How To Change Battery In Jeep Key Fob?

Changing the Key FOB battery of a Jeep is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is gently pry open the key fob right from the seam. It will expose the battery; remove it from the fob’s battery housing. Insert the new battery, and you are pretty much done.

While replacing the battery, you can damage the fob or the circuit. So, you have to make sure you are changing it properly. And that’s why we bring you a step-by-step guide to changing the battery in Jeep Key Fob.

What Kind Of Key Fob Does Your Jeep Use?

Before you can get on to changing the battery, you must learn what kind of key fob you have and what battery you need to use. Jeeps come in models like Gladiator, Wrangler, Cherokee, Liberty, Commander, Patriot, Compass, and Renegade.

Depending on your Jeep model and year, you must get the right battery for the key fob. Here’s a table showing the different key fob models and batteries you should use based on the Jeep model. 

Jeep modelKey Fob modelBattery typeJeep years
GladiatorCorner Cut3V CR24502018 onwards
Wrangler (2005)Fixed Key3V CR20322005 onwards
WranglerCorner Cut3V CR24502018 onwards
CompassRounded3V CR20322014 onwards
Grand Cherokee (1999)Pear Shaped3V CR20161999-2004
Grand CherokeeTeardrop3V CR20322008 onwards
CherokeeTeardrop3V CR20322008 onwards
Commander (2005)Fixed Key3V CR20322005 onwards
CommanderTeardrop3V CR20322008 onwards
LibertyFixed Key3V CR20322005 onwards
PatriotFixed Key3V CR20322005 onwards
RenegadeRounded3V CR20322014 onwards

As you can tell, most Jeep Key fobs used 3V CR2032 batteries, with some exceptions in the modern and earlier models. So, finding the right battery for your key fob shouldn’t be much trouble.

When Should You Change Your Jeep Key Fob Battery?

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to change the battery of a Jeep Key fob as part of regular maintenance. Over time, some signs will point towards a low battery on your Jeep key fob. Whenever you see those signs, you should change the battery as soon as possible.

Requires Multiple Attempts To Close Or Open Doors

One of the most common telling signs of a bad key fob battery is the doors not opening on the first try. You must press the buttons multiple times to lock or unlock your Jeep doors. Usually, this happens when the battery becomes weak over time.

The Effective Range Decreases Gradually

Typically, the effective range for any Jeep key fob is around 50 meters. But when the battery starts getting low, it will reduce the effective range of the key fob. If your key fob isn’t working or operating unless you get close to your car, it might indicate an issue with the battery.

Inconsistent Operation

Inconsistency in the key fob is another sign of low battery. Sometimes the key fob will work flawlessly, but other times, it may not even function. And if you are having such issues, it is a telling sign that the battery power is fading away. Change the battery as soon as you can.

How To Change Battery In Jeep Key Fob?

While changing the battery on a Jeep Key Fob isn’t that difficult, you need to be careful about it because most of these key fobs have plastic construction, making them a bit fragile.

So, when you get through the process, you must be gentle with it. Other than that, the whole thing is very straightforward. Before we go through the steps, let’s gather the tools you will need to replace the batteries on your key fob.

Tools Needed For Replacing Jeep Key Fob Battery

  • Depending on the car model, you need either a new CR2032, CR2450, or CR2016 battery.
  • Small flathead screwdriver or similar tool to pry open the fob.

Once you have the tool and the battery ready to go, you can proceed with changing the Jeep key fob battery. Let’s get started.

Step-1: Open The Key Fob To Access The Battery

The process’s first and most delicate step is opening the key fob casing. Since the key fob casing is just two pieces of plastic snapped together, there are no screws or clips to open the case. You have to pry it open.

Simply press the flathead screwdriver along the seam on the sides of your key fob. Then, gently try to pry open the case. If you place the screwdriver correctly, it should open up easily. Don’t use too much force or twisting motion, as it can damage the plastic part.

Step-2: Remove The Battery From The Fob

Once the two plastic parts have opened, you should get two housing containing different components. One half is filled with all the components, and the other half holds the battery.

To remove the battery from the housing, you simply need to separate the two parts. While doing that, make sure not to damage the circuit board or any other components in the other housing. You can remove the battery by hand or use the flathead screwdriver to pop it up. 

Step-3: Insert The New Battery

Next, you have to place your new battery in the same housing as the old one. When installing the new battery, place the negative end of the flat end facing downward.

Or simply install the battery in the same direction as the old one you removed. 

Step-4: Assemble The Key Fob Parts

After the battery is placed in the housing, you must reassemble all the parts. Before closing the fob, ensure the circuit board is properly set on the housing. You have to place the board on the keypad and then place the keypad on the housing.

Also, check for any loose connection on the circuit board or the keypad. Then, make sure the battery is also placed correctly in the housing.

Step-5: Close The Key Fob Casing  

If everything looks fine, you can snap the two plastic fob parts to close them. It’s best to start snapping the case from the close end of the key. Don’t put too much pressure; gently press the two parts together from all ends, and it should snap close automatically.

How To Program Jeep Key Fob After Battery Replacement?

Sometimes the Jeep Key fob may not work properly after a battery replacement. It can mess up the programming of the key fob. So, you will need to reprogram the fob to operate it.

There are two ways to reprogram the Jeep key fob. These methods will vary based on the Jeep model you have. Let’s get through both of those.

Method-1: Using A Key Fob Programmer

This method is much more straightforward than the other method. So, if your car model supports this one, you are in luck.  

  • First, get a key fob programmer from any authorized center Jeep.
  • Then, put the key in the ignition, and take it into the first position without starting the engine.
  • Next, put the programmer under the steering column into the DLC or OBD port.
  • Then, press and hold the lock button for 3 seconds and unlock button for 2 seconds on your key fob.
  • Turn off the ignition and remove the programmer to complete the process.
  • Wait for about two minutes to start using the key fob.

Method-2: Without The Key Fob Programmer

Programming the Key fob without a programmer may be tricky and confusing. So make sure to follow the steps correctly.

  • Start with sitting on the driver’s seat of your car and close everything, including doors and trunk.
  • Insert the key in your Jeep ignition. But don’t turn the ignition on.
  • Next, you open the door on your side and keep it open.
  • While keeping the door open, try moving the door switch to a lock position.
  • Then, put the key in position, and press and hold the lock button on the fob for five seconds.
  • Lastly, remove the button and remove your key from the ignition.


Now, let’s get through some common questions from Jeep owners regarding their key fob and batteries. These should help you out if you have the same queries as well.

What Is The Cost Of A Jeep Key Fob Battery?

Usually, a key fob battery can cost you around $10. Some key fobs require two batteries. In that case, the battery replacement will cost $20 at best. They can be cheaper than that as well.

How Long Does A Jeep Key Fob Battery Last?

A Jeep key fob battery will last about 3 to 4 years without any trouble. After 3 or 4 years, you should start seeing signs of low batteries and need to replace them immediately.

Can You Use A Key Fob With A Dead Battery?

No, using a key fob with a dead battery is impossible. Without a working or strong battery, no signals will come from your key fob. As a result, it will not function with your car at all.


Knowing how to change the battery in the Jeep key fob is almost necessary. Because no matter what you do, at some point, you have to replace the battery over time.

The most important thing about replacing a battery is patience with the process. Too much force or pressure, or hastiness may end up damaging the key fob, which isn’t something you would want.

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