How to soften a jeep soft top?

A soft top is a popular option for jeep owners due to its versatility and cheaper price than a hard top. But, some users find it hard to install a soft top in their vehicle as it’s dried out and cracks very easily. It happens if you live in a cold weather area or have used other vehicles before.

For this, you should soften the jeep soft top while installing it. The easiest way to soften a jeep soft top is warmth, and heat is really the most effective miracle conditioner for loosening the soft top.

If you’re willing to install a jeep soft top on your vehicle and want to soften it, then keep reading the in-depth guide and know a few easiest ways to soften it.

How to soften a jeep soft top?

You can follow the below methods to learn the softening process for easy installation.

1. Sunny weather

Using any snake oil or chemical to soften the soft top causes the stitching to tear out. The simplest and safest way to soften a soft top is to wait for a sunny day when the temperature is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is needed especially if you’re trying to refit a soft top that has already been used on another vehicle. Because it is already positioned on the hoops of the previous vehicle, it will definitely be too tight in some areas and too loose in others if you try to fit it in your jeep without heat.

So, wait for a hot, warm day if possible. Then, lay the soft top out and let it heat up. As it warms, gently stretch it back into shape, and you can easily fulfill your purpose. 

2. Provide a warm environment

You can use a garage or a heated area to soften the soft top if there aren’t enough possibilities for sunny weather. For this, you can use a space heater or propane torpedo heater in a small room to warm up the top enough. When it is pliable, shift it into the jeep and position it properly, and you’ll get the perfect shape.

How do you attach a soft top to a Jeep?

Follow the below steps to know the easiest way to put a soft top in a jeep vehicle.

Step 1: attaching rail and frame

If you haven’t done it yet, then first remove the hard top from your jeep. Then, next, install the front door rails and the rear door frames. Then, attach the front door rail to the rubber seal at the top of the windshield. 

If you have a 4 door model, install the rear door frame pin into the hole just behind the rear door opening. Ensure all the rail and frame are set flat on the rubber seals. Also, carefully tighten the bolts. 

After attacking all the rails and frames, remove the trim cover from the sports bar. Then, attach two soft metal top brackets to it. Then attach rear retainers on each side of the vehicle’s rear panel.

Step 2: Installation process

Before installing the soft top, ensure its lift assist mechanism is locked and the hook-and-loop fastener straps are secured around the linkage.

Then, take help from assistance and lift the top rear of the vehicle. Then, attach it with a sports bar, and the side link should position towards the front.

After pulling the release lever on the top and placing the link into the guide track, release the lever. Raise the soft top, and you’re ready for a ride. 

If you want to get the visual representation, then check out the below video instruction guide:

How to fix loud noise on a Jeep soft top?

If you notice loud noise through the soft top, you should figure out what is causing the noise. If you notice any gap between the top and windshield, then it’s the reason why you hear the loud noise.  

So, to seal the gap, you can use weather stripping to the top. However, the stripping would not stick properly if the top is made with vinyl. For this, you should put it under the top. It’ll reduce the loud noise when you’re on the highway.

If the soft top has bows, they can get damaged and wear out over time. So, if you notice any bows have damage, you should change them, or you’ll witness sound issue. Also, ensure that the zippers are closed tightly. Otherwise, you’ll notice air whistles through them. 

How to clean a jeep soft top?

Proper maintenance is necessary to get a long-time service from your soft top. Also, cleaning is necessary for proper functionality and look. So, here are a few easy tips on how you can clean your car’s soft top.

Step 1: Close all the windows and zippers and rinse everything off before using any cleaner. But, when rinsing, don’t use any high-pressure washers.

Step 2: Wear a car washing mitt and take cleaner on it. You should use a material-specific cleaner. If your vehicle’s soft top is made with vinyl material, then you can use Best Top products.

Then, scrub all of the soft tops except the window. Also, if it drips into the car body and dries, it’ll stain. So, use it on a vinyl portion of the soft top.

Step 3: After scrubbing all portions, wait for around 10 minutes, then rinse off with clean water. Also, clean the vehicle body to remove any remaining cleaner particles. Then, let the vehicle dry.

Step 4: Take your vehicle in the shade and use a protectant on the vinyl portion only. It protects the soft top from UV rays.

Step 5: Then, use the window cleaner to clean the top window. For this, you should use microfiber to protect the window from scratch. Use it to maintain a circular pattern. Then, clean the window with the dry portion of the microfiber. 

Step 6: If you have an older soft top, then you’ll find it hard to access the zipper as it tightens over time. For this, use zipper cleaner, which will make the zipper soft and easily accessible. After cleaning the zipper, use a dry cloth to excess the lube.

Final words

Soft tops are cost-effective, and you can enjoy nature more closely with a soft top than a hard one. So, now you might want to install a soft top and purchase one. But you’ll find it hard to install if you don’t know the simple installation rule, which is softening the soft top.

The above guide will help you to learn how to soften a jeep soft top and install it. Also, don’t forget to follow the maintenance part to keep it in good condition for a long time.

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