Dodge Ram Uconnect Problems: Here’s How You Can Solve

Though a pickup truck is well known for carrying goods or trailing hitch, still, there is a truck that can stop your eye from blinking for its look and support.

Yes, I am talking about the dodge ram, a fantastic luxury pickup truck to fulfill all of your off-road and on-road desires. From engine capability to luxury interior, ram is just suitable for any area or any road.

Ram interior, especially the Uconnect, is one of the popular components for its multifunctionality. Though it ensures better navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and back camera, sometimes it becomes tough to handle or solve the Uconnect issue for a dodge user. In this article, I will talk about everything about dodge ram Uconnect problems and easy hacks.


Suppose you have been using dodge Uconnect for a long time. In that case, you can find some problems like audio not working, Bluetooth connectivity problems, touch screen issues, less supportive air conditioner or GPS tracking problems etcetera. 

When anything is not burned or misaligned in the Uconnect, you can easily fix all of them, and I have told them in detail. 

Symptoms And Causes Of Dodge Ram Uconnect Issue

Touch Screen Problems

Updated dodge ram from 2018 to till has put a larger Uconnect for better navigation and satisfaction. If you are a 2020 or 2022 dodge owner, you can do multiple tasks on the same screen. 

But, if the Uconnect touch screen fails, you can’t activate any dodge features. So, a touch screen problem is the most common when your vehicle has a Uconnect device. Normally it happens for a long time using, hitting, and water falling on dodge dash, though there might have some other reasons. It can also happen if you rub Uconnect in a hard way.

Bluetooth Problems

Today’s people are most used to their mobile, and they also want to adjust it with the Uconnect. Dodge ram has also offered this feature for remote use via WIFI or Bluetooth connection. 

Sometimes dodge Uconnect can’t make a solid pair with your mobile when it is an older android version or has a charging issue. Sometimes you may need rapid scanning or an external cable for a better pairing.

Settings And Audio Issue

Wrong settings are not a big issue for a vehicle owner who has a Uconnect on the dash. Users get settings issues for lack of knowledge or trying something in a different way. Dodge ram Uconnect has multiple features with a large screen, and sometimes it makes hesitate of a new owner. 

Drivers change audio, video, and other programming without proper knowledge of each option. And sometimes wrong option selection process can call in Uconnect Bluetooth audio problems. 

When your Dodge pickup radio is not working, it is mandatory to check vehicle audio settings and external CB antenna.

Fitment Issue

We try to put everything in our vehicle, whatever we love. But sometimes, it brings a major loss to the vehicle owner. Dodge ram is a sensitive vehicle where you can’t make adjust any accessory that you love. 

If you are using an aftermarket Uconnect system that doesn’t fit well, you may miss some of the features. The same thing can also happen when you try a secondhand Uconnect device for your dodge.

Air Conditioner Issue

As dodge Uconnect provides multiple features, sometimes it can’t handle all of them equally. Car, truck or jeep’s climate control problems reduce inner peace and riding fun inside your vehicle. 

Water leakage from Uconnect is expected when the dodge air conditioner is on. Sometimes much water leaking also produces Uconnect touch screen problems. Though air conditioner or climate control issues don’t have an impactful relation with Uconnect, it’s true that Uconnect controls the whole climate system. 

GPS Traction Issue

I will easily obey when you talk about any negative issues with dodge ram. But, I will strongly argue when you talk about anything dodge navigation system because it has given 12 inches screen only for better navigation and maps. 

So, if you find any issue with dodge ram navigation, trust me; still, you are not comfortable with the whole system. Sometimes it seems problematic due to bad weather or using risky mobile apps. 

How To Solve Dodge Ram Uconnect Issues

  • Clean the whole display if the dodge ram touch screen is not working. Unplug all the cables from Uconnect and remove all user data after reconnecting all cables. If it needs display changing, don’t step back to change the display.
  • Go to Uconnect settings, and you will find the resetting option in the display. Sometimes you might find some Uconnect resetting applications which you can use for your dodge. If the problem is programming related, a pure reset can save your Uconnect. 
  • Try to avoid secondhand or older Uconnect devices for your vehicle and when you install a new one, never forget to tighten all the nuts and bolts. 
  • The regulator and battery are key components for running a modern Uconnect system. If your vehicle has voltage regulator problems or battery issues, don’t keep them unsolved.
  • When your dodge ram has an issue related to cable or wiring (bad ground symptoms), you can’t use Uconnect peacefully. So, always check each and every cable of dodge from headlights to speakers, tail lights to wipers.
  • Read the user manual or watch enough tutorials to know the GPS tracking working process of your vehicle. As using and programming GPS tracking in dodge ram is slightly hard due to multifunctionality, you should spend enough time before trying something new. 
Dodge Uconnect common problemsCausesSolutionBluetooth connectivity problemsOlder android or IOS versionScan and use external cableTouch screen issueHit, scratch, waterClean screen or change displaySettings and audio issueActivate wrong optionWatch video tutorialFitment issueLosen nuts and boltsUse vehicle supportive UconnectGPS traction problemsWrong program activationLearn each and every options of GPSChart: Dodge Ram Uconnect problems: causes and solution

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Uconnect on Dodge Ram?

Uconnect is a device or modern vehicle technology in which you will find many exciting features on the front side. It includes radio, music system, climate control, different settings, and more controlling over your dodge ram. 

2. Is Uconnect free on RAM?

Yes, Uconnect is totally free on the ram though sometimes it matters. If you want to use the basic features like radio, music, ac, Bluetooth or WIFI connection, it is totally free on your dodge ram. 

But, when you want to control your vehicle from a remote by adding some additional features, you have to make an agreement with Uconnect’s monthly subscription features. 

3. How do you reset the Uconnect on a Dodge Ram?

It actually depends on which Uconnect and dodge you are using. If it is a newer dodge, you will find a resetting option in the Uconnect settings, and you just need to press the option.

When it is an older jeep, and there is no resetting option in the settings, you need to start Uconnect and press volume and tune together for an automatic reset. 


A healthy Uconnect ensures not only fun in front seats but also gives you more control over your vehicle. Dodge ram spends much time on the road, so its Uconnect should be okay to keep the driver’s mood charming. 

Fixing dodge ram Uconnect problems is not much challenging when you can really figure out from where the problem is coming. 

I have made the journey much easier in this article with all the facts about dodge ram Uconnect. Keep regular communications with the supplier or dodge ram manufacturer for accessories swapping facilities and regular support.

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