97) table is made of aluminum alloy, which helps you when you are installing. You can adjust this one by yourself with having some drilling knowledge.

This black-colored table is well made for the wrangler JL but the funny thing is that anyone can even attach it with old jk and YJ. Anything else? I know you will ask about the warranty! Suparee provides a two-year warranty to keep their trust in this industry. 

reason to consider

  • bigger space in its two layers
  • lightweight and made from aluminum alloy
  • larger proportion than the others
  • most suitable with wrangler JL
  • provide 2-year warranty
  • 15 minutes installation process required


  • No holes for the cup

3. EAG Metal Best Tailgate Table For Jeep Wrangler

In 2007 EAG introduced itself as an expert in materials and engineering sciences. As a laboratory expert, its products don’t compromise quality. This metal tailgate table cargo storage rack is made of high-quality metal steel, that’s why its weight is 15.72 pounds.

A Black textured powder coat is used to enhance its durability so that it can cooperate when a Jeeper is in a rough area and can hold more weight for being steel metal. With 2 cup holes, the (24.41 x 13.78 x 4.33 inches) dimension is enough what you are looking for. Without 2 cup holes, it provides multiple holed spaces if any extra attachment is needed.

If you have knowledge about tailgate tables from before, you may know that most of the tables fit with wrangler models. Moreover, one table can be applied in every jk and Jl model from 2007 to 2021. This one needs less drilling from the other tailgate table, and the installation procedure is quite simple.

No one searches for this well-made product warranty. If still, you are in confusion, the manufacturer will be with you. Overall the products this simple, multi-holed black-colored table will be the best jeep tailgate table.

Reason to consider:

  • It is made of steel with Black textured powder coat
  •  it prevents corrosion and is durable
  • Superfit for the rough area
  • Multiple holes to attach extra accessories.
  • Super stable for any model with simple drilling


  • Its weight is 15.72 pounds
  • Full with quality with price

4. E-cowlboy Tailgate Table For Jeep Wrangler JL

as wrangler Jl is a new model of the jeep, the owner doesn’t want hesitation when he is buying an accessory for this elephant. For this reason, E-cowlboy has made a simple, easy to fit and normal-looking tailgate table for the jeep wrangler. This brand is also popular for its customer care policy.

This table’s weight is 8.53 pounds, but its dimension is (29.2*14*2 inches) which is slightly larger than the others. And this black-colored tailgate has two holes to drop the cup. It has been made of black powder-coated aluminum alloy to enlarge its durability and reduce corrosion.

It can hold more than 80 lbs, and its simple design creates extra room. If you find the tailgate table installation process complex, this product will make you laugh. If there is a drill in your toolbox, the whole process will not take more than 15 minutes.

If you are thinking about fitment, it is super adjustable to the jeep Jl 2-door 4-door model. Actually, it’s a super simple design that will be fit with any jeep wrangler. Nevertheless, if you are confused, don’t worry. The company offers a 30 days refund policy and 18 months warranty. 

Reason to consider:

  • It’s simple design creates more space which is good enough for any activity.
  • It is lightweight at 8.53 pounds and has durability
  • The installation process needs only four holes with your drill
  • Highly manufactured from black powder-coated aluminum alloy to prevent corrosion.
  • Provides wear and impact resistance facilities
  • 30 days refund policy with 18 months warranty
  • Most comfortable for newer jeep 


  • If you are a design lover, then avoid this

5. Front Runner Jeep Tailgate Table With Cutting Board

The front runner is a world-renowned company, but it is most trusted for its exterior accessories. Sometimes with a cutting board, the tailgate table looks more professional.

Moreover, in camping or hiking, one must need a board to prepare food cause you never know whether the area is muddy or not. The front runner is with you to fulfill your intention providing their best for all the wranglers.

Its made of black powder-coated steel that why you can not question about its durability. A quality wooden stray under the table is the most important and distinguishable feature.

This heavy(19.4 pounds) table with quality steel can load more than 88.2lb with all the nuts, bolts, and latches in the jeep’s rear door. Its (14.1*27*2.1inches) dimension seems smaller, but when you pull the wooden tray from the table, its actual area will be much more.

So, this bigger dimensional table will fulfill all of your recreational planning. If the cutting board becomes dirty, you can put the other side in reverse. This multi-purposeful tailgate table fits with all the jeep wranglers.

You have jk, JKU, Jl, or YL; it doesn’t make a difference in terms of fitment. It is easily adjustable with any jeep model from 2000 to 2021. For warranty purposes, you have to talk with the Front runner manufacturer.

