How To Adjust Jeep Jk Led Headlights?

Driving with misaligned headlights on your Jeep JK or any other vehicle can be extremely dangerous and cause severe accidents. It can blind oncoming vehicles. So, checking misaligned LED headlights and adjusting your Jeep JK LED Headlights is necessary.

There are two ways to adjust the Jeep JK Led headlight. If you need slight adjustment, you can just put a screwdriver in the corner of the headlights and turn them clockwise and anti-wise. Or if you need total adjustment, you need to open the grill.

However, both processes are very easy, and you won’t need a professional. We will guide you through this article so you can adjust the Jeep JK Led headlights yourself with some garage tools.

Required Tools And Materials For Adjusting Jeep Jk Led Headlights 

We have already mentioned that you will need some tools. Those tools are mandatory because those tools will help you to figure out if your Jeep headlights are aiming properly in the right direction. 

You will need the following tools for adjusting a Jeep JK Led headlights:

  • A Measurement Tape (At least 25 feet)
  • Screwdriver (T15 Torx Bit)
  • Marker Pen
  • Leveling Device
  • Scotch/ Masking Tape
  • 15-millimeter socket
  • Blanket (For Covering One HeadLight)
  • European Adjustable Pins

How To Adjust Jeep Jk Led Headlights? 

As we said earlier, there are two methods to adjust Jeep JK Led headlights, and we will discuss them step by step. 

By following the steps below, you can adjust the headlights of your Jeep slightly and fully. Here are step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Measure the Height of The Headlight on a Flat Floor

First, you must find a flat surface to park the Jeep JK because an uneven surface can result in uneven headlight aiming. Then use the measurement tape to measure the height of the headlights. 

They can vary depending on your Jeep’s height. Some people modify their Jeep’s height, which also changes the headlights’ height. 

Also, Tire and Rim size is a factor in Jeep JK headlight height. Don’t google or assume the height; measure them yourself accurately.

Step 2: Park The Jeep Jk 25 Feet Away From The Wall

Note the heights somewhere, so you don’t forget them. Now find the center of the Jeep JK and part it on a flat surface where you have a wall to reflect. 

Park the Jeep 25 feet away from the wall. Use the measurement tape and make 25 feet on the floor, so it’s easier to find.

The reason behind the exact 25 feet distance is that the optical center is visible from 25 feet away.

Step 3: Aim and Mark Headlight Centers On The Wall

Now turn on your Jeep and turn on the headlights. You will notice a precise center point on the wall. But that is not your main height. Your misaligned headlights should aim far away from the center point.

Go to the wall, use the measurement tape, and mark the height of the headlight you noted with masking tape. That mark is your center point.

Step 4: Adjust With a T15 Torx Bit Screwdriver

Now use a blanket and cover the headlights so you can adjust them individually. It is necessary to cover one light, or you won’t understand where the center of each light is.

Now go to the open headlight, and on the right corner (Left Headlight), you will find a T15 Torx Screw that is movable. Use your T15 Torx Bit screwdriver to adjust that screw. Turn the clock anti-clockwise and match the center point on the wall.

Once you are done now, cover the fixed headlight and adjust the opposite headlight the same way and match the center point. You will notice slight changes and see that both headlights are not aligned.

Note: There is a chance that the headlights are misaligned drastically. So, if slight adjusting does not match your Jeep, JK Led headlights, and you need more adjusting, don’t worry; we have you covered. Read the rest of the steps for total adjustment.

Step 5: Open the Jeep Grill (For Full Adjustment)

For the previous method, it wasn’t mandatory to open the grill, but for the total adjustment, you need to open the Jeep JK front grill. 

Use a service manual included with the Jeep to open the front grill. The only tool you will need is a socket wrench.

After opening the grill, unscrew both of the headlights. After removing the Led headlights, you will have an adjustable pin and two non-adjustable pins. 

Remove the top panel and unscrew the second (opposite side) non-adjustable screw with a 15 mm socket. 

Step 6: Install European Adjustable Pins

After that, put the European Adjustable Pin as the replacement for a non-adjustable pin. Install it from behind and screw it back properly when it’s done, close the whole light and attach the grill. 

Before that, you could just adjust up and down adjustment, but now you can adjust horizontally, allowing light to spread more. 

Follow the same step for another light. Now adjust your Jeep JK Led headlight according to the center point. Follow Step 04 to adjust. Now, you are done. 

How Do You Tell If The Jeep Jk Led Headlight Is Upside Down?

To figure out if your Jeep JK Led headlights are upside down. First, you need to select the center of the Jeep. 

Then on a flat surface against a wall, move the Jeep 25 feet away. After that, mark the center point on a wall with tape or marker. Now start moving your Jeep further slowly. 

If you notice that the headlight beams are well above or way below the marking point, you will know the Led headlights are installed upside down. Or if they stay at the point, then no need to reinstall the headlights.


Here are some quick answers that jeep jk users seek in different discussion groups and forums. You may also have a quick look to have a better understanding about adjusting led headlights.

How Far Should Headlights Shine On High-Beam?

If you turn on the maximum beaming power on your Jeep JK, it can reach up to 400 feet in distance. Although the typical range for shine on high-beam is 350 feet in clear weather.

How Far Should Your Headlights Shine While On A Low Beam?

The range the headlight can shine is relatively dependent on the weather. But the average travel distance is 160 feet. Everyone should drive on a low beam because a high beam; sometimes blinds oncoming vehicles.

Will Headlights That Are Aimed Too High Cause Problems?

The answer is Yes and No. Because sometimes it’s practically useless and can cause road accidents. If headlights are aimed too up, they can blind oncoming cars. And the useless part is when it’s aimed high, the beam will go to void, and the road won’t be as visible.

Why Is One Of My Headlights Brighter Than The Other?

It can happen because of different color tones or the temperature of your headlights. There is a chance that you didn’t notice what color temperature you require for both. So, if you see any difference, replace one of them with the matching temperature.


Proper aiming headlights are more important than you might think. It can cause trouble for you and even the highway’s incoming vehicle. Headlights often go misaligned due to off-road and bumping roads. You won’t notice if they are misaligned, but you should check them once in a while.

You should adjust your Jeep JK Led headlights because properly aimed headlights will save you money for an extended period as the lights last longer. Also, it increases road visibility which reduces accidents and helps your eyes too.

We hope our article was helpful and if you have any doubts, let us know. Be careful adjusting your Jeep Jk headlights.

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