Daytime Running Lights Not Working On One Side? (5 Easy Fix)

Daytime Running Light (DRL) is a fantastic feature in your car that help your eyes stay awake while driving. When you are on a low visible road, it also assists you to see potential dangers in your lane and other vehicles around you. as it increases the vehicle’s beauty and safety, ignoring this feature is not a good idea. 

Though this precious system has been used for decades, vehicles are still facing some problems with daytime running lights. Daytime running lights not working on one side! Yes, this is one of the most popular questions about daytime running lights, and owners are looking for its answer.  

If your car, jeep wrangler, or Cherokee’s DLR is facing this problem, I am here to give you the best suggestions. 

5 Easy Fix For One Daytime Running Light Not Working Issue

All running lights work in the same pattern in every vehicle, and when you understand one of them, you can solve DRL problems on one side.

1. Uncover The Sensor

Daytime running lights work automatically when their sensor commands them to work. A powerful sensor is located over the dashboard of your car or jeep. When you are on a less visible road, a sensor can identify it and sends the message to turn on the light.

Uncover The Sensor

But, if you put any metal or paper pieces over it, sometimes it does not work in its habitual way. So, try to find out your lights sensor and if it is covered, uncover it as early as possible. 

2. Check Running Lights Settings

Every modern vehicle allows you to solve some usual issues like the jeep key fob is not working or jeep climate control problems with the vehicle’s dashboard. There is a settings process for DRL in the modern jeep or car, which you will find in the UConnect.

Check Running Lights Settings

So go to DRL settings and allow it to activate. If it shows options for both lights, do not forget to activate both lights. When your DRL has a faulty setting, solving this issue can make running lights work on both sides. 

3. Check Running Lights Bulbs

Lightbulbs break, burn out, and flicker within a few years if you don’t take care of them regularly. It’s no surprise that vehicle running light bulb problems are among the top complaints received by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Consumer Reports.

Rnning Lights Bulbs

When your running lights are not working on one side, there is a pure chance of bulb problems. Try another bulb to diagnose DRL problems and when bulbs are the main cause of the issue, change lightbulbs immediately. 

4. Contract To Your Dealer

A new car or jeep comes with a limited warranty period, during which time the manufacturer promises to repair or replace any parts that malfunction within the warranty period.

If your jeep headlights are not working appropriately, the dealer will always be with you to change that faulty item. So, take all the papers of your vehicle and check whether you have a chance for swapping.

Maybe your running lights are much pricy, and you are out of warranty package; check insurance policy papers. 

5. Running Lights Cable Problems

When DRL is not working on one side, I am sure that bad cables are the main fraud. In the automotive industry, cable problem is called bad ground symptoms that minimizes your riding fun.

Running Lights Cable Problems

Call a mechanic or take it to the garage to check every cable from headlights to running lights. Another thing to keep in mind is to be sure your cables are properly installed and secured as well as that the electrical system is functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do daytime running lights have a fuse?

Yes, they have a fuse. But, it is situated in different locations in different vehicles. When you have a car, jeep or truck, the running lights fuse is in a different position than in a car. If your running lights fuse is important, a manual search is the best option for you. 

How do I know if my DRL relay is bad?

If your both DRL are not working fine, maybe a bad relay is the cause. But, a burning smell and flickering running lights are major symptoms of a bad relay. 

Final Words 

The vehicle daytime running light system has been in use for many years and works very effectively in helping drivers see objects up ahead.

It has a good visibility range so that other cars, jeeps, or pedestrians can detect your vehicle during low light conditions. they produce less heat than regular bulbs, which keeps your vehicle cooler and gives you better gas mileage. 

When you face any problem with your DRL, like daytime running lights not working on one side, take the steps I have said up. Always take care of your vehicle’s DRL, as it is not a feature of cheap jeep patriots.

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