How To Replace Rear Wiper Jeep Grand Cherokee? [Bid Farewell to a Foggy Rear Window

Rear wipers play a vital role in cleaning the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s rear glass. It cleans your Jeep’s rear glass efficiently but loses its efficiency with time. Consequently, many owners fail to replace the defective one with a new one. So, how to replace the rear wiper of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

First, you must lift the blade to displace the wiper. Once you’ve detached the wiper, mark the new blade’s spot. You can use tools like a socket, wrench, and ratchet to remove the nuts. If you’re a pro, you can do this with bare hands. Fix the new blade in the old blade’s position and rotate it outward.

New Cherokee owners often create more problems while changing the wiper. Consequently, they end up paying more for damages. If you want to save money and time, tag along to discover the quick fixes.

Tools And Materials Needed To Replace The Rear Wiper Of A Jeep Grand Cherokee

You’ll hardly need any tools and materials to replace your Grand Cherokee’s faulty rear wiper. Your bare two hands are just enough if you know the correct technique. 

But if you’ve access to some essential tools, you can quickly replace the Jeep’s rear wiper. Here’s a small list of these essential tools.

  • New rear wiper
  • Towels
  • Socket and ratchet
  • Wrench
  • Flathead screwdriver

According to experts, these accessories come in handy if you’re a newbie. You can use these tools even if you’re a pro because a pro knows the right tool for the right time.

How To Replace Rear Wiper Jeep Grand Cherokee?

You can follow various methods to replace your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s damaged rear wiper. If you follow a mixture of techniques, it’ll even create more damage to your Jeep. 

It’s better to DIY the broken rear wiper unless you want to pay the mechanic. Here’s a simple guide you can follow.

Step 1: Lift The Blade

Lift your Cherokee’s wiper arm from the window. Some Cherokees come with a cover attaching the arm and rear window. Next, hold the wiper with one hand and spin the blade toward you.

Step 2: Detach The Wiper

The wiper arm will become loose once you’ve rotated the wiper arm. Apply gentle force to detach the arm from the window.

Step 3: Place The New Blade

Now locate the wiper arm’s hook. Once you’ve determined its position, place the replacement wiper blade’s little bar attachment into the wiper arm’s angle.

Step 4: Fix The Blade In New Position

To fix the blade in the older blade’s position, give it a spin. You should rotate it away to fix it in the right spot.

Step 5: Mission Complete

Place the cover on the wiper arm’s base to complete the process. Cross-check to find out significant faults. If you don’t find any, voila! You’ve succeeded!

Tips To Follow When Replacing Jeep Grand Cherokee Rear Wiper

If you’re on a tight budget, you can’t always afford a pro technician to replace your Grand Cherokee’s wiper. Expert tips ease the process when substituting it for the first time. 

So, if you’re DIYing your Grand Cherokee’s rear wiper, go through these expert tips.

  • Mark the wiper’s position. It’ll help you install the new wiper in the exact place once you determine its class.
  • Select the ideal wiper. Your Jeep manual will help you to select the exact dimension.
  • Always take out the plastic layer off the wiper’s base.
  • Use a socket or wrench to detach the nuts. You should use a 10mm socket or ratchet to loosen the screws easily. Remember to rotate the socket counterclockwise while removing the nuts.
  • Gently use a flathead screw while detaching the wiper.
  • While removing the rear wiper blade, try to keep it perpendicular. It’ll quickly come off.
  • Putting the wiper arm into the new wiper blade would be best.
  • Remember to rotate the nut clockwise while fixing the wipers.
  •  Don’t tighten the bolts too much. Otherwise, you might break the window.
  • Take out the plastic layer from the new wiper assembly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You might have doubts about the brands and dimensions of wipers while installing a new one. Don’t worry! We’ve covered the sensitive information for you.

How do I know if my rear wiper blade is damaged and needs to be replaced?

You’ll notice various signs when your Jeep’s rear wiper is damaged. It’ll make a scratching sound, not wipe off the dirt and water properly, and skip while cleaning. A bent frame is a confirmation sign of changing the damaged wiper asap.

Can I use any wiper blade on my Jeep Grand Cherokee? Or do I need a specific style?

If you mean brand by any wiper blade, you can install any brand’s wiper on your Jeep Grand Cherokee. It won’t bother your Jeep’s structure. However, it would be best to remember the right dimension while installing new wiper blades.

Can I replace the rear wiper blade on my Jeep Grand Cherokee myself?

Of course! You can replace the wiper blade on your Jeep Grand Cherokee yourself. You should follow the described method while replacing the faulty one. Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s manual while replacing the wiper. If you face any issues, ask an expert for a solution.

What should I do if the new wiper blade is not functioning correctly after installation?

You shouldn’t face any issues if you follow the installation process correctly. However, if you miss any steps, that is a different case. You should immediately contact an expert mechanic for an emergency inspection. They’ll fix the problem instantly.


Installing a new rear wiper is quite elementary. You should always follow the owner’s manual while changing the broken wiper. Don’t try to use any heavy tools if you’re a newbie.

Otherwise, you might break the rear window while inserting a new rear wiper. We hope the discussion on replacing the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s rear wiper has cleared your doubts.

You can install any brand’s wipers in your Grand Cherokee. But ensure the dimension before changing the wiper. Ask an expert mechanic to change it if you fail to do it.

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