How To Make A Jeep Tailgate Table| No Drill Jeep Tailgate Table

Suppose you are on an outdoor vacation like Arizona or California’s historic area. When you stop somewhere to take a break, what accessory will you miss in your jeep? So, you would like to have a tailgate table for your Jeep.

But, you don’t want to hurt your jeep by drilling. So, thinking about making a custom? Well, I suggest that you don’t use a metal piece as you are a beginner. Instead, follow the steps below, and you will find an idea to make a no drill jeep tailgate table.

What you need

· Plywood

· piano hinge

· magnet

· paracord

· Hook and eye latch

· double-sided tape

· planer and safety equipment.


1. Safety Equipment:

use all the safety equipment you need. Wear the safety glass and gloves. Be cautious when you are using essential tools like planers or saws. If you are not familiar with these tools, You can also take help from some woodworking experts.

2. Cut Plywood:

as I said before, don’t use metal, steel, or aluminum. It’s for you and your vehicle’s safety. As all the jeep tailgates are not the same model, cut a proper wood according to tailgate size with a hand saw and avoid electric saw.

Then, plain its six sides with a plainer. Be aware of when you are using this type of power tool.

3. Attach Piano Hinge:

find out or buy a convenient-sized piano hinge. It’s not much pricier. The tailgate table will be rectangular in size. First, select which wood part you want to attach with the piano hinge, obviously the lengthy size. Then, adjust it with a piano hinge using a drill and hinge size screw.

4. Unite Magnet Or Hooks:

you need one or two pieces of powerful magnet for closing the table. Adjust it in the corner side of the wood. Use glue for the adjustment. You can also drill and small-sized screw to fortify the pair.

But remember, the magnet will be in the inner part of the tailgate table. Remove the plastic cover of the tailgate if the magnet is your first choice. At a low price, Hook and eye latch can be an alternative to using a magnet.

It will be placed on the outside of the table. The installation process needs a drill and screws.

5. Tie Paracord:

Make two holes in the two corners of the wood table to tie the paracord. Paracord has enough strength to take a minimum pressure on the table. Only use a knot, not a drill, as vehicle safety is the first priority for the jeep part.

With paracords, using spring can increase strength. But you have to go with some drilling process.

6. Make Pair With Tailgate:

so your handmade tailgate table for wrangler is ready. Now, it’s the turn to pair it with the tailgate. Add some double-sided tape with a piano hinge, which you put together with the wood before.

Then also link this with jeep tailgate. And cut the properly sized paracord and tie it with the tailgate’s upper side using a knot. Carefully look; your tailgate and table will seem like the L alphabet (90 degrees).

Your vintage-looking tailgate table is totally ready. The magnetic sound will be more engaging when you close the shelf. How easy is it to assemble?

If you would like to make it much stronger, you must go to a drilling process. For a stronger tailgate table, just amalgamate a pair of “l shaped” brackets in the tailgate using a drill and screw.

Then unify the handmade table on the tailgate. Include drawer bellows the table to put extra kitchen accessories or make a good-sized hole to keep coffee or teacup. you can also use a cutting board for your jeep’s tailgate table. Some jeeps stickers can give it a more beautiful look.


There are some other ways to have a table for your outdoor activity. But, I have just given an idea to make a risk-free tailgate table and talked about a no drilling process in the jeep.

If you have expertise in the jeep or tool, you can give it a more professional look. Sometimes the money-saving option is not good for vehicle health. Saving some dollars can bring more problems especially, in the jeep industry.

So, according to your jeep model, buying a tailgate table from a well-known supplier won’t be a bad option always. Otherwise, you can try the no drill jeep tailgate table-making process that is considered an aesthetic way for a new owner.

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