How Much Does A Black Jeep Wrangler Cost? [Read to Know]

The price of a black Jeep Wrangler depends on the make, year, model, rim, etc. According to U.S. News, the 2023 Black Jeep Wrangler has a starting price of $31,195 (+$495). But for the Rubicon 392 trim, the price can go up to $90,895 (+$595).

Jeep Wrangler has a heavy price tag because it’s an iconic SUV embodying the spirit of exploration. And an average American citizen has to pay his half-year earnings to get a Black Jeep Wrangler.

Follow this post to know the price ranges of Jeep Wranglers on the market.

Is Wrangler an expensive car?

Yes, as I have just mentioned, the Jeep Wrangler is an expensive car to buy. According to SoFi, the average income in the US is $60,575 a year, whereas the Wrangler’s price starts at $31,195 for a 2-door and $35,195 for a 4-door variant. 

So you have to spend about a half-year’s income to buy a Wrangler. It’s a pretty high amount for a car. However, there are some reasons for it. Check out the following section to learn more.

Factors Affecting the Price of Jeep Wrangler

The main factors behind the Jeep Wrangler’s price are its build quality and decade-long history. 

This legendary off-road powerhouse has become a symbol of adventure and freedom, with its iconic design and rich heritage dating back decades. Here are some factors that affect the price of the Jeep Wrangler:

1. Brand Value

Jeep Wrangler is a well-known brand with an excellent reputation. So people are willing to pay good money for them.

2. Part in WW2

Jeep has an iconic status for their contribution to WW2 in the US military. And this heritage plays a crucial role in Jeep Wranglers’ branding, making it expensive.

3. Off-Road compatibility

Jeep Wranglers are mainly built for the off-road niche and don’t have any strong competitors in that market. So they do not need to lower their price.

4. Performance

The Wranglers give you a solid performance. And they are also very reliable for long time use. Also, the Jeep company spends tons of money on the R&D of the Wrangler model. 

That’s why every new model performs better than the previous one And also costs more.

5. Customizability

Jeep Wrangler has tons of exclusive customization options and vast after-market support. So the company charges premium bucks for ownership.

These are the factors that make the Jeep Wrangler a pricey choice to get. 

How Much Does a Black Jeep Wrangler Cost?

Well, as I said earlier, you may have to pay different amounts for different models of the Wrangler. 

The price mainly depends on the model, year, rim, and any additional features you choose. Also, for a full black exterior, you must pay an additional $495.

Here’s a table to show you different Jeep Wrangler models and their costs:

Sport$31,195–2 doors$35,195–4 doors$31,895–2 doors
$35,895–4 doors
Willys Sport$34,685–2 doors
$38,190–4 doors
Don’t launch
Sport S$35,190–2 doors
$38,695–4 doors
$35,990–2 doors
$39,990–4 doors
Freedom$37,690–2 doors
$41,690–4 doors
Don’t launch 
Willys$38,685–2 doors
$42,190–4 doors
$39,990–2 doors
$43,990–4 doors
Sport Altitude$41,985–4 doorsDon’t launch 
Rubicon$43,295–2 doors
$47,495–4 doors
$45,990–2 doors
$49,990–4 doors
Sahara$46,420–4 doors$48,420–4 doors
High Tide$52,035–4 doorsDon’t launch 
Sahara Altitude$51,020–4 doorsDon’t launch 
High Altitude$55,515–4 doorsDon’t launch 
Rubicon 392$82,495–4 doors$88,190–4 doors

Note: All data are collected from the Jeep site.

However, keep in mind that you must pay an additional $495 (for the Year-2025) or $595 (for the Year-2024) if you want a Black Jeep Wrangler.

Why is the Jeep Wrangler A Better Choice than Other SUVs?

The Jeep Wrangler is like the king of off-road vehicles. Its incomparable off-road capability, iconic design, extensive customization, solid axles, and advanced traction control make it better than any other car on the market.

