Dodge Ram V10 Engine Problems: 5 Common Issues!

When you are thinking of buying a new pickup or renting a truck, there are not many options without a dodge ram. Wanna travel Montana’s muddy land, New Mexico’s hilly surface, or Miami’s sandy area with an offroad vehicle?

I know Dodge will be one of some offroad vehicle options for its cool performance and more space in the back.

Dodge uses different engines with more cylinders in their various products. And all of them, the dodge v10 engine is much criticized for its poverty-stricken fuel milage and noisy acceleration sounds. 

However, the engine is the main component of a vehicle, and you must remember that Dodge ram Uconnect problems and engine issues are not equal.

In this article, I will talk about dodge ram v10 engine problems so that a truck lover can make painless purchasing or engine swapping decisions.


Dodge ram v10 engine has some common issues though you can fix a few by discussing them with an engine mechanic. Engine starter problems and dark smoke from the exhaust when the vehicle gets older are popular engine problems in v10, and any owner can fix them by swapping some engine parts. 

But, poor fuel mileage, cam phaser issue, and engine sound frequency problems in dodge v10 engine are not much in your hand.

Most Common Dodge Ram v10 Engine Problems

1. Poor Fuel Mileage

Poor fuel mileage is a common and annoying problem in the truck industry, so most manufacturers try to input a proper upgrade in the engine to make the vehicle faster. A dodge ram weight is a 2200 to 2500 kg vehicle, so this pickup truck needs more engine power and fuel consumption. 

The new generation dodge engine is able to produce 640 hp with its cylinder, valves, pistons, and fuel pressure regulator. as a result, it needs more fuel to make a perfect balance with this engine.

2. Cam Phaser Issues

A cam phaser is a powerful component given to the engine to make a pure balance with cylinder, piston, and piston rings. as I said earlier, the truck manufacturer is trying to make their vehicle faster with several engine mechanism upgrades from more cylinder to the bigger fuel tank. 

As a result, some of the engine components can’t work in the right way, and the cam phaser is one of them. So, sometimes cam phaser fails to ensure its average duty, and the vehicle loses its power, consumes more fuel, and reduces performance.

3. Starter Problems

Dodge ram is a heavy-duty vehicle with a powerful engine (v10 engine) to ride any surface in the world. So, the total manufacturing of this v10 engine is top-notch with super interior design. Once I faced starting problems when there was a small fault in the vehicle ignition switch

So, staring problems is less common in the dodge ram world until your vehicle has any ignition and wiring problems.

Though there is not a direct relation between engine and starting, as I said, some users complain against it. They have found it difficult to start it in the winter or when the vehicle is not running for a long time.

4. Dark Smoke From The Exhaust

I can assure you that you will not find any type of exhaust issue until your dodge ram is new and have a factory warranty. Actually, this is a common issue every vehicle owner faces when their car, truck, or jeep gets a little bit older. 

After using 5 to 7 years constantly, some of the engine components like oil fil, oil tank, or oxygen sensor become bad and creates a drastic impact on fuel mileage as well as exhaust. Finally, the newer dodge ram v10 engine doesn’t face any exhaust or smoke issues and if you are an older dodge ram owner, use some aftermarket accessories to fix this problem.

5. Engine Sound Frequency

Pistons given in the dodge ram v10 engine are slightly smaller to minimize the stroke in the engine than other engines. Though piston movement in the engine is shorter, it creates a high ranged frequency in the engine box. 

Sometimes this frequency creates different or disturbing sounds, and few riders find it unpeaceful. If you already have bought a dodge ram and it sounds awkward, you might try a new exhaust of aftermarket catalytic converter for progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dodge still make a V10 engine?

Dodge ram vs10 engine is from Chrysler LA Magnum engine family with cast iron block and cylinder materials. They created their last vehicle, named dodge viper, in 2017 with 645 horsepower and 600 pound-feet of torque. It was like a sports vehicle having adjustable suspension and race settings. Then officially, they stopped producing their products to give more powerful and fuel-economical vehicles to their consumers.

2. Is the V10 better than the V8 engine?

V1o engines use more cylinders to displace fuel pressure and perform much better for instant acceleration. On the other hand, v8 engines use fewer cylinders though they can displace enough fuel like the v10 engine. V10 uses fewer strokes with smaller pistons and creates a high frequency in the main engine that creates a different sound. In one sentence, v8 is a good engine for fuel economy, and v10 is trusted for performance, in my opinion.

3. Why did they stop making V10?

The manufacturer company did not explain it well strategically for their marketing and business policy. Few consumers complained about its fuel performance and noisy engine sound to various dealers of Dodge. So, the manufacturer is trying to bring more fuel-economical and healthy environmental vehicles to their upcoming users. Their official statement was very much simple and driver-friendly but not elucidated. 


I know some users are talking about dodge ram v10 engine problems in different ram forums and offline platforms, which makes you confused. Dodge v10 is a powerful engine from the aspect of performance, durability, and handling. But you need to sacrifice fuel mileage, engine sounds, and camper phaser productivity if you are targeting a dodge v10.

So, if you are going to be a new dodge user, I suggest you avoid the v10 engine, as many dodge vehicles are available with a perfect v8 engine.

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