How to Remove Jeep Jl Spare Tire?(6 Easy Steps To Follow)

The jeep wrangler is a heavy recreational vehicle having five big-sized wheels, including a spare one. You may think the spare tire removing process is very tough. Or you have an updated jeep wrangler Jl and don’t want to take a single step that can hurt your jeep.

Through jl is one of the latest versions of the jeep, its spare tire removing process is not much different from the other wrangler.

Sometimes you don’t want to create more pressure on the tailgate when you have an unnecessary tire. Or, you want to change the tire carrier and add a spare tire delete kit. Okay, these steps will help you to make it easier.

6 Easy Steps to Remove Jeep Jl Spare Tire

1. Remove the Inner Trend Panel:

it is not must necessary that you have to remove the inner trend panel. It depends on your tire removing purpose. But some wires are directly connected to the third brake light and back camera. So for camera and lights safety, you have to remove this plastic or metal cover.

2. Disconnect the Wire:

the trim panel tool may help you to remove the wiring harness. Then, you will find three wires are connected for different duties. Simply disconnect this by unplugging. Now your back camera, third brake light, and number plate light are separated and safer.

3. Remove Tire Cover:

you don’t need to open the full tailgate to remove a spare tire. Instead, find out the cover edge and pull it; you can easily remove the tire cover if you have a tire cover on your spare cover. Sometimes, you may find the number plate instead of the tire cover.

4. Open Lug Nuts:

after removing the tire cover, you will find a spare tire that you want to remove. There are three or more lug nuts in the spare wheel you have to remove.

The lug nut size is pretty bigger, so you have to bring a 90-degree lug nut wrench. Open all the lug nuts by rotating lug nut wrench anti-clockwise.

5. Remove the Spare Tire:

now it’s time to remove the spare tire. Just pull it and remove it. Call someone else If you don’t have enough strength to carry it.

If your purpose is to add another spare tire, then push a new one according to the position of the lug nuts. Then, tightly adjust all the nuts by lug wrench. Cover it with a tire cover if you have one.

If you want to change the tire carrier or add a spare tire delete kit, you have to work more. First, open the camera cover with a hand tool named t40 Torx. You will find all the bolts in the tire carrier and remove each. Be cautious when removing the third brake light. Then adjust the new tire carrier or spare tire delete kit.

6. Adjust all Tie Lug Nuts Tightly:

finally, adjust all the lug nuts as much tight you can. Reconnect three wires of the camera, third brake light in the tailgate. Reassemble inner trend panel.

So, taking off the spare tire in the wrangler Jl is not heavy duty, but it depends on the purpose of removing it and the strength of your hands.

If you have all the necessary tools, you can do without an expert. But, Don’t forget to keep another person with you because the wrangler’s spare tire Is really big and heavy.

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