How To Reset Oil Life On Jeep Wranglers?

The jeep wrangler features an oil life indicator system that notifies when the oil in the engine is too low and needs a change. Even after an oil change, the indicator system does not reset and stops the notification automatically. You need to reset the oil life manually after every oil change.

You can reset the oil life on the Jeep wrangler by turning the ignition on the ON/RUN position. Press the accelerator thrice within ten seconds and then turn on the LOCK position. You can also push the oil life reset button which will reset it to 100%.

We have accumulated all the necessary information about the oil life and the indicator system of a jeep wrangler for your convenience. We will let you know the procedure for resetting the oil life on your Jeep wrangler.

What Are The Signs That You Need an Oil Life reset?

The oil life indicator system turns on a blinking maintenance light to indicate that the oil needs a change. Consequently, the oil life also needs to be reset afterwards. There can be a few clear signs that will indicate you need an oil life reset:

1. Oil Life Maintenance Light Is On

One of the most obvious signs of needing an oil life reset is the illuminated maintenance light. Jeep wrangler system is designed by the manufacturer as such so that the oil maintenance light comes on after a specific mileage. 

When the oil level drops too low for the system, this light comes on. Change the oil and then reset the oil life once you get this light.

2. Increased Engine Noise and Knocking

Engine oil flows inside the engine and keeps the metal bodies from getting in contact with each other too much. Lack of enough engine oil does not provide the necessary lubrication in the engine parts. 

So, the moving components of the engine grind against each other and make excessive noise.

If you notice sudden loud noises from your usually quiet engine, it is a sign that you need an oil life reset. The occurrence of knocking increases as a symptom too.

3. Dirty Engine Oil

You can only notice this sign if you have a habit of checking up the engine periodically. The clean oil gets dirty and dark due to the accumulation of particles inside the engine. 

Fresh, clear amber colored oil turns black and has a thick consistency. But the dirty oil clogs up the engine and performs very poorly. So you can take it as a clear sign to reset the oil life and change the engine oil with a new, clean one.

4. Emission Of Exhaust Smoke

Another sign of an oil life reset necessity is watching exhaust smoke coming out of the pipes. Usually, this black exhaust smoke means oil leaks or insufficient oil in the engine. Therefore, an oil change and oil life reset can fix this up right away.

5. Excessive Mileage

It is recommended to change the oil and reset the oil life every 3000 miles. By checking the odometer, if you notice that the jeep has traveled a lot of miles since the last oil life reset, it should be a sign. The odometer will show you the amount of extra mileage so that you can take initiative and reset the oil life immediately.

How To Reset Oil Life On Jeep Wranglers?

We have described two different  methods in detail which will allow you to reset the oil indicator system on jeep wranglers. Firstly, change the dirty oil inside your engine with fresh new oil. 

Fill up the oil up to the appropriate level inside the engine so that it is sufficient. Next, follow any of these two methods below for resetting the oil life.

Method 1: Using The Accelerator

  • Keep the engine of the Jeep wrangler off.
  • The ignition key should be set to the RUN or the ON position.
  • Press down on the accelerator for ten seconds.
    During these ten seconds, make sure to press the accelerator three times thoroughly.
  • Put the ignition in the LOCK or OFF position.
  • Check the engine by starting it now and the oil life will be reset to 100%.

Method 2: Using The Cluster Display Screen

  • Keep the engine of the Jeep wrangler off.
  • The ignition key should be set to the RUN or the ON position..
  • Locate the cluster display screen on one side of the steering wheel.
  • On the display screen, go to Vehicle Info.
  • Press the buttons to browse and select the Oil Life option from the screen. 
  • Press the OK button and hold it down until the oil life fully resets to 100%.
  • Check if the indicator is back to 100% by restarting the engine. 

What happens if you don’t reset Jeep Wrangler oil life?

You might ask what is such a big deal about simply resetting a harmless oil life. Well, let me tell you from my own experience about the issues the engine of your jeep wrangler will face. 

If you don’t reset the Jeep Wrangler oil life, the results will not be instantaneous, rather it will affect the engine over time. Here is what will happen if you don’t reset Jeep wrangler oil life:

1. Increased Oil Viscosity

The oil inside the engine encounters oxygen, heat and pressure. Due to these, the oil gets oxidized as it is used. As the oxidation of oil increases, so does the viscosity rating of the oil. Not resetting the oil life on time will lead to increased oil viscosity rating.

If the viscosity reaches too high, the oil will not have proper flow within the engine. It will not perform properly and cause damage.

2. Loss of Efficiency

Due to dirty oil with an increased amount of viscosity, the engine starts having trouble in putting up its best performance. The efficiency of the engine gets reduced by a long shot.

Therefore, the engine has a higher chance of becoming less efficient as time goes by without resetting the oil life.

 3. High Risk Of A Mechanical Failure

The lack of proper leveled and clean oil prevents the smooth oil flow and mechanisms inside the engine. As a result, there can be a myriad of mechanical failures at any components inside the engine. 

The engines lose proper lubrication and grind against each other. This additional stress causes wear and tear on the mechanical parts. The mechanical failures due to this can range anywhere between a seized engine, blown gasket to a complete engine failure.


In this section, we will answer all of your questions regarding the Jeep wrangler oil life. We have gathered the most asked questions regarding this certain topic and their precise answer for your convenience.

How Long Can a Wrangler Go Without An Oil Life Reset?

It is alright for a Jeep wrangler to complete a mileage of 7200 miles before getting an oil change. If there is some emergency, changing and resetting the oil life before this mileage is also okay. However, the jeep wrangler should not go more than 12 months or 10,000 miles without an oil life reset.

What Amount of oil does my Jeep Wrangler take?

It is better to use a full synthetic oil on your Jeep wrangler. A 4 cylinder Jeep wrangler needs about 4 quarts of oil. On the other hand, a 6 cylinder jeep wrangler needs about 5 quarts of oil to operate.

Why Is It Necessary To Reset The Oil Life?

If you don’t reset the oil life every time after an oil change, the oil indicator system won’t be updated. It will then fail to properly notify you about the next time you require an oil change. You will be alerted at the wrong time for an oil change which could be a risk to your engine later.

Do I Have To Manually Reset The Oil Life?

Yes, you need to reset the oil life manually by using either the accelerator or the cluster display screen. For more modern versions of the jeep wrangler, the cluster display screen is the faster and more convenient option between the two.


An oil life reset can make the maintenance of the entire oil life indicator system a lot easier and safer. Often, most people tend to forget to reset the oil life once they are done with changing the oil. 

But it is important to follow the few easy steps to manually reset the oil life within a few minutes. It will allow you to get a healthy engine and oil life that performs perfectly for a long time.

We have made the easiest guide for you to do this simple task by yourself. If you are still unsure about doing this manually, remind your professional oil changer to also reset the oil life for you.

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