How To Charge Jeep Key Fob? [The Ultimate Guide]

When the matter is the jeep key fob, literally it’s very convenient for unlocking or locking the jeep just by pressing a button. But suddenly a dead battery makes the key fob inconvenient enough to make you feel irritated. Here charging the key fob is like a life-saver.  

To charge the fob, find the charging port on your jeep and just connect your key fob to the charger. That’s all to do! You can apply the method on the jeep models like jeep compass & jeep cherokee. 

There are also easy charging methods for the other models like wrangler & renegade. Howbeit, to get access to the trick, you may require an in-depth guide on how to charge the jeep key fob. So, let’s move ahead together with the article. 

How To Charge Jeep Key Fob?

Occasionally, unwanted situations arise, and you want to have quick & effective tricks to get out of that situation. It can also arise from a dead or non-functioning key fob on your jeep.

We’ll highlight a simple method to charge your key fob. Just follow the below 3 easy steps without requiring any special tool.

To Charge The Key Fob Of Jeep Cherokee & Jeep Compass: 

If you’re owner of the jeep Cherokee or jeep compass, follow the below process to charge your key fob. 

Step 1: Locate the Charging Port

The moment you find your jeep key fob not working or the battery is dead, charge the key fob using the charging port of your jeep. 

You can find the charging port somewhere at the bottom of your jeep, near the location of the engine.

If you can’t find the charging port on your automobile vehicle, just turn off the jeep & then turn it back on. This will also assist the key fob to charge out.

Step 2: Connect Your Key Fob To the Charger

In the charging port, you can recharge your key fob for good. Now connect the key fob to the charging port using the provided cable. 

Just connect one side of the cable to the port and the other side to the malfunctioning key fob. 

Step 3: Standby till charged

You are all done with your job! Your key fob will begin charging. Just stand by with your key fob until you get it fully charged. The light will turn on green to indicate that it’s charging.

To Charge The Key Fob Of the Jeep Wrangler

Now in case, you want to charge the dead key fob of a Jeep Wrangler, here are the steps for you to follow. 

  • Remove the battery from the wrangler key fob. 
  • Connect the battery charger now, the positive side to one screw & negative side to the other. 
  • Now insert the batteries into their screw holes & turn it on. 

To Charge The Key Fob Of Jeep Renegade

Check out the below method if you want to charge a jeep renegade key fob. 

  • Remove the battery of the key fob.
  • Place the battery into its respective designed electronic charger. 
  • Now plug the charger into your AC outlet and wait till it is fully charged. 

How Do You Start Jeep When The Key Fob Dies?

In case when you find your key fob dead and can’t access your jeep cherokee or jeep wrangler, there is a simple bypass you must try in this situation. 

The method is very easy to do. Just follow up the below steps and get started on your jeep even with a dead key fob.

To Open The Door Of The Jeep:

You might locate a small button on your jeep key fob. Push that button to the side, and a key will pop up from your key fob. 

Using the key, you can open the door of your jeep in case your fob is dead.

To Start The Engine:

Now when you’re in your jeep, you need to start the engine with that dead key fob. Here are the steps for you to follow to do the job. 

  • Press down on the break of your jeep like you normally would.
  • Now take the key fob itself & press it up against the start button and hold it. You’ll find the jeep started. 

That’s it! You can perform these easy tricks in emergencies to start your jeep until you get the battery replaced.

When Should You Replace Jeep Key Fob Battery? 

The jeep key fob appears with some inconsistent functionality whenever its battery has the last gasp. These are the signs by which you get the assurity to change the fob battery. 

Reduced Signal Range

Usually, the key fob can operate your jeep in a range of almost about 50 ft. It’s the average range for all jeeps. With a key fob fully charged, getting access to this range is very easy. 

But when the battery gets low, this range gets affected. If you notice you have to get closer with your fob to your jeep to get the signal than usual, it’s a sign that you need to change the batteries.  

[Note: In some cases, weather can also impact the signal range of the key fob. So also look into the matter also.]

Erratic Clicking 

When the key fobs are fully operating, one click will be enough to get the signal for your jeep. 

Instead, if your key fob requires multiple clicks to function, then get to know that you need to change the batteries. 

Delayed Functionality 

You may notice a delay in functionality whenever there is a depleted battery on your key fob. 

The key fob with a low battery will slow down from hearing the sound of your jeep unlocking. It means that the fob needs a new battery. 

The Ignition Switch Doesn’t Turn On

In the case where the ignition switch doesn’t turn on with the push of the button, it’s an indication that the key fob has a low or dead battery. Get the battery replaced, as it’s time for it. 

[Usually, the jeep key fob battery lasts up to 3 to 4 years. So after this period, you may need to replace the key fob battery to bypass the issues related to the fob.]  


Occasionally, the key fob battery betrays the users and shows several problems. Here we’re going to highlight some most searched key fob queries. See if any of them can relate.

Are key fob batteries rechargeable?

To answer straightforwardly, most car keys are not rechargeable. But nowadays, many car companies offer ways to recharge your key fob. 

So, whenever you face an irritating situation of the dead key fob, look for the charging methods in your user manual.

How long does it take a jeep key fob to charge?

A jeep key fob contains a 3V. A fully charged battery takes about 8 hours. Usually, the key fob battery of a jeep lasts up to 3 to 4 years. So, when you find your jeep key fob battery low or dead, get it replaced at a cheap price of $5-$10.

What happens if the jeep key fob runs out of battery?

Nothing will happen if your jeep key fob runs out of battery even while driving. The main job of the key fob is just to unlock & start the device. So, the effect of a dead key has nothing totally on the ignition of your jeep.

What do I do if my jeep key fob is dying?

When you find your key fob is dying, look into your user manual for other ways to unlock your jeep if it’s urgent. Otherwise, get your key fob’s battery replaced at a very lower price, like $5 to $10.


We are at the endpoint of our article. Hope that you have got to know the reliable answer to how to charge the jeep key fob. Expect the matter won’t create any nuisance with your jeep any longer.

If your key fob isn’t working properly, charge it to resolve the issue or replace the battery. A different model of jeep uses a different method of charging purposes. So, the user manual is always a safe escape to finding the answer to all the arising problems.

That’s all! Thank you so much guys for staying tuned with us till the end.

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