Can You Drive With the Back Window Open? Here’s the Truth!

Some owners tend to do everything possible with their Jeeps. Owning an off-road vehicle like a Jeep is not like owning a passenger car. In addition, Jeeps are designed in a way that allows owners to customize them to a great extent. 

But what if you are in a Jeep with the back window open? Or can you drive with the back window open? Yes, you can drive your Jeep with the back window open. But, there are some unavoidable safety measures and comfort issues that you should consider before doing so. 

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Can You Drive With the Back Window Open?

We realize your feelings, especially when you are a Jeep owner. You might wonder how adventurous it is to drive your Jeep with an open rear window. Or, you might have to do so in order to carry something in your Jeep that you can’t place due to limited space.

Besides, there is a significant number of people who drive their Jeep with the rear window open.

You can also do that, but you should have a precise idea of the potential issues you might face. And then, you will be able to determine whether it is worth driving your Jeep with the back window open.

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The nasty Smell of the fume might come inside your Jeep.

Honestly, you may want to avoid exhaling outside your Jeep’s exhaust pipe because of the fumes’ nasty smell. But, if you plan to drive your Jeep with the rear window open, you must be prepared to smell the fumes.

This is because the exhaust pipe from where the fumes come out is located a small distance behind the passenger cabin.

Now, let’s take a deep breath and consider a fact. Off-road driving thrills leave you wanting to keep the rear window open, but the fume smell destroys your pleasant feelings while driving.

Keeping the Rear Window Open While Driving Will  Decrease Fuel Economy

You might be pretty much economical with your Jeep. At the end of the day, you never want to see a decrease in fuel economy. Do you? However, if you want to drive with the rear window open, the fuel economy of your Jeep will be dramatically reduced.

Have you figured out the reason? Driving with the rear window open increases drag, and too much drag on the car is known to threaten fuel economy. And you might have known that when there is too much drag, the engine needs more power to run the vehicle, which causes an excessive fuel efficiency reduction.

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Dirt Can Enter Your Jeep Easily and Cause Extreme Discomfort

We can ask one hundred vehicle owners if they want comfort while driving their vehicles. You will most likely find a hundred ‘Yes.’ Now, let’s relate it to driving with the rear window open. When you do so, chances are dirt on the road can quickly enter your Jeep. And do you know what that means?

You might never want to notice dirt and debris inside your Jeep.

You Might End up Damaging the Rear Window of Your Jeep

Yes, if you drive your Jeep with the rear window open, the window may be damaged if it comes in physical contact with another vehicle. Additionally, the struts used to keep the door open might be broken when your Jeep is off-road.

And, when the struts become damaged, they won’t be able to keep the window open. The window will then hit the rear part of the Jeep unexpectedly, which ultimately causes it to be damaged due to the flapping of the window.

Furthermore, many Jeep owners don’t want to drive keeping the back window open, regardless of whether their Jeeps are soft or hard tops.

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What Things Must You Consider While Driving With the Rear Window Open?

Let’s say you can somehow accept the issues you might face when you drive your Jeep with the rear window open. You may need to drive if you need to haul something or for other reasons. Whatever the condition, you need to be careful while doing so.

First, you should make sure that the rear window is securely closed and latched. Additionally, you must confirm that the open rear window won’t obstruct your visibility or impair your ability to control the vehicle safely. Make sure you can see the rear view correctly from the mirror.

Additionally, it is essential to be conscious of local laws that forbid driving a car with the rear window open. Besides, some Jeep owners recommend not driving a Jeep with the back window open on the expressway.

Last but not least, you should be aware that an open rear window may allow dangerous objects to enter the Jeep.


Can you drive with the back window open or not? Now you can decide. It will be better if you only do so with valid reasons. But if the requirement arises, you can do it, but you need to follow the certain conditions mentioned above.

Sometimes, it might happen that if you drive your Jeep with the back window open, it falls under restrictions. So, here you need to know whether there are any obligations by law in your locality regarding the fact.

It is essential to keep these factors in mind when determining whether or not to drive with the rear window open.

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