Cost To Rhino Line A Jeep Wrangler – An In Depth Review

General cost of a Rhino Line Jeep Wrangler can be around $450 only for the bed. But if you’re willing to Rhino Line the complete interior, certainly it will cost you more. Moreover, the labor cost will also be included.

The price basically depends on several factors like the texture, color, area and size of the surface where you want to apply the spray, etc. 

So, before discussing the cost of Rhino Lining, knowing what it is and how it works in detail is necessary. So, let’s begin the journey.

What is Rhino Lining the Jeep Wrangler Interior?

Rhino Lining is a special spray that is applied to the surface of a Jeep or truck bed to create an extra layer of protection. This is basically an elastomeric Polyurethane material. 

It is known for providing a rough and tough surface that will resist any damage and dents, scratches or make it easy to clean or maintain the Jeep.

If you’re one of the Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts or a regular member of the Wrangler Forum, you must have seen that a lot of people are willing to Rhino Lining their Jeep. 

That’s because doing so will keep the Jeep safe and prevent it from damage and dents. For those who drive on off-roads regularly, Rhino Lining their Jeep interior can help the vehicle to stand strong against vibration and damage.

However, Rhino Lining is not the only spray of such types. Rather, there are many other spray brands named XLiners, Herculiner, etc. All of them serve the same purpose.

But Rhino Lining is popular due to its versatility and ease of use. Moreover, the cost of applying Rhino Lining is more feasible compared to others. So, let’s see how much it cost for Rhino Lining a Jeep Wrangler.

Cost to Rhino Line a Jeep Wrangler

Depending on how much area you’re willing to cover with Rhino Lining, the price will vary. Here, we’re providing you with an approximate cost that you may need to spend. 

However, this price range is just an estimation and can be changed by the dealer or service provider.

Rhino Lining AreaInstallation CostLabor Cost
Jeep Wrangler Bed$425-$600$200
Full Jeep Wrangler$5000-$6000$800-$1000
Truck Bed$500-$600$200-$300
Full Truck$3000-$5000

You can collect the Rhino Liner, you can apply it yourself on the Jeep Wrangler. But since this is just a one-time job and is crucial to do without skills or previous experience, we recommend hiring a professional.

It may cost some extra bucks, but isn’t it a good investment for your Jeep?

Factors affecting the Rhino Lining prices for jeep wrangler

Well, as we’ve already mentioned that the price of Rhino Lining a Jeep Wrangler can vary depending on several factors, now it’s time to know about the factors. Let’s see what factors affect the Rhino Lining price for Jeep Wrangler.

  • The length of the bed of your Jeep Wrangler where you want to apply the spray will determine how much it will cost to cover the full bed.
  • The overall surface area of your Jeep Wrangler.
  • The number of layer coatings you want to spray. The more layers you want the more will it cost.
  • Also, depending on the texture and color you’ll choose the price can vary.

Is the Rhino Line Worth The Money?

Definitely, Rhino Lining is worth the money. It not only prolongs the truck bed life but also emphasizes the beauty of the bed. However, here we’re explaining why Rhino Lining is worth every penny.

Rust and Corrosion Resistance

The Rhino Liner creates a thin layer on the truck bed that resists water or moisture to come in contact with the bed material. As a result, no rust or corrosion can take place on the bed.

Moreover, it also protects the truck bed from wear and tear. The extra layer of rugged spray coating prevents the bed from being damaged by any load that is carried by the bed.


There’s no doubt that the thin layer will make the bed more durable. Even Rhino Lining can resist a bullet from penetrating the bed. 

So, as you see, if it can withstand the forces of a bullet, certainly the regular load can’t do any damage, dent or scratch to the layer.

However, that doesn’t mean the bed will last forever since the bed material itself has some limitations to its lifespan.


Rhino Lining a Jeep Wrangler will enable you to do a lot of customization to enhance the look or to resemble any particular feeling. 

You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures for both interior and exterior of your Jeep. Let’s say, if you’re a fervid off-road driver, you can choose a rugged texture or color to reflect your feeling. 


Depending on your choice of texture and color, you’re free to modify the aesthetic look of your vehicle. 

If there are any minor defects or dents on your vehicle, Rhino Lining will mask them and make the visual experience more pleasing.

Slip Resistance

We’ve already discussed that Rhino Lining will create a textured surface over the vehicle bed or wherever applied. 

As a result, the surface friction will increase. That’s why the bed or the surface will be more slip resistant than before.

This is immensely useful while carrying or transporting fragile materials or goods since the textured surface will prevent the goods from rolling inside the vehicle. Thus both the bed and the goods will be safe from damage.

Noise Reduction

Rhino Lining creates a rubberized coating over the surface. Due to this, the surface can absorb more sound waves and also prevents the bouncing and echoing of sounds inside the cabin.

As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy a calm and peaceful environment while riding.

Increase resale value

This may not be directly linked to the instant benefits of Rhino Lining, but in the long run, it can be helpful to attract customers while selling the used vehicle.

Rhino Lining protects the vehicle for a long time. So, not only will the condition of your vehicle be suitable for reselling, but also it shows that the vehicle was maintained properly by the previous owner. 

So, compared to a normal vehicle, a vehicle with Rhino Lining will be appreciated by customers. This indicates that spending money on Rhino Lining is not a bad investment at all.

Fix minor damages

In military or heavy industries, the truck or Jeep has to carry heavy loads, sand, arms, or other goods that can damage the vehicle over time. 

In such cases, a coating of spray can eliminate minor damages like dents and scratches.

However, for major damages, it may not be enough just to Rhino Line the Jeep Wrangle.


Rhino Lining creates a smooth surface over the Jeep bed. So, it becomes really easy to remove any dirt, debris, or unwanted stuff from the surface. Moreover, the maintenance cost of Rhino Lining is extremely low. 

It doesn’t require cleaning or fixing every day or even in weeks. Rather, only cleaning the whole surface once a month will be enough to keep it clean and free from damage.


Still,  got some confusion about Rhino Lining? Here are the most asked questions about Rhino Lining. Let’s see whether you know them or not.

Is Rhino Liner Permanent?

Yes. Rhino Liner is permanent and made for lasting forever. Rhino Liner is a spray that creates a rugged coating on the truck bed and makes it resistant to rust and corrosion permanently. 

Is Rhino Lining Water And Bullet Proof?

Yes. Rhino Lining is both water and bulletproof. In fact, there are cases where Rhino Lining is tested with 9mm handgun bullets and none could penetrate the material which is true for most conventional weapons and bullets too.

How Long Does It Take Rhino Liner To Dry?

The Rhino Bed Liner generally dries within 3 to 5 seconds of spraying. Then after spraying the second layer, it may take one hour to dry completely. However, experts suggest waiting at least 24 hours before using the bed for heavy-duty work.

Final words

Rhino Lining can be very useful for heavy-duty vehicles and rough drivers. However, you must remember that after applying it the overall weight of your vehicle will increase. 

Not only that, it’ll cost a plethora of money to completely Rhino Line your Jeep Wrangler interior.

On the contrary, it will prolong the lifespan of your vehicle’s surface by keeping it safe from damage. That’s why most people consider it as a wise investment.

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