Bestop vs. Softopper: Which One is Right for You?

One of the perks of owning a wrangler or truck is that you can easily convert it to a storage house or even a camping tent. All you need is to get a topper on its back, and voila! – it’s a tiny room for you to fit in!

Now, ensuring the topper’s strength, quality, and longevity is beyond description. That’s because your valuables, including yourself while taking a nap underneath, are protected by this layer of roofing. So, what’s the best topper out there that you can count on?

For most regular riders, the decision juggles between Bestop and Softopper. These are the two well-known and great-quality brands that you can trust. However, depending on your need, you can choose either of these, which should definitely be right for you. If you are looking for a full-on waterproof solution, then Softopper should have your eyes on it. As for regular tight weather protection, Bestop should be just right.

Today, we are going to sneak into the pros and cons of both brands and figure out which one suits you the best!

A Quick Look at the Top Features of Bestop and Softopper

Before we move into the details, let’s have a quick look at both brands’ key features so that it gets easier for you to pick one!

Weather ProtectionProven water-tight weather protectionCompletely waterproof roofing system
Window TypeThe removable window can be rolled upThe acrylic window can be easily replaced
ZipperComes with molded tooth zippersComes with YKK heavy-duty zippers
ConstructionIndustrial strength thread constructionRust-free anodized zinc-coated aluminum frame
Fabric TypeUV-resistant top-quality sailcloth fabricUV-resistant top-quality sailcloth fabric
Fitment DesignFitment comes with a vehicle-type designFitment comes with a vehicle-type design
InstallationNo-drill easy installation systemNo-drill easy installation system
RemovabilityEasy to removeEasy to remove
WarrantyWarranty available depending on the modelWarranty available depending on the model

Bestop and Softtopper – Why Head to Head?

So, why are we putting Bestop and Softopper head-to-head while other truck toppers are in the market? Well, the reason is pretty simple. When it comes to quality fabric, excellent strength, and betting longevity, toppers from both these brands share the throne.

The Bestop toppers are well-known for the best-quality fabric they make their toppers with. Not to mention the overall high-quality material used in producing the total package. The best part is that Bestop makes sure that every single detail, both from the inside and outside of the toppers, is given the exact same concentration.

You can find a similar story for Softopper, as well. It comes with a fully waterproof system that makes it the ultimate roofing support for your truck. What’s exciting is that it gives you the option to turn the entire truck into a mini-hotel that you can comfortably stay in overnight if you are camping or on a journey.

Bestop vs. Softopper: Which One is Right for You?

Alright, if both deliver the best support for your truck topping, which one should you choose? Well, here are some points of comparison that we have put down that would make it easier for you to pick a side. Let’s go!

Complete Bed Coverage System


Bestop steals the show with a handy fallback styling system when it comes to the full bed coverage system. This is pretty handy and takes only a few minutes to set up. You can easily flip it backward, whenever you need it. This allows you to enjoy a spacious and pretty wide inner room.

It gives you a total sunproof system to make it more comfortable for you if you plan to take a nap out there in the sun. It’s totally heatproof and blocks rainwater from invading inside. So, you can keep your valuables protected throughout the seasons!


On the other hand, Softopper proves to be a great contender for a complete bedding system, too! It has a tailgate-down system that gives you that little extra space you are looking for! Moreover, it’s totally waterproof and probably gives you the best protection from rainwater when it’s raining outside.

Installation System


Bestop is pretty popular among users for its straightforward installation system. It has both side and rear windows that come built-in with the design. So, you don’t need to spend much time wondering how to manage air. Plus, the kit is accompanied by adhesive instructions and other hardware support to make its set up really quick.


It’s no big deal either if you are going for a Softopper. It comes with an easily understandable instruction manual that makes it a minute’s play to set it up. You don’t need to use any drills or fancy tools to get it done. Just a few simple steps and you are done!

Removal System


Just as it’s easy to install, it’s equally simple to unpack the whole thing. Not so surprisingly, it takes less time to remove it from the truck than to install it. Just follow the installation steps backward, and it’s there!


Softopper truck toppers don’t need much attention when it comes to removing them from the truck. As it follows a four-clamp installing system, it’s the opposite steps that you need to follow to take it apart. You can also remove the rear and side windows if you like.

Overall Protection


The Bestop toppers are constructed from heavy-duty marine-grade threads that come as double-stitched. This protects the inner portion of the truckbed from heat and moisture. If you are wondering if the fabric can stand head-to-head with steel doors, relax. You can easily bet on this fabric protection.

Moreover, Bestop toppers are built with 23 oz diamond point fabric that easily protects your valuables from the sun’s UV rays. It can also protect it from mild dew and heavy rain.


Although the inner part of the sheet from Softopper may raise your eyebrows, the strength of the fabric is pretty uncompromised. It perfectly protects the truck bed from heat, rain, fog, and UV rays, as well.

Being made from sailcloth, you can keep your goods protected even if it’s a sandstorm going on outside. As mentioned earlier, it’s totally waterproof, so you don’t need to worry at all if it’s raining heavily, either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Bestop own Softopper?

Ans. Yes, interestingly, Softopper is owned by Bestop. Although we can find truck toppers from both brands, Softopper is pretty much focused on the truck production line. It can be said that the Softopper is a bit of an upgrade to the Bestop products.

Q2. Is Softopper waterproof?

Ans. Yes, one of the USPs of Softopper truck toppers is that it’s completely waterproof.

Q3. Does the Softopper lock?

Ans. Unfortunately, you can’t lock the Softopper. You can fold it down to a small size and store it on your truck bed if you want.

Q4. Can you drive with Softopper sides rolled up?

Ans. Yes, you can easily drive with Softopper sides rolled up. It also looks pretty awesome while rolled up!

Final Words

To tell the truth, picking one from Bestop vs. Softopper is not an easy job. The fact is, toppers from both brands are quite exceptional and do the job that you need.

Ditching one for the other doesn’t seem like a choice. However, if you are more into a total waterproofing system, you can go for the Softopper brand for its unique waterproof designs.

On the other hand, if you are on a tighter budget and mostly looking at the design and strength of the fabric and frame, you can’t go wrong by picking up a Bestop topper!

Let us know what you are going for!

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