Can you put a plow on a Jeep Wrangler?

The jeep wrangler is a beast in the car world. But compatibility matters the most. This Jeep model is a good off-roader, but driving in multiple inches of thick snow can be challenging in winter. Thus, a plow might be a good option for driving in the snow. But can you put a plow on a Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, Jeep Wrangler can thoroughly plow inches of thick snow; you can put a plow on a Wrangler. It comes with a 3.6-liter V6 engine and can produce 285 horsepower. Even this Jeep comes with rock-track four-wheel drive. So, it can plow really well.

Moreover, the Jeep Wrangler is a famous and commonly used off-roader. But the plowing capability isn’t known to all. People often get confused about attaching a plow to a Jeep. Let’s look closely at the details of putting a plow with a Wrangler, along with its advantages, challenges, and other issues. 

What Accessories Do You Need to Install A Snow Plow With A Jeep Wrangler?

Installing a plow is not a hard job at all. You can do this in your garage too. But proper tools are a must. The good news is that most of the tools come with the plow package. Here are some of the tools you may need while installing.

For attaching the Frame:

  • Flathead screwdriver.
  • Ratchet extension.
  • 19 mm Socket.
  • Torque Wrench.

For attaching the Plow:

  • Bolts and nuts: Different types of Plows Have different bolts and nut structures. So, every type is different, and the exact one is required. Most bolts and nuts come with the plow package.
  • Bolt plates: Bolt plates are essential to hold the blots perfectly and firmly. To add the Plow with the Frame, you need bolt plates.  
  • Wire: If you have an electric plow, you must need an electric wire to connect it to the battery to activate it. Even manual plows need metal wire to hold it correctly with the bolt plates.

How to Install A Snow Plow On A Jeep Wrangler?

The installation of the plow frame can be a little challenging. But you can attach a plow with your Jeep in your garage. Follow some simple steps. If you can do the steps correctly, it’s easy enough. But if you find it too hard, go to your local automobile technician or the plow dealer. 

Step 1: Remove the Deflector

Remove the plastic screw covers located under the front Frame. You may need to lie under the car to do this. You need to remove the undercarriage deflector from your jeep wrangler.

Step 2: Attach the bolts

Raise the hitch on position and align the holes of the hitch and the frames together. Start putting the hex bolts in the hole and fasten them. Do this on both sides, driver and passenger. There should be two attachment points. 

Step 3: Attach with Fishwire

Take the fish wire and insert it in the lower attachment point. Insert the coil first through the hitch and, through the attachment, out the fish wire through the lower hole. 

Use the plate to make it enter the access hole. Attach a bolt from the coil point and pull the opposite side of the wire to pass the bolt through the plate hole. Insert the bolt into the Frame and remove the fish wire. Repeat the process on both sides.

Step 4: Stable the frame

Fasten all the bolts by using a hex flange nut. You can also use handle nuts. Bend it as you need. Use the torque wrench to make all the installation stable. Read the instructions to know how much torque is required.

Step 5: Attach plow to frame

Now attach your Plow to the Frame using the Plow hardwired. Add the bolts and tighten them, and your Jeep Wrangler is ready to hit the snow. 

Benefits of Using A Plow With A Jeep Wrangler

It’s hard to clear snow in winter, and plowing is the only option left. We think plowing can be done only by heavy trucks. 

But the Jeep Wrangler is no less than a heavy car. It can be your loving daily driving car, but it has full capability to plow while you need it. 

Jeep Wrangler’s extreme engine and all-wheel drive ensure the best power for plowing. Here are some benefits you can have while plowing with a Wrangler Jeep.

Money saver

Mostly, you need to have another truck to plow snow to clear your path. But plowing with a jeep is helpful, so you don’t need to have a plowing truck.

Easy access

Attaching a snow plow is not hard. If you have a plow frame, you can attach or reattach the Plow anytime you need. Besides, the Jeep Wrangler is a compact car so that you can plow small spots easily.


 Wrangler is a beast for almost every situation. So, you can plow through almost all areas of your driveway. 

Disadvantages of Using A Plow With A Jeep Wrangler

Plowing with a Wrangler is fun and easy, but it may cause some issues. You may face some challenges while using a plow with a jeep Wrangler. Here are some.


Most plowing cars should be a bit heavier. The Jeep Wrangler is not heavy, and the front side is not made to take too much load. It can cause problems while plowing very thick snow.

Not commercial

This may not be a good idea if you want to plow commercially with your Jeep Wrangler. It’s okay to clear your sideways pathways with a wrangler jeep. So, without modifications, you can’t go commercial. 


Plowing needs more power, and more power means more fuel burns. That’s why plowing affects gas mileage.


To attach a plow, remove the undercarriage deflector from the jeep wrangler. That means a lot of open iron bars, and they can get damaged from the snow, water, and minerals. 


The coolant placement of the Wrangler can be affected if the Frame hits it directly.


Many questions usually arise in our mind when we do something with our loving car. We all want the best thing for our beloved car. Therefore, here are the answers to such questions that may strike your mind while putting a plow on your Wrangler. 

Is Attaching A Plow With A Jeep Wrangler Legal?

Attaching a plow is a necessary thing in winter. You need to plow to drive access to the driveway. So, there’s no problem if you attach a plow with your Jeep Wrangler. It’s legal.

Which size of plows is best for my Jeep Wrangler?

While attaching a plow, you must remember that you should have a plow that is wider than your front’s width. The front width of the jeep wrangler is about 62″ or 5.17 ft. So a plow over 75 inches is perfect.

Does snow plowing damage my Jeep Wrangler?

To be honest, it does some damage. It impacts gas mileage and the coolant system. Even you have to remove the undercarriage deflector, so it increases the chance of having rust underneath. Even if you are not careful about breaking thick snow, it can also impact the Frame and hitch.

How to detach a plow from a Jeep Wrangler?

Just the nuts and bolts hold the Plow with the plow frame. So, loosen them and from the Frame. That’s all you need to do. 

How much does a plow attachment cost for a Jeep Wrangler?

Well, it depends on which type of Plow you are finding. Many brands are making perfect plows for the Jeep Wrangler. You can find a good one between 1,700 to 6,000 USD.


The Jeep Wrangler may seem like an average good-looking car, but it has a lot of versatility. You first need to clean your driveway and yard in a snowy winter mooring. 

Plowing is the only option to do this easily. You don’t need to have a heavy truck to plow the way. Your wrangler is good enough to plow. Moreover, it’s entirely legal to Plow with a Wrangler Jeep. The high-performance engine and 4×4 make the Wrangler perfect for plowing. 

Even the installation process is easy. Though plowing with Jeep Wranglers may have some challenges, it’s capable enough to deal with snow on your driveway.

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