6 Different Ways to Make Your Jeep Speakers Louder

Jeep makes off-roaders like no other, but the off-roading experience can never be fulfilled without proper music listening. Sadly, this is where many Jeeps fall behind. Their stereo system can be a bit low for our liking, so how to make the Jeep sound louder?

You can enhance the volume of your Jeep speakers by adding a subwoofer or a high-quality amplifier, adding soundproofing materials, or double-checking your speaker connections to make sure everything is connected properly. To boost the sound quality, you may also replace the front speaker.

Hence, if you own a Jeep and are looking to upgrade the sound system, our guide is here to help you. Today we will discuss how you can upgrade the speakers in your Jeep.

6 Different Ways to Make Jeep Speakers Louder

If you want to make your Jeep speakers louder, then there are different methods you can try. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can choose the method that best suits you. Down below, we will list all these methods.

  1. Upgrading Front speakers
  2. Adding Subwoofer 
  3. Buying amp
  4. Change the soundbar
  5. Use sound-dampening covering
  6. Add extra speakers

How To Make Jeep Speakers Louder

So far, we have listed the ways by which you can increase the sound in your Jeep. But now, we will be discussing all these methods in full detail. Read below to know more. 

Method 1: Upgrading the front speakers

The first method you can try is upgrading the front speakers. The front speakers of the Jeep create the majority of the volume. Both the top and bottom of the dash contain the front speakers. 

If you want to hear your music better, you must replace the little factory speakers in your Jeep Wrangler with larger ones. Speakers may be purchased at a reasonable price. 

However, the speaker installation requires a bit of labor, making the process expensive. 

In order to finish the assembly, more than a dozen dash pieces and roughly 50 screws and bolts must be removed. For a basic update, you should allow for three hours of labor.

Method 2: Add Subwoofer

One might argue that the greatest place to start when improving the audio system in your Jeep is by installing a subwoofer. Ordinary speakers should work perfectly, but subwoofers will provide the music with a powerful boost and crunch. 

A subwoofer is a loudspeaker made specifically to recreate low-pitched frequency ranges’ bass and sub-bass ranges. 

Furthermore, adding a subwoofer will relieve stress on your Jeep’s smaller speakers, enabling them to produce greater audio. 

There are a number of Jeep Wrangler-specific alternatives available, and as usual, your neighborhood custom auto audio builder can create anything special if that’s what you desire. Subwoofers are available from $35-$100. 

Method 3: Buying An amp

Better sound results from more power. An amplifier (amp) gives your sound system the raw power it needs to produce a sound that is on par with that found in a recording studio. 

The majority of aftermarket speakers aren’t as effective as their factory-installed equivalents. Therefore an amp is unquestionably necessary to make the Jeep audio come to life.

The ideal time to begin on your amp setup is when the dash has been accessible for front speakers installation. Depending on the amp you chose, there should be enough room inside the dash for you to sit comfortably. 

There are virtually no restrictions when it comes to amps; you can get a tiny amp that can be installed in the dashboard and deliver more than double the power that the original audio can ever hope to.

A good quality amp can cost anywhere between $320-$1000 and even more. 

Method 4: Change the Soundbar

If you wish to increase the sound quality of your Jeep Wrangler, then you can also try to change the soundbar. An exterior surround sound speaker called a soundbar might be connected to other electrical devices to provide superior sound. 

This alternative is more compact than regular speakers with cross capabilities. They are often mounted near the ceiling of the Jeep to disperse sound across the whole vehicle. 

Stock soundbars are not that powerful; hence you can change them with good quality ones to change the sound quality of your Jeep. 

Soundbars come in a huge variety of prices and quality; the price varies accordingly. But generally, you can find good quality soundbars for $49.99- $91.0.

Method 5: Use Sound dampening coverings

Sometimes, there isn’t enough sound inside the car due to the fact most of the sound is going out of it. Outside traffic noise is another of the major enemies of high-quality automobile speaker audio. 

As a result, it will be difficult for you to enjoy the music when there is too much external sound inside your automobile.