If you compare the Ford Bronco, another well-known SUV from Ford, with the Jeep Wrangler, you will see the performance difference clearly. Let’s see the comparison table:

Comparison ParticlesJeep WranglerFord Bronco
Reliability score (From US News Score)86 / 10077 / 100
Fuel/EngineRegular Unleaded V-6 3.6 L/220Intercooled Turbo Regular Unleaded I-4 2.3 L/140
MPG17 City / 25 Highway20 City / 21 Highway
Horsepower (Net @ RPM)285 @ 6400275 @ 5700
Torque (Net @ RPM)260 @ 4800315 @ 3400
Maximum Trailering Capacity (lbs.)20003500

From the above table, you can see the Jeep Wrangler easily beats the Ford Bronco by a decent margin. Also, the Jeep Wrangler has some unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. Some of them are:

1. Interior Built

Jeep Wrangler’s interior is built to last for a long time. The 2023 model has far more hard plastics than their predecessors. So the looks become a bit cheap, but the build quality becomes sturdy and will hold up in the long run.

2. Cargo Space

The 2-door 2023 Wrangler has 12.9 cubic feet (0.37 m³) of cargo space and 31.7 cubic feet (0.9 m³) with the back seats folded. On the other hand, the 4-door 2023 version has 31.7 cubic feet (0.9 m³) and 72.4 cubic feet (2.05 m³) with the seats folded, which is the largest in the compact SUV segment.

3. Engine

A standard 2023 Wrangle has a 285-horsepower 3.6-liter V6 engine which is more than capable of moving around towns and up to highways.

4. Mileage

You usually get 17 MPG in the city and 25 MPG on the highway with Wrangler’s base V6 engine, which is quite good compared to other SUVs in the same class.

5. Suspensions

The Wrangler has advanced coil-spring suspensions, which flex nicely at low speeds. And its solid axles are a boon when you navigate harsh terrain. Thanks to these features, you can confidently climb obstacles that would immobile most SUVs.

These are the reasons Jeep Wrangler becomes a better choice in the off-road SUV market. But is it worth the price? Read the following section to know.

Does A Black Jeep Wrangler Worth It?

In short, yes. Though the cheapest Black Wrangler can cost about half-year of your salary, it’s worth every penny. Here are the reasons behind it:

  • According to Motor and Wheels, you can easily use a Jeep Wrangler for 10–15 years. Some Wranglers even exceed the 400,000 mileage threshold, which is quite impressive for a car.
  •  The Jeep Wrangler is well-known for being a reliable and easy-to-maintain car on the market. So it’s a great choice for a first car.
  • Usually, a 2023 Wrangler has 17 MPG within the city, 25 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG combined, which is pretty good efficiency.
  • The Jeep Wrangler’s high ground clearance, 4×4 drive, and plenty of all-terrain features make it a good car for snow.
  • The Wrangler has a pretty decent maintenance cost (about $1,040 per year), making it a worthwhile SUV.

These are features that make the Jeep Wrangler worth every penny it costs.


If you want to buy a black Jeep Wrangler, there are some frequently asked questions you should know, besides the price. It will help you get additional information about the Jeep Wrangler.

Is the Jeep Wrangler good in snow?

Yes, the Jeep Wrangler has high ground clearance, 4×4 drive, and plenty of all-terrain features, making it a good choice in snowy weather.

Is A Jeep Wrangler good for a first car?

Yes. The Jeep Wrangler is a great fit for anyone who doesn’t know much about car maintenance because it’s very easy to maintain.

Are Jeep Wranglers good on gas?

Yes, the Jeep Wrangler is pretty decent on gas. You get 17 MPG within the city, 25 MPG on the highway, and 23 MPG combined on a normal Wrangler model with a V-6 engine. 

What is the cheapest price for a Jeep Wrangler?

The Wrangler Sport is the cheapest option among the Wrangler models, costing $31,195 for two doors.

Are Jeep Wranglers expensive to maintain?

The Wrangler usually costs about $1,040 annually, which is decent for off-road vehicles.


And here you go. I’m sure you got your answer after reading my article. I’m sure now you can easily make the decision to buy a black Jeep Wrangler or not.

Comment if you have any other queries about the Jeep Wrangler. Have a great day ahead.

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