can the inside of my jeep get wet? [3 Steps to Waterproof Your Jeep]

If you are an adventure seeker, you probably have a Jeep wrangler JK or JL in your garage. It’s obvious since they are designed to tackle off-road better than any other vehicle. So unlike any other vehicle, Jeeps are more likely to be exposed to water. 

Most jeeps, when exposed to rainwater or submerged in water, will get wet. Not every instrument will get wet, most probably the interior floor carpet and seats. Both the hard-top Jeeps and some soft-top models are water-resistant but allow water to seep through.

Anyway, your Jeep is likely to get wet anytime when it is outside. If so, what will you do? Keep reading to find out the answer.

Can The Inside Of A Jeep Get Wet?

We have briefly mentioned the answer earlier to reiterate: Most jeeps, when exposed to rainwater or submerged in the water, will get wet, though not every instrument of it but most probably the interior floor carpet and seat will get wet. 

Contrary to what we expect, jeeps are not impervious to water. At best, it is water-resistant. For instance, the majority of jeeps have removable doors, which allow water to enter. Also, rainwater can leak through the hinge’s gap.

Reasons for water Leaks in the Jeeps 

There are several reasons for water leaks, including but not limited to door seals installed inappropriately, bad top seals, gaskets not bent and not in place, and leaking windshield seals. Several other reasons could also cause the water leak and allow water to get inside the jeep.

When the inside gets wet, water can be seen in several places, including under the seat, on the carpet, in the door panel, the console, and in many other places. Fortunately, there are easy fixes that may solve the problem.

What Happens If The Inside Of A Jeep Gets Wet?

If the water gets inside the car, there can be several consequences you will face, including the development of rust, damaging internal components, or bad smell. 

More water, especially when the jeep submerges, might affect the brakes, wheel bearings, and many important joints. 

If the water remains stuck inside the jeep, it will mold and bacteria which are detrimental to your health and ruin the jeep’s internal environment. 

The other major consequences include damage to electrical components such as computer systems or corroded wires. 

How To Clean Your Jeep’s Wet Interior And Dry It Out?

If you live in a place where rainfall is your everyday company, you most probably bought a waterproof jeep or tried it to make it waterproof. 

Usually, most jeeps are water resistant, if not waterproof. Even if they are waterproof, there is still a chance that water will seep through and make everything inside wet. After all your effort, if water gets in, here are some strategies you can follow.

1. Dry off using a Dry Cloth or Towels

Use a dry cloth or shop towels to soak water, especially from carpets and seats. You can use paper towels, but it is good to use towels. It would be best if you could remove all the plugs to let all the water out. 

2. Bath your Jeep Under the Sun 

This is yet another straightforward and natural way to dry off. Once the jeep is wet, park the vehicle in an open space where the sun will easily enter inside the jeep. Now top off and let the rays in and kill if there are any bugs and bad odor.

3. Use Airflow

Another easy way to dry off the wetness. Even after trying all these methods still, there might be lingering moisture; use a shop fan and position it so that air heats directly on the seat and floor. 

In addition, you can use the heater to create temperature and then blow it using a fan so the fan will blow hot air into the wet floor and seat.

Guidelines For Avoiding Interior Moisture In Your Jeep

Here are some ways that you may follow or have followed to prevent water from finding its way inside the jeep and making the jeep wet. Let’s see what you can do.

  • Check the forecast before starting the journey. If you have news on bad weather, make sure you have taken the preventive measures
  • Make sure to keep the windows closed if you do not have to open them 
  • Make sure to keep the top-up especially when you are not in the jeep 
  • If possible, buy waterproof seat covers. There are lots of them. You should buy one that suits your needs
  • Also, you can buy water resistant cab cover that fits over the windshield frame and roll bars and reduce the chances of the jeep getting wet 

How Do You Waterproof a Jeep?

Though most jeeps are water-resistant and partially waterproof, at some point, water will find its way to get inside due to its more detachable parts. Here are some ways that you can follow to minimize the amount of water to gets in 

1. Replace the Soft Top 

Jeeps are either equipped with hard tops or soft tops. Hard tops are more susceptible to leaks than soft tops are. Its Vinyl material wears out over time and leaks. 

So it is a good idea to replace the soft top with a hard one to prevent water from getting in. In addition, some jeeps have a half door, which can be replaced with a full door to make the jeep more waterproof.

2. Use waterproof aftermarket products

A waterproof seat cover will reduce wetness and moisture. There are some other waterproof aftermarket products, such as CD players. These waterproof elements will withstand leaks and water.

3. Remove the plug and Carpet

you can remove the jeep carpet since this part might get wet; if you remove it, there is no chance of wet carpeting. Other than that, you can remove the rubber drain plug, too, which will allow the water to flow back and not come in


By now, you probably have your answer about whether the inside of a Jeep gets wet. Still, you might have some other relevant questions. Here we have accumulated a few frequently asked questions you might want to know.

Can Jeep leather seats get wet?

If the Jeep leather seats get wet. Fortunately, this should not be an issue. You can dry them with clothes or a towel. Also, drying them under the sun can be an option, but it causes the leather to be tight. The best course of action is to use cloth first, then use a fan to blow air on the leather.

How long does it take for the Jeep seats to dry?

It depends on other factors, such as cleaning methods and outside temperature. If you use cleaner and lots of water, it will take longer. 

If the outside temperature is hotter, it will take less time to dry. On the other hand, if the outside is cold, it will take longer. On average, if the outside temperature is relatively warmer, seats will dry most of it within 2 hours.

Can you wash a Jeep inside?

You can clean the inside of a jeep, but you must be careful about a few things. While cleaning, make sure to cover the dashboard and steering wheel. If possible, avoid electrical components. While using a hose,  keep the flow slow; for the best result, you can use a nozzle.

Does it hurt a Jeep to get wet?

If the water gets inside the car, there can be several consequences you will face, including the development of rust, damaging internal components, or bad smell. More water, especially when the jeep submerges, might affect the brakes, wheel bearings, and many important joints. 


There you have it all. Hopefully, we can provide you with the answer: can the inside of the jeep get wet? You have also learned other relevant aspects, including how to dry off and waterproof your jeep.

Since jeeps have many removable parts and some have a half window top design, at any point, water gets in and makes the jeep’s internal elements wet. Wetness inside the jeep is rather a very common thing. 

The important thing is to learn how to get rid of the wet. If the water remains stuck inside the jeep or the jeep remains wet for a long time, it will produce mold and bacteria, which are detrimental to your health and ruin the jeep’s internal environment. 

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