Therefore, sound-dampening materials are required to ensure that neither outside noise nor interior noise escapes the vehicle. Broadly available sound-numbing rugs are an excellent approach to enhancing audio quality. 

They may be put on your car’s windows, floorboards, and the interior of the bonnet, among other places.

Method 6: Add extra speakers

Another way to make Jeep speakers louder is by adding extra speakers to the existing speakers’ system. 

Adding a larger number of speakers may be the answer if the present configuration just does not deliver the sound quality you desire. 

However, ensure not to fill up your entire car with speakers, as this can heavily affect your driving experience. 

Can you make Jeep Speakers louder without upgrading the hardware?

Before you actually go into hardware updates, you can try a few things to make your existing Jeep’s speakers louder. If these things work, you can save a lot of money.

1. Tweaking the settings

You can first try tweaking the settings of already installed speakers. 

  • Bass Boost

Bass makes your sound needlessly unstable, which lowers its quality. So, you should disable the bass boost option to achieve a louder sound.

You may also consider lowering the bass setting to produce louder and clearer sounds. Reduce the bass, if at all feasible, towards less than 0. Your speakers’ additional bass should be eliminated by using the negative option.

  • Treble 

Audio tracks with an overly emphasized treble tone will seem too harsh to most listeners. The optimal configuration for optimum loudness is to maintain the treble level at 0 or, at most, 1.

2. Seal all the corners around your speakers

The anchoring brackets for the speakers in your Jeep keep them in position. 

Your speakers’ quality may be distorted if there are spaces surrounding them when they are mounted in mounting brackets. So, you will need to seal all the gaps for better and louder sound quality. 

Therefore, if there are gaps, you can take the speakers out and fill them with sealing tapes or a bendable foam. Make sure that the sticky side of the sealing tapes or foam runs all around the speaker bracket aperture so that the speaker will fit comfortably. 

Once it is done, there should be no more gaps, and the sound should be loud and clear.

3. Remove Vibrations

Excessive vibrations are another reason for poor sound quality in your Jeep speakers. 

The shaking wires significantly diminish the sound quality; as the bass becomes deeper, the higher you set the volume, the more the wires vibrate.

The wires should be taken out, reconnected, and wrapped in tapes and padding to lessen severe vibration. You ought to hear a discernible improvement in overall sound quality once you’re done.


After reading so far, it is obvious to have some questions popping up around your head. Do not worry as down below we have listed and answered most of the frequently asked questions. 

How do I make my stock Jeep Speaker louder?

Installing a 4ch amp is the only method to make the standard speakers louder. You can also add a more powerful amp but whatever amp you buy, make sure that the stock speaker can handle the power. If it can’t, you will need to upgrade the speakers too. 

How can I boost my Jeep speakers?

The addition of a subwoofer, which amplifies bass frequencies and gives the music a richer sound, is one technique to make your Jeep speaker louder. You can also replace current speakers with ones that have greater wattage ratings to increase volume.

Are Jeep speakers worth amplifying?

Yes, amplifiers are worth it, as amplifiers’ sound quality is significantly improved. Customers frequently choose to add amplifiers to their automobile music system to enhance sound quality. 

As you raise the volume, stock speakers have a tendency to crunch and deform the music, while speakers supplied by an amplifier don’t.

Why are my Jeep speakers not as loud as they used to be?

Faulty speakers may reduce the audio quality. When you discover that your Jeep speakers aren’t as loud as they once were, they need to be replaced. The age and longevity of such speakers may also have an impact on the carrier frequency.


Jeeps are one of the most dependable and fun riding off-roaders available in the market. They are powerful and have a beast-like performance, but one downside is that the stock speakers aren’t that great. 

However, they can be upgraded, which we have discussed in this guide so far. There are many ways to make your Jeep speakers louder, and you can choose the best method that works for you the best. 

But, whatever method you choose, make sure to be very careful while upgrading the hardware inside your car. If you can’t do it yourself, visit the nearest service center to help you out.

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