How To Check Jeep Compass Transmission Fluid? [Check The Level Yourself]

Checking the transmission fluid level of the Jeep Compass is a simple task that can be done with a dipstick. Just keep the car on standby mode and insert the dipstick into the transmission fuel reservoir till the bottom. When you pull out the dipstick, it will show you the exact level.

The gearbox of a Jeep Compass runs smoothly when the transmission fluid level is optimal. Never skip this important maintenance task; we will make this even easier with the step-by-step process of checking the transmission fluid level. 

Importance of Checking the Transmission Fluid Level

Checking the transmission fluid level is one of the routine maintenance tasks for the Jeep Compass, and obviously, it’s pretty essential. Want to know why it’s so important? Here are the reasons: 

1. Prevents costly repairs

The transmission stays in good shape when you regularly check the fluid level and always maintain the optimal level. 

Transmissions are expensive and can get damaged because of a low fluid level. Replacing or repairing the transmission may cost thousands of dollars.

2. Better lubrication

The moving parts in the transmission need lubrication for smooth movement. 

When the fluid level decreases, their movement is interrupted. That’s why regularly checking the level and maintaining the correct fluid level is important. 

3. To find leaks

A leak in the transmission fluid reservoir can be dangerous, which can drain the fluid and damage the transmission. 

You can discover potential leaks while checking the fluid level and observing the transmission.

4. Heat dissipation

Insufficient fluid levels can overheat the transmission. This can damage the transmission components.

So, you can avoid all these issues if you regularly check the transmission fluid level, and that’s why it’s so important.

Tools and Materials Needed To Check the Fluid Level

Gather these tools before you move forward and start checking the fluid level. Don’t worry; you can easily access these tools.

  • Dipstick: A dipstick is a special tool (part number 9336A) that needs to be inserted into the tube to check the fluid level.
  • A chart: There is a chart that shows the accurate fluid level of the Jeep Compass at different temperatures. 
  • Clean rag: You will need this to clean the fluid from the dipstick. 
  • Transmission fluid: This will be useful if the fluid level is low. 
  • A funnel: A funnel will help you pour more fluid if needed.

Checking the Transmission Fluid of Jeep Compass

Here are some steps to check the transmission fluid level of your Jeep Compass. Follow these steps to check the fluid level yourself:

Step 1: Prepare the vehicle

First, park your Jeep Compass on a flat and level surface. The fluid level may change if you park it on an uneven surface because of the car’s angle.

For the next few minutes, keep the car off. This will help the fluid cool and settle down. You can leave the car in this condition for an entire night before checking. 

Step 2: Find the dipstick and remove it

You can find the dipstick on the side of the transmission, which is near the bottom of the vehicle. On the dipstick, you will see two lines marked, which say “add” and “full.”

Step 3: Clean and insert the dipstick

Now clean the dipstick with the rag and remove any dirt and debris. Don’t skip this step, as dirt and debris can affect the reading. Now, you can insert the dipstick into the transmission. Pull it out and observe the fluid level.

Step 4: Add fluid if necessary

After pulling out the dipstick, if the level is below the “add” mark, it means it’s time to pour some fluid. Make sure to add the recommended fuel type.

What is the Frequency of Changing Transmission Fluid in the Jeep Compass?

From the above discussion, it’s clear that checking the transmission fluid level is an essential part of a Jeep Compass’s maintenance schedule. But how often should you do this?

The frequency of changing the transmission fluid level depends on factors like your transmission type, your driving habits, the fluid type you use, and the manufacturers’ recommendations.

In general, the fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. But it’s not similar for all models and years of Jeep Compass.

Traffic and climate can also play a significant role in the frequency. If you often drive on busy roads where the situation is stop-and-go, the changing frequency can be too short.

Similarly, you may need to change the transmission fluid more often if you live in a hot climate. 

Signs of Low Transmission Fluid: Time to Check the Fluid Level

The Jeep Compass will show signs when the transmission fluid level decreases. These signs indicate that you may have a low level, and it’s high time you checked it out:

1. Transmission slipping

Sometimes, your Jeep Compass could rev higher than it should. This can happen at any speed. This sign clearly indicates low transmission fluid.

2. Overheating

If you often notice your transmission getting overheated and smoke coming out of it, it can be due to a lack of lubrication in it

3. Rough gear shifting

When the transmission oil level is low, you may face a pause or delay while shifting the gears.

4. Leaks

If there is any leak on the transmission, you will surely see a wet patch under your Jeep Compass’s transmission. Fluid must have gone through that leak, and it probably has gone down to the optimal level.


Still need some clarification regarding the transmission fluid check on the Jeep Compass? Take a look at this FAQ section for further information:

How long does it take to check the fluid level of the Jeep Compass?

You can complete the whole procedure in a few minutes. Remember, you must switch off the engine and let the fuel cool down, which may also take a few minutes.

What happens if you don’t check the transmission fluid level in your Jeep Compass?

If you never check the transmission fluid level, it can lead to serious problems like low lubrication, wear of transmission parts, poor performance, and overheating. The transmission could also be permanently damaged.

What is the ideal transmission oil level for Jeep Compass?

It depends on the model year and the type of transmission. You can always get the correct fluid level with the help of a dipstick.

Final Thought

So, transmission fluid level checking is not a complex task, and you can sort it out easily without much effort. The whole process is so easy that you will only need one technical tool, the dipstick. 

We recommend reading the user manual before checking the fluid level, as different models may have different procedures. You can also get help from a qualified mechanic to check the transmission fluid level on your Jeep Compass.

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