Can Security System Drain Your Jeep Battery?Know the Truth!

If you are a Jeep owner, having concerns about battery health is nothing bad. You need to make sure the battery on your Jeep functions as expected and keeps charging for an extended period of time.

But, there are issues that cause the battery to drain very fast. What about the security system?Can the security system drain your Jeep battery?

The security system can drain the battery if your Jeep is not installed correctly. Alternatively, using the factory-installed security system on your Jeep is not supposed to drain the battery.

Let’s learn more!

Can Security Systems Drain Your Jeep Battery?

We don’t have a single reason to feel confused about the security system of your Jeep. It really doesn’t matter what type of security system is installed in your Jeep. The security system or security alarm can inform you someone is trying to get access to the Jeep without having your owner’s permission.

Basically, the security system starts to work when you are not in your Jeep. Despite you turning the ignition off of your Jeep, the alarm system still works by getting electrical power from the battery.

In other words, the security system is connected to the battery of your Jeep. And can get electrical power from the battery even if the Jeep is not in use.

Therefore, it makes so much sense that the system will use your battery and the charge of your battery gradually decreases. But a factory-installed security system won’t be able to drain your Jeep’s battery completely. Here, you can’t blame the manufacturers because they know better what is good for your Jeep battery.

But when can a security system drain your Jeep battery? When you install an aftermarket security system on your car and in most cases, the system is not installed correctly.

Let’s say you couldn’t connect the wire from the security system to the battery correctly. In this case, a high current draw will lead your Jeep battery to drain fast or end up damaging it.

The same can be said if your Jeep is equipped with an immobilizer that protects your Jeep to start from without a key.

In most cases, if the immobilizer of your Jeep can’t function properly, it can cause the issue of battery drain or a large scale. So, you need to ensure the immobilizer on your Jeep functions properly.

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What Do You Need to Consider to Avoid Battery Drain on Your Jeep?

First, you need to ensure you installed the security system on your Jeep correctly if you want to go with the aftermarket one. In addition, only installing the security system correctly won’t be enough. Ensure you are up to the mark in maintaining your Jeep’s security system. 

You should do the same if your Jeep has a factory-installed security system. You can’t just blame the security system for draining your Jeep battery. Additionally, another essential task we want you to do which Jeep owners often avoid.

You don’t always need to access the security system on your Jeep. So, you can disconnect your car battery when you think you don’t need to use your Jeep for a long time.

This way, you can ensure the security system won’t get any electrical power from the battery. So, the battery drain issues can be reduced by a large margin.

There are some other causes that can cause the Jeep battery to drain faster. For example, if the battery of your Jeep is too old, it might not hold enough electrical power and drain so fast.

It might also happen that the battery is not fully charged. So, you need to keep a close eye on these issues.

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In short, the security system on your Jeep is not supposed to drain the battery. However, there are chances that the security system is not up to the mark.

And, precisely, here is where you need to be so mindful. Besides, you won’t hesitate to check your Jeep with a mechanic in order to find out what’s wrong with the system.

If the security system runs fine, it might take some electrical power from the battery. The 12-volt battery is well capable of delivering that power. So, check other issues if you are facing the battery drain issue.

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