Reason to consider:

  • Hard, durable board for food cutting
  • Dimension is expandable by pulling the wooden board
  • Made of high-quality steel with a black powder coat
  • Well fit for all-weather
  • Fits with jk, Jku, Jl, and all the wrangler


  • Comparatively high price

6. Hooke Road Foldable Cargo Shelf Jeep Tj Tailgate Table

Hooke road offers a jeep upgrade both on interior and exterior sides. As a member of SEMA, Hooke bar has become one of the most popular retailers in the jeep industry. Selling products with quality, the confidence level of them is much high.

This table is one of the off-roaders attractions for its versatile and convenient design. Hooke bar made this table from quality metal steel with a black powder coat finish. This Steel made material is always trusted from the beginning and has 75 lbs holding capacity.

How many things can I put on the table? Okay, it has (24.7” x 12.3” x 1.5”) dimension so that anyone can keep a lot of necessary household products on the table. It is the most lightweight table behind the rear door with 9.29 pounds I have ever seen.

In tailgate tables matter, it does not vary much from model to model. Still, it is simply compatible with wrangler jk, and Don’t be hesitate to think about models year or door type. 2 doors, four doors, and every models year are compatible with this product.

Even, it is applicable in new Jl models to old YL models. For warranty purposes, you must contract with Hooke road directly. After all, if you find steel still made table is the best, this black colored, multi holed, simple designed tailgate will be on your priority list. 

reason to consider:

  • Steel metal with black powder coat finish 
  • Simple design with multi holes
  • Best in metal quality but lightweight (9.29 pounds)
  • Easy to clean 
  • 10 minitues installation process
  • Price is less with metal steel 


  • No extra cup hole
  • Product dimension is slightly less

7. Mopar 82215416AB Tailgate Table Jeep Wrangler

Mopar is selling many tools with a reputation and which also has a great impact on the automotive industry. People trust their simple and well made designed products though the price is slightly higher.

This table is only 10.4 lbs in weight with a two-holed simple design. Like others, it is also made with black powder-coated steel but offers a lightweight feature so that a traveler can install it without other’s help.

Its loading capacity is 25lbs with a 31*14*4 inches dimension that is totally appropriate as a rear door accessory. Its installation process is normal if you have any experience working in the tailgate. Despite all the features, for more information and warranty, you must contract directly with Mopar.

Do you want to know about the fitment? Okay, it is a special edition for jeep wrangler Jl though the others may fit. Lastly, if you want multi holed, simple designed table, this black-colored Mopar will be one of your ambition.

Reason to consider:

  • can old 25 lbs
  • Super lightweight for easy installation
  • Black coated steel for more durability
  • Big dimension(31*14*4) with cup holders
  • Simple design with easy installation
  • Special edition for 2018 to 2021 and 2022


  • It May be not suitable for old models
  • Price is slightly high

Buying Guide Of Jeep Tailgate Table

for a classic updated product, always focus on people’s opinion, product brand, stability. Try to justify how the product is made of and how much weight it can hold in the rear door. If you are a design lover, it’s okay and you can also make a tailgate table yourself. But, Never forget to think about the fitment. 


A table’s durability depends on how it is made of. Always try to find aluminum or steel-made products which are really strong enough to keep your kitchen or working products. Black powder-coated steel is used in some of the rear door tables so that you will find more facilities when you are cleaning. 

Weight limits

You have to know how much weight a rear door table can hold. today’s tailgate table is made from quality steel or aluminum that can hold the highest weight. This (25*15*3) dimensional table can carry nearly 75lbs, and it is totally enoughMoreover, cup holders and other holes can increase products beauty and enlarge the capacity of holding.


if you are not much clear with the features of the products and have no time to separate a single product from the list, it is totally okay to only depend on the brand. You will be happy to know that Suparee, Eag, E-cowlboy, and Moper all are well trusted by the jeep owner. 


How healthy and quality products you have, if it doesn’t fit with your jeep, it’s totally useless. In jeep tailgate, most of the tables fit with others without justifying models. But some of them are made from factories for certain models which actually don’t differ much.


how to install a jeep tailgate table?

Every jeep tailgate has an instruction module from product to product and model to model. But mainly, installing process needs simple drilling. Remove the inner plastic panel from the tailgate and drill into the required points. Then finally, attach the table and close all the nuts and bolts. Your fitment is ready. 

Do I need a cutting board on the table?

It depends. If you love camping, hiking, and other recreational activities, then you also have to take some food or cooking items. So in that’s perspective, you need a tailgate table with a cutting board. But I think it is not the most necessary part. You can carry on with your normal tailgate table.


Finally, the best jeep tailgate table and quality roof racks are must need an accessory for a jeep owner who spends much time in a hilly or muddy area. As this accessory is not a part of the vehicle’s heart, it will not reduce your safety and vehicle’s performance.

Unfortunately, jeep doesn’t offer a tailgate table from the factory, including one that can ensure maximum value for your jeep.

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