How To Get Factory Build Sheets On Jeep Wranglers?

The Jeep construction sheet has essential details about any Jeep. It can assist you in determining what it was built for and ascertaining whether the vehicle experienced any alterations. Therefore, a build sheet is necessary for that reason. But do you know how to get a Jeep Wrangler build sheet from the factory?

Obtaining a build sheet for a Jeep manufactured after 1998 is simple. First, you should find the VIN. The second step is to find the build sheet using VIN. You can download a copy once you’ve located it. Finding a build sheet for a model produced before 1998 is challenging. You can try calling FCA or looking for it online.

Sometimes, obtaining the build folios for your specific Jeep model is crucial. For a better understanding, let’s talk about it in depth!

How To Get Jeep Wrangler Build Sheet

Obtaining a Jeep factory build sheet is possible for most Jeep models. However, it could seem not easy sometimes. It may be far more difficult if you have an early model that has been through multiple ownership changes. 

Each Jeep logo has a unique set of construction folios. So following are several methods you can try to obtain a Jeep build sheet.

Jeeps Made After 1998 

Getting your Jeep’s build sheet for a more recent model is quite simple. Here are the three easy steps you take:

Step 1: Find The VIN

The VIN is often visible on a board or window label anywhere inside your Jeep. This might be tucked away in the engine compartment or attached to one of the doorway frames. The location of the VIN storage varies depending on the Jeep model you have.

Analyzing the registration records for your Jeep can also reveal its VIN. You might have obtained it from a specialized Jeep factory or Jeep repair.

Step 2: Look For The Build Sheet

Searching your build sheet online after you know the VIN code is possible. You can access the Jeep VIN converter online or on the official FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) site. 

Typically, such platforms have entries for Jeep’s information. It enables you to look up your VIN in the system. Most of these Jeep VIN search websites are free.

Step 3: Download The Build Sheet

You can download the build sheet for your Jeep after you’ve located it. This now provides you with a complete history of your Jeep.

Jeeps Made Before 1998 

Finding your Jeep’s construction sheet gets pretty tricky for the older models. There’s a possibility that the business unintentionally automated the file for an older Jeep. 

You might be able to obtain a build sheet in that situation. Here are two methods for securing build sheets for Jeeps produced prior to 1998.

  1. Online Search

Use the online search to look for the original build documentation from the Jeep retailer for your pre-1998 Jeep. But you ought to find your car’s VIN first.

After locating the VIN, you can learn more about your vehicle using free resources like a Jeep VIN search webpage. Using this information, you may identify the proper construction manual for your brand and model. It might also be available at your local Jeep store.

  1. Contacting FCA

The supplier of Jeep has a division called “Historical Services” that can assist you in locating your original Jeep build sheet. Simply get in touch with them by phone or in person. Be careful to specify that you want the unit’s manufacturer construction sheet when requesting it.

Filling out the FCA’s Historical Services Build Record Request Form is preferable. Submit the form to the given email account or postal address after that.

Why Should You Get The Factory Build Sheet For Jeep Wrangler?

The build sheet is necessary for several reasons. Owners frequently modify Jeeps. Thus, it is challenging to determine which component or functionality was included as standard. 

The following are some justifications for having your Jeep build sheet:

1. Reducing Uncertainty

The Jeep build sheet will address all the issues and clarify any uncertainty. A Jeep build sheet is often of utmost significance. It reveals the parts used in the vehicle’s manufacturing by the workforce.

The factory build document would detail the specific components the Jeep had when it initially left the factory if you bought a used or modified Jeep. This gives you a solid starting point for restoring the Jeep to its factory settings. 

If you need to replace anything that has been altered, it also makes it easier to identify appropriate replacement parts.

2. Resale Value

The build sheet for a Jeep raises its sale price. It lists every component present when it was carried off the manufacturing facility. It gives buyers assurance that the Jeep is authentic. 

A well-kept vintage Jeep without a build sheet is useless compared to a Jeep with the build sheet and all of the original features. A build sheet for a Jeep version earlier than 1998 can possibly increase its actual amount by thousands of dollars. It is far more valuable than you realize.

3. Verification

A build sheet functions as a confirmation mark for assertions that the Jeep is authentic. It increases a buyer’s assurance that the purchase he is about to make is worthwhile. It also guarantees that a seller’s cunningness won’t dupe you.

The build folio will assist you in identifying each of your personalized pieces if you just bought a brand-new customized Jeep. The document describes the differences between your Jeep and a typical model. 

Additionally, retain a copy of this so you can clearly define your Jeep to prospective buyers if you decide to sell it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The build sheet is an essential document for Jeep owners. It includes every piece of information, even alterations to a Jeep. People frequently have queries concerning it. These are a few:

Is it possible to obtain a build sheet with a VIN?

A supplier can obtain a build sheet by providing the VIN. The build sheet is a document that shows the car’s configuration. This includes the size of the engine, the transmission, the interior features, and even manufacturer upgrades.

Why is it crucial to verify the VIN?

The VIN check can identify severe car maintenance and structural issues. The vendor may not disclose the entire history of the vehicle. They might not be informed of their past if they weren’t the first owner.

Where can I locate the Jeep’s build sheet?

Check the instrument listing on the FCA Platform. After entering or pasting your Jeep’s VIN, select “Search” from the menu. The unit build sheet will be made available via the website.


The build sheet checks every component put into your Jeep when it leaves the factory. It is sometimes referred to as the Holy Grail of the car. Additionally, you can know how many units of that specific model were made available for purchase using it.

We hope our explanation of the Jeep Wrangler build sheet was clear. Depending on whether your Jeep was manufactured pre or after 1998, you can obtain the factory build sheet. Therefore, check the model and get this vital document in your hands!

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