How To Fix Jeep Wrangler Cruise Control Won’t Turn On Issue?

You don’t have to be a professional mechanic for fixing the jeep wrangler cruise control won’t turn on, issue. Unfortunately, most of the owners run to the mechanic first without giving it a try. Which costs them more money due to hiring a professional. Some problems are so easy that anyone can solve them.

Replacing damaged components and brake pedal switch; fixing the defective speed sensor solves the cruise control won’t turn on issue. Also changing the blown fuse is a mentionable solution. 

Though maximum problems are easily solvable, one or two solutions require the consultation of professional mechanics. So, let the professionals handle the complex matters.

What Causes the Jeep Wrangler Cruise Control Stop Working?

Pressing the cruise switch signals the ECU to take data from the speed sensor. With speed comparison, the cruise actuator tells the throttle body to increase or decrease. 

From the diagram we can see that to do the job cruise control needs the mentioned components. These components may get physical damage, expire, and start malfunctioning. 

Failures of them are the main reasons behind the following  problematic issue. By highlighting the main reasons we get:

  1. Bad Fuse
  2. Failing Speed Sensor
  3. Damaged Components (Actuator, hoses, and cables)
  4. Failing Brake pedal switch
  5. Not Enough electric power

5 Easy Solutions For Jeep wrangler Cruise Control Won’t Turn On Issue

Sometimes people get indecisive about what is the reason for the faulty cruise control issues, since there are many possible reasons. But each problem has some specific symptoms. With them, you can easily step forward in the right direction. 

#1- Replacing the Bad Fuse

Important electrical parts of your jeep wrangler have fuses to protect them from excessive electricity. The same goes for cruise control. 

If the fuse senses any short circuit it will blow up. And the current will not pass through the mainframe command center. Thus the cruise control won’t work. 

Under the front hood of your jeep wrangler, there’s the fuse box. Open it, you will see all the fuses of the jeep wrangler. 

Generally, cruise control fuses are listed as M37. To be sure you may check the fuse diagram. Notice if the corresponding fuse has blown or not. 

In case it has blown, buy a new fuse; replace it with the old one. You will also find a fuse puller inside the fuse box. This tool is used for removing and placing fuses, use it to do so. 

10 amps should be the highest rate of replacement fuse. The price of fuses should not cross $10. 

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#2- Fixing the Speed Sensor

The speed sensor operates the cruise control using the speed of the vehicle, and ignition timing.  The speedometer can not do its work without the sensor. A faulty speed sensor is a hindrance in sending data to the cruise control. 

When the cruise control and speedometer malfunction together it indicates, the replacement of the sensor is needed.  Speed sensor replacement is a complex matter. 

Pinpointing the exact problem is a professional-level job. Though the replacement of the sensor it can be done as:

  1. Lift the jeep wrangler using jack stands
  2. In the rear axle, you will find the speed sensor. Remove it from the axle housing.
  3. Install the new speed sensor in the axle housing. Connect the speed sensor connector with the speedometer wires. 
  4. Remove the vehicle from the jack stands. 

The estimated price for the sensor should not exceed $70. If you take mechanic services the price will increase. 

#3- Fixing the failed Brake Pedal Switch

When the brake pedal is pressed it triggers the brake switch. Then the brake switch turns on the jeep wrangler’s brake lights. 

The cruise control is also connected to the brake switch. If the switch is damaged it does not let the both cruise control and brake light turn on.

Because the cruise control then assumes that the brakes are pressed. Then you have to replace the switch which is an easy task. The brake switch is located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. 

Pressing on the brake pedal, turn the switch 45 degrees, and then the switch should come out. 

Press the little tabs on the switch to remove the wiring connectors. Put the wiring connector inside the new switch. When the switch is fixed, the wiring harness should be pointing up. 

Now, slide and push it in the original space until it clicks, and turn it until it clicks again. All set now, the brake pedal switch will cost $25-$70.

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#4- Replacing Damaged Actuator

Mainly, the old model jeep wrangler’s cruise control has an actuator, hoses, and cables connected. If any of these components get damaged, it causes the cruise control to stop working. The actuator is connected to a throttle body via cables. 

The actuator is located inside the front hood. To remove the cruise control actuator first disconnect the gas pedal-actuator connection, also the throttle connection. Now remove the screws beneath it.  This way the actuator should come out.

Place the new actuator, and reinstall the throttle body and brake pedal connector. If the actuator is working then the problem might be in the cables. 

You should also discuss this matter with a mechanic. The price of an actuator with the cables should cost $250-$300. 

#5- Providing Enough Electric Power

The battery provides the power to run cruise control. Without enough battery power, the cruise control won’t even activate. 

Sometimes faulty batteries cause this problem. The battery can be checked via a voltmeter. 

To function properly cruise switch components need 12 volts. If the battery cannot supply this amount, then replace it with the new one. 

A jeep wrangler battery should cost $150-$220. You had better discuss this matter with a professional mechanic before doing it. 

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There are many tips for using cruise control. Like keeping the foot near the pedals, maintaining a safe distance from the car in front, and always being aware of the Jeep wranglers’ surroundings.  Some of the other associated topics are:

Does the Jeep Wrangler have adaptive cruise control? 

The new model jeep wrangler has adaptive cruise control in it. From the 2019 model jeep wranglers are offering this modern service. Adaptive cruise control can adjust driving speed from a predetermined distance. It also has full-speed forward collision and active braking features. 

Does cruise control save gas on Jeep wranglers ?

By maintaining a constant speed cruise control can save about 7-14% of gasses. However,if you take the jeep wrangler to a downhill track,cruise control won’t save gasses that much. But on flat roads, it does save the gas well. In a way, using cruise control also saves money. 

Is it OK to use cruise control for Jeep wrangler’s at low speeds?

The Jeep Wrangler’s Cruise control isn’t suited at low speeds. Hence making it unsuitable in heavy traffic. So one should not use cruise control in traffic. 25 MPH is the best speed for using cruise control.  

What are the cons of Jeep wrangler’s cruise control?

The main cons of Jeep wrangler’s cruise control are it isn’t suited for low speeds, wet and slippery roads; gets distracted easier; bad for tired drivers. 


Cruise control is a modern-day feature of jeep wranglers. It is developing day by day with technology. But the user should be aware when using the cruise control.

Don’t leave the cruise control on when not in use. The system could be accidentally set which is dangerous. 

It may cause the jeep wrangler to go faster against your will. So be sure to always turn off the cruise control when not in use.

Moreover, when fixing the cruise control if you don’t understand things clearly or get confused. Take your jeep wrangler to a professional mechanic.   

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