How to replace jeep Cherokee fuel filter?

Fuel filters ensure that fuel can run smoothly to the Jeep Cherokee engine by filtering out dirt and debris. Fuel filter clog or get damaged over time, so you should replace it to keep your Jeep Cherokee running at its best.

So, keep reading to learn how to replace the jeep Cherokee fuel filter to maintain the required fuel flow rate and keep dirt and debris away.

What are the signs that you need a new fuel filter?

Here are a few of the common signs that indicate your vehicle needs a new fuel filter:

  • The check engine light will appear
  • The vehicle will lose all power for a second or two while driving
  • Inconsistent Acceleration
  • High engine temperatures
  • Injectors aren’t getting enough pressure for proper functionality
  • Due to insufficient fuel supply, engine power is reduced
  • The jeep Cherokee engine will misfire on uphills or when carrying heavy loads
  • Fuel economy declines

Can I replace my jeep Cherokee fuel filter myself?

On Jeep Cherokees, the fuel filter lies in the line connecting the gas tank to the engine. It means you don’t need to touch any engine component to replace it. So, you can replace your vehicle fuel filter with minimum mechanical knowledge. 

How to replace jeep Cherokee fuel filter?

You should wear safety glasses and gloves when replacing the fuel filter. Follow the below step-by-step process to change the jeep Cherokee fuel filter:

Step 1: Remove fuel rail

You need to start by releasing the fuel line and all the pressure. To do that, remove the gas cap. Then, come into the engine component to release pressure. You need to find out the fuel rail. 

In the rail, you’ll get a release screw. You need to remove it. The pressure will release, and some gas will come out. So, put a towel or tissue under it to protect the other part. After that, connect the screw again.

Step 2: Remove the old fuel filter and install new fuel filter

Go beneath the vehicle and find out the fuel filter. You’ll get it somewhere near the rear axle. Then, you need to remove two bolts from the clamp which hold the fuel filter. Use a 10 mm flathead screwdriver to remove it.

After removing the clamp, you need to remove both side hoses. Start removing the hose that is running toward the engine. Keep the new fuel filter ready to save gas as the hose is connected to the pump. 

You will notice an arrow sign in the new fuel filter which will be set in the flow direction. After removing the hose, connect the new fuel filter to the hose.

Then, remove the other hose from the old fuel filter and promptly connect the new fuel filter to the hose. And don’t forget to press the hose head with your thumb to reduce wastage. 

Step 3: Reconnect the clamp

Place the new fuel filter in the correct place after replacing the old one, reinstall the bracket and tighten it correctly. Finally, you successfully replaced your jeep Cherokee fuel filter.

Tips: To reduce fuel spillage while pulling the old fuel filter out, remove the fuel pump fuse and let the vehicle idle till it stalls.

How long can you drive a jeep cherokee without changing the fuel filter?

If you own the latest jeep Cherokee model, the good news is they are designed to last longer than the fuel pump. So, you should change the fuel filter when you have to replace the fuel pump. Generally, it’s recommended to replace the jeep Cherokee fuel filter every five years or 50,000 miles.

Do I need an empty tank to change fuel filter?

If the fuel filter is located inside the tank, you need to drain the tank before you replace the fuel filter. However, you don’t need to empty the tank to change your fuel filter to your jeep Cherokee as the fuel filter is located beneath the vehicle. But, you’ll notice some fuel wastage when replacing it.

Replacement cost of jeep Cherokee fuel filter

If you want to replace the fuel filter yourself, you’ll need to spend money on parts only. That will cost you around $20. But, if you do this from a repair shop, the cost will be about $133, including the labor cost, and it will vary depending on your location.

Final Words

Fuel filter replacement isn’t an everyday task. You should change your vehicle’s fuel filter after a couple of thousand miles. But, when it’s time to replace it, you cannot ignore it. Otherwise, you’ll witness several performance issues, even affecting the engine by supplying debris. 

The replacement task is simple. I hope today’s guide will help you know the easiest replacement process for the jeep Cherokee fuel filter.

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