Can You Drive A Jeep Without Side Mirrors?

Side mirrors are for ensuring safety on the road. But if you are thinking of driving a Jeep without side mirrors, the idea can be deadly and illegal.

Yes, you can drive a Jeep without side mirrors. But this is illegal and risky for you and other cars on the road. You can’t drive without a side mirror on the right and left because they help you choose the right trajectory when driving. Almost every state requires both-side mirrors to drive a car.

You should remember that there are many dangerous circumstances that can arise while driving without side mirrors.The article will discuss why we should drive a Jeep with side mirrors in detail. 

Can you drive a jeep without side mirrors? 

Only You can drive a Jeep without side mirrors as long as the police don’t find you.

Though You can drive a Jeep without doors, mirrors are a must. 

Although some states allow one mirror rather than two, you must have at least one working mirror on the driver’s side. 

However, the law regarding side mirrors may differ from state to state or country to country; you shouldn’t drive a Jeep without side mirrors.

Here are some reasons why you should not drive a Jeep without side mirrors:

1. Risk Factor

Side mirrors are for viewing what’s behind your car. On the roads, you need side mirrors to see who’s coming toward you, their speed, and their size. 

Our brain makes quick decisions after looking at the side mirror about how we should drive to avoid accidents. That’s how a side mirror helps us to have a safe drive. Without side mirrors, crossing and overtaking can be deadly. 

While parking or reversing, a side mirror is a must. You can easily hit the wall, rock, or another car without side mirrors while reversing. If you don’t want to scrape your car, or don’t want to give a fine, use side mirrors. 

You may think you can drive without side mirrors while off-roading. But there are a lot of chances of having an accident if you don’t use side mirrors. You need side mirrors to ensure the road condition, obstacles, and other cars.

2. State Law Boundary

It’s illegal to drive without side mirrors. In some states, you can drive with at least one side mirror on the driver’s side. But without side mirrors, you can end up fined or in jail. 

The states have made these laws for people’s safety. You can feel fun driving without side mirrors, but it can be deadly to you and the others on the way. So, the states made these laws to keep you and the folks safe.

However, if your state law even allows you to drive a Jeep without mirrors, it is best to drive a Jeep with side mirrors. Because side mirrors keep you and the folks safe from a possible accident.

Why should you use Jeep Side Mirrors? 

Almost every car comes with side mirrors. Side mirrors are for safety. According to most state laws, you must have at least one working mirror on the driver’s side. You may think, why do you need Jeep side mirrors? Here are the answers.

1. Safety of the driver

Side mirrors allow you to know what’s behind your car. Imagine you don’t have side mirrors; then you need to move your head behind to see what’s behind you. 

Jokes apart, a side mirror ensures the safety of the passengers and driver. Without side mirrors, there’s a lot of chance of having an accident. It’s a lifesaver.

2. Car Safety

Driving is not an easy task. The driver should know about his surroundings, roads, other vehicles, etc. The car may have a crush if the driver loses little attention on the freeway. 

Side mirrors help the driver to get a clear idea about his driving surroundings so he may avoid a crush. Side mirrors are also crucial while parking and reversing. 

If you try to park your Jeep in the parking lot without side mirrors, there’s the possibility of a scratch on the body of your car. Or you can hit the back also. 

While reversing, you need to have an idea about your behind, and side mirrors are the way to have a look. So, if you want to protect your car from accidental damage, use side mirrors. 

3. Safety of Surroundings

Imagine you are driving on the freeway without side mirrors. There is a chance of hitting other cars. Most cars get into accidents while changing lanes. 

When you don’t have side mirrors, the possibility of accidents increases. With side mirrors, you can be conscious about your surroundings, which can save you and that car from a possible hit.  

4. Legal Issues 

Most states don’t allow driving without side mirrors. Though some states allow driving with one mirror, mirrorless driving is illegal, according to most states. So, use side mirrors if you don’t want to end up in jail.

There are plenty of reasons to use side mirrors. You can drive a Jeep without side mirrors, but this is risky and illegal. So, it will be best if you drive a Jeep with side mirrors.

Is it illegal to drive a Jeep without side mirrors?

Driving a jeep with at least one side mirror (in some states, both sides are compulsory) is enforced by law in most states of the USA. Due to the violation of this law, traffic police have the authority by law to take action against violators. 

Mirror laws by state

Mirror laws vary from state to state. Here are some mirror laws around the states.


Out-of-state registration only requires a free rearview mirror. In-state registration necessitates at least 2- mirrors, including one on the left side. Towing vehicles need clear rearview mirrors.


Every vehicle, whether driven alone or towing another, must have a mirror. It reflects the highway’s image to the driver at least 200 feet behind the motor jeep.

New York

Required. Having side mirrors on your Jeep for driving legally in New York is compulsory.


A motor vehicle, including a Jeep, must have a rearview side mirror that can reflect at least 200 feet of road in the back of the vehicle to the driver.


Every motorcar manufactured after 1968 must have at least one outside and one inside mirror.


In this state, mirrors are required for all motor vehicles. These mirrors show the driver a distant reflection of the road behind (at least 200 feet to the rear).


Here are some frequently asked questions with an answer regarding driving a jeep without side mirrors. Let’s check them out.

Can you drive with a broken side mirror?

Most states require at least one working side mirror. If your side mirror breaks down on the way, that may not be problematic. But you need to repair your side mirror after breaking asap. 

You can drive with a broken side mirror but not too long cause it’s risky, and an officer can pull you over. So, you shouldn’t drive a car with a broken side mirror.

Is it safe to drive a jeep with a missing left mirror?

Absolutely not. It’s not safe to drive while your left-side mirror is missing. Because it’s the main mirror to see behind. If you are driving a jeep with a missing left mirror, don’t take a long time. Repair or add your side mirror urgently.

Are side mirrors necessary during bad weather?

In stormy weather, you must drive your Jeep with side mirrors. It’s still illegal to drive without side mirrors in bad weather.

What to do if side mirrors break on the way?

If your side mirror breaks on the way, side your car and measure the break, try to adjust it, and schedule a repair asap.


Driving a Jeep without side mirrors is possible, but it increases the risk of an accident. It’s illegal too. Some states allow driving with only one mirror, but no states allow driving without side mirrors. 

It’s risky and illegal. So, if you do care about your safety and if you respect laws, don’t think of driving without side mirrors. However, this article is not written to provide legal advice. 

Do verify the validity of this information with your local transportation department. How comfortable are you driving without a passenger-side mirror? Please tell us what you think.

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