7 Easy Steps to Remove & Hoist DIY Jeep Hardtop? [cost included]

Hard tops on Jeep are well-liked due to their toughness. They better safeguard the interior of your Jeep and are more reliable than soft tops. However, they provide particular difficulties because they are more challenging to remove. 

So, how to remove and hoist a DIY Jeep hardtop. You can buy a readymade one or set up a hoist with hooks, straps, and 2×4 wood pieces. Then remove all the latches and secure points attaching the Jeep and hardtop. Finally lower the straps and connect with the hardtop and lift.

People usually do not remove their hardtops because they are bulky. One of the first things that comes into their mind after removing them is where to store them. Let’s dig more into this!

Equipment You Need To Remove And Hoist Jeep Hardtop

If you have a hardtop hoist, you do not need any other equipment to remove the Jeep hardtop. The hardtop hoist will do the job alone. 

Safety should be a key consideration when selecting a hardtop hoist because it allows one person to remove the top of a Jeep by themselves. This kind of hardware needs to be simple to lift and store.

But unfortunately, if you do not have enough money or want to finish this job at a minimum cost, you can set up your hoist in the garage. But you will need some equipment to do so.

1. Screw Eyes Or Hooks

To hang the hardtop, you will need some hooks. These will hang the straps from the ceiling carrying the hardtop. You will need six pins for this job.

2. Wood

You can hang your hardtop solely on the straps. But it is a little bit risky. Because if it ever happens to tear and the hardtop falls, you will face a significant loss. So it is suggested to hoist the hardtop’s back weighing on a 2×4 wood piece.

3. Straps

This is the primary thing to make a hardtop hoist. Some people use rope too. But straps are easy to use and more durable. 

There are different types of belts available. Such as cam straps, ratchet straps, etc. These come in a set. So you can also easily buy them from your nearby hardware store.

How To Prepare Your Garage To Remove And Hoist DIY Jeep Hardtop?

All garages may not have a hardtop hoist installed. So it would be best if you prepared your garage first before hoisting. 

Ensure enough room for the hoist installation on the garage wall or ceiling. A hoist requires a minimum of 10 feet of ceiling height to operate effectively. So take the screw eyes and a drill and get to work.

  • Step 01: If your garage has pre-installed screw eyes, it’s good. Otherwise, take a stud finder and search for the joints in your ceiling. 
  • Step 02: Make two holes parallel using the drill and install the screw eye after locating them. The screw eyes need to be installed at a wider distance than the hardtop’s width so that the hardtop can actually hang from it. 
  • Step 03: Then make two more holes approximately 40 inches further to install the front hooks, as the length of a 4-door Jeep’s hardtop is 40 inches.
  • Step 04: Lastly, hang the straps from the hooks, and your hoist is ready to pull up the hardtop.

How To Remove And Hoist Jeep Hardtop?

Now that your garage and hoist are ready, what’s next? Next is the actual job, which is hoisting the hardtop. Here are some sequential steps you need to follow to hoist your hardtop:

  • Step 01: Park your car in the garage, where the hardtop will be located just under the hoist.
  • Step 02: Release all the latches attaching your vehicle with the hardtop first.
  • Step 03: Take off the freedom panels and all the bolts. Using a T-50 Torx, you can remove the six bolts securing the hardtop to the body and two more bolts at the front.
  • Step 04: Undone the wiring harness and unplug the washer. Store them in the connected little storage space.
  • Step 05: Hang the 2×4 wood piece you bought on the back straps that will carry the backside of your hardtop. 
  • Step 06: Lower the hoist. Put it around the hardtop evenly. You can use foam where the straps touch the hardtop to protect them from scratches.
  • Step 07: Lastly, lift the Jeep’s hardtop gently. You can push the hardtop and tighten the straps too. And make sure that the wood is under the back end of your hardtop. 

For prolonged storage, please use cable ties to secure the hardtop, so it does not accidentally fall off. 

How Much Does It Cost To Remove And Hoist DIY Hardtop?

Hardtop hoists are very much available both offline and online. But they are a little expensive. A hardtop hoist will cost you from $100 to $500. 

And keeping in mind that not everyone can afford this, we suggest you make your hardtop hoist in your garage. 

You can set up your hardtop hoist for $50 only. All you need for this job is straps, wood, and hooks. Six screw eyes will cost you from $8-$10. A set of any type of strap will cost $15. And lastly, a 2×4 wood piece will cost $3.5.

The cost of the hardtop hoist can be a deciding issue in some cases, while in others, the question of how simple it is to use comes up. 

Compared to more conventional manual-driven systems, electrically powered equipment is frequently more expensive and has more lifting power.

So if you do this job yourself, you can save labor costs. And calling a friend for help won’t cost you anything other than a burger.

DIY Method Vs Professional Technique To Lift Jeep Hardtop

Although a hardtop can be removed with the assistance of several persons, owners of a hardtop hoist can easily remove it without exerting themselves. 

Nowadays, many professional hoists are available in the market to make it easier for a person to hoist their hardtop. 

A hardtop is very bulky in size and heavy. It will be very tough to handle even if you could remove the hardtop yourself. And the possibilities of unwanted things are always there. 

It’s important to consider whether the internal installation is possible or if outside assistance is required.

So we suggest you get this job done by professionals if you do not have the proper knowledge or the strength required for this job.


How to remove & hoist DIY Jeep hardtop may not be enough for you. As a beginner, you may have so many questions in your mind. Here are some possible questions that any Jeep user may want to know.

How to store a Jeep hardtop?

If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a garage, there is nothing to worry about. You can just hang that hardtop from the ceiling for a long time. 

Can you remove the Jeep hardtop by yourself?

Yes, you can. But as it is a hefty and risky job, it is always suggested to take the help of a friend to lift the hardtop. 

How to remove the Jeep soft top? 

The front latches and side windows need to be released first. Then roll up the back window. Disconnect the rear corner sections and the top—Tuck the lid and store.


Most Jeep owners have confessed one thing. They have bought their Jeep while many other cars are available in the market because they want to explore the outdoors. 

Traveling in an open Jeep seems to be fun. But it will feel like a hassle if you waste a whole day just to remove the hardtop. The best Jeep hardtop hoist is simple to use and enables drivers to travel with the hardtop on or off. 

So in this article, we have tried to explain how to remove & hoist a DIY Jeep hardtop in an easy way. Hope this article was helpful and will save a lot of your time now!

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