How To Clean Jeep Floor Mat? [Rubber & carpet]

Jeeps get dirty very quickly because of the way people use them. Some Jeeps have open roofs, and some are without doors. Besides, jeeps are widely used on off-road tracks, allowing dirt to enter the jeep. Users have to clean their floor mats repeatedly.

Cleaning a Jeep floor mat isn’t more indifferent than other vehicles’ floor mats. However, it can vary on which type of carpet you are using. But, generally, you must take out the dirty Jeep floor mat, scrub it with soap, and then wash the dirt.

Cleaning a Jeep floor mat is not a tough job, but you need to maintain some precautions, so you don’t damage the mat accidentally. Please read the article below and discover how to make it look new.

How To Clean Jeep Floor Mat? 

Cleaning methods for different Jeep floor mats are different. Jeeps have two types of Floor mats: one is made of rubber materials, and the other is carpet-type soft material. 

You must be careful about following the proper instructions for specific floor mats, or you will damage them.

How to Clean Jeep Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber mats are durable, and they are mainly used when you are off-roading. Because of its durability, it is easier to clean and can be done at home without going to a car wash. Follow the steps below to clean your Jeep Rubber floor mats.

  • Step 01: Remove the floor mats from your jeep. Some clips attach mats with the jeep. Hold them to unlock, then pull out the mats. 
  • Step 02: Take the mat to an open space and shake it to clean any large rocks or debris. Then wash the rubber floor mat just with water.
  • Step 03: Now, use a brush to scrub the mat. Use mat cleaning foam that can be found in nearby car parts stores. Scrub slowly and gently.
  • Step 04: Rinse the floor mat to remove all the dirt after scrubbing.
  • Step 05: You can keep it wet so it will dry automatically. Or, you can dry it with a towel, and we suggest you use a microfiber towel.

How to Clean Jeep Carpet Floor Mats

Cleaning a Carpet type of soft material floor mat is a little more complex than cleaning rubber floor mats. 

These carpets catch dirt quickly, and the dirt goes deeper inside them, which is tough to remove. Now let’s look at how you can clean Jeep carpet floor mats.

  • Step 01: Carpet floor mats for jeep also have a similar clip to attach them. But they are underneath the carpet, and you will find an open cut. Remove that, open the clip, and remove the floor mat.
  • Step 02: After removing the carpet floor mat, shake it to remove big-size debris. Then use a vacuum so that all the dirt comes out. It would help if you forcefully hit it on a wall or solid surface to remove the embedded debris.
  • Step 03: There are different cleaning products for carpet floor mats. Follow the given instructions and scrub properly.
  • Step 04: Wash the carpet floor mats after you are done scrubbing. You can try to scrub while rinsing slowly.
  • Step 05: Hang it to dry. Don’t forcefully dry it, as it can damage the materials. When it’s dry, put it back on.

What Should You Use To Make Jeep Floor Look New Again

Sometimes more than just cleaning is needed. Some people want their Jeep floor mats to look shiny or almost new after washing. Your Jeep rubber floor mat may look scratchy or fade, which makes it look old. And carpet floor mats lose their color tone.

To make them look new, you need to wash them properly. You will need a proper liquid for rubber floor mats. You should carefully look at the Ph/ Acidity level of the liquid you are buying. 

Try to buy something with lower Ph or Ph neutral because higher Ph will damage the rubber material.

If you want to make your carpet floor mats look new, you will need a solution to improve clarity. 

Solutions for carpet floor mats will not give them a new look, but they will provide a cleaner look that is much better than the usual rinse look.

Both will work as dressing or coating, eventually giving a new look to the floor mat. Materials you will need:

  • Low PH Rubber Floor Mats Cleaner. (Chemical Guys)
  • Simple Green Solution for Carpet Floor Mats.

These materials work like magic. They might now make your Jeep floor mats look entirely new, but it will give them a new shine which is much better than fade and dryness. 

If you haven’t tried them yet, we suggest trying them, and we can bet you will love them.


There are a few questions about the Jeep floor mat cleaning process because it is a very straightforward method. But there are some questions that we will answer below.

How To Clean Jeep Floor Mats in Winter?

Cleaning a Jeep floor mat in winter is different from a regular wash, and you will need to use warm water instead of regular cold water. But remember to use slightly warm water cause too hot water will melt the material, and too cold water will shrink it.

Is It Necessary To Dry Jeep Floor Mats Instantly After Washing Them?

Drying the floor mats after washing them instantly is optional, and you can hang them to dry with natural air. But you should at least use a towel to wipe the water.

Can You Clean Jeep Floor Mats Without Taking Them Out?

You must thoroughly scrub and wash jeep floor mats before taking them out. But every jeep has a sink underneath, and you can remove the cap and rinse your floor mat. However, it’s not cleaned correctly; it’s useful for a quick wash.

Does Too Much Water Pressure Damage Jeep Floor Mats?

People use a water pressure machine to clean and rinse their jeep floor mats. But you should be careful because taking water pressure too close will damage the floor mat material. Try to maintain a distance while using water pressure.

Can I Use Regular Soap And Shampoo To Clean Jeep Floor Mats?

Regular soaps and shampoos have a higher PH level that can damage and fade the color of floor mats. You can use them, but they are not suggested because the look will fade.


It would help if you cleaned your Jeep’s floor mat often because it will give your Jeep a cleaner look and a more wonderful smell. It is necessary to make your Jeep look better, and besides, it makes the driver feel comfortable around the seat. 

Jeep floor mats are generally more durable than other car floor mats, and they need to be durable because people mostly use them for heavy loads. So, after off-tracking or heavy loads, it becomes necessary to wash them. 

 But as we spoke, you should be careful while washing them. If you want to keep your Jeep’s floor mats looking clean, then you should use the materials we suggested and scrub gently while scrubbing them. All the best in making your Jeep floor mats look cleaner and new.

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