How to Troubleshoot and Fix P0344 Jeep DTC Code? (Detailed Guide)

A Jeep is a very reliable vehicle for power and heavy duty. But there are some standardized issues that can often plague even the toughest and most reliable models. The issues are usually indicated by DTC codes.

P0344 is one of such DTC that indicates failure related to the camshaft position sensor itself. Let’s dig in on the P0344 Jeep code to find out everything in detail.

What Does P0344 Jeep Code Mean?

The fault code P0344 on the Jeep indicates an issue with the camshaft position sensor. 

The camshaft position sensor effectively monitors the crankshaft drive of the engine. The crankshaft drive position determines the injection as well as the ignition point of the engine. 

An issue with the camshaft position sensor would cause the ECM to receive erratic crankshaft drive data. This would cause the ECM to misinterpret ignition and injection point for the engine. 

That in turn would cause the engine to stall or behave erratically. A driver might notice uneven acceleration and longer ignition time. 

The entire hexadecimal structure doesn’t account for the exact issue. Rather, each value acts as a subclass to easily identify the issue. Here is a detailed breakdown. 

  • P indicated a fault in the Powertrain according to the OBD2 protocol.
  • 0 indicates number derived from the SAE standard
  • The value 3 suggests an issue in “Ignition system and combustion misfiring”.
  • The last two digits 44 is the exact fault at play which in this case is “Camshaft Position Sensor Intermittent Interruption Bank 1 Sensor 1”. 

P0344 Code: What Causes the Camshaft Position Sensor Intermittent Interruption Bank 1 Sensor 1 Issue on Jeep?

Being a standardized error, there are several factors that might be behind the Camshaft position sensor issue. 

Some of these are directly related to the sensor, whereas others are peripheral issues that are still counted as part of the P0344 fault code. Here’s a list of possible issues. 

  • Entire camshaft position sensor failure
  • A harness-related issue on the camshaft position sensor
  • Poor electrical circuit leading to the camshaft position sensor
  • Starter motor issues
  • Weak or dead battery

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How to Troubleshoot and Fix P0344 Jeep Code?

Unfortunately, the troubleshooting of the camshaft position sensor isn’t something that can be DIY. 

You will need an expert mechanic for each of the possible issues. So, in addition to replacement costs, be prepared to pay for labor costs as well. 

1. Fixing the Faulty Camshaft Sensor

Let’s start with checking the camshaft sensor. There could be several issues with the camshaft sensor, which triggers this specific fault code. 

But the most common issue is the total failure of the camshaft sensor due to general wear and tear. 

It’s hard to diagnose the exact issue if it’s related to wear and tear. You might see that everything else is fine, yet the sensor is not working. 

In a sense, if all other fault indicators appear to be functioning properly, chances are it’s a wear-and-tear-related failure. 

In this case, the only solution is to replace the entire camshaft sensor. Depending on your Jeep model, the price will vary. 

But for a Jeep Wrangler, the price is usually between 100 to 110 USD. You need to factor in about another 90 to 100 USD as labor costs for replacing the unit. 

2. Faulty or Shorted Harness of the Camshaft Position Sensor 

Like every other part that shares or relays information to the PCM or the ECM, the camshaft sensor also has a set of harnesses. 

It’s essentially the internal wiring that ensures proper conduction and data maintenance by the sensor for correct injection in the engine. 

With a faulty harness, the camshaft sensor will not be able to send the time signals to the ECM, even though other components might be functioning properly. It’s essentially a lack of power supply to the sensor itself. 

If the harness is loose, you can simply get it refitted by the mechanic. However, if the harness is shorted, you will need to replace it. 

The replacement unit will cost between 20 to 30 USD, with the labor cost being the same as replacing the entire camshaft unit.

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3. Fixing Faulty/Poor Electrical Wiring on the Camshaft Position Sensor 

A host of internal wiring delivers power from the battery to the Camshaft position sensor. These wiring may fail due to general wear and tear over time. 

The result is a similar issue to the shorted harness where there is a lack of power supply to the camshaft position sensor. 

The only difference is that poor wiring will still send electrical pulses to the sensor, but it won’t be enough to function. 

Poor electrical wiring often has nothing to do with the sensor, but it triggers the fault code since the camshaft position sensor receives no or less than optimal power. 

There isn’t a fixed cost to the circuit replacement as the problem may vary across models. It is better to contact the dealership to get a quote. 

4. Fixing the Faulty Starter Motor

The starter motor is essentially a small motor that is exclusively used to start the engine in a Jeep. 

A faulty starter motor will also cause the camshaft position sensor to fail and result in a fault code. 

The reason is that the camshaft position sensor controls the flow of fuel injection in the engine. But with a faulty starter motor, the engine itself will fail to start or have a delayed start. 

It might even provide erratic performance, which in hindsight, has nothing to do with the camshaft position sensor. 

So even if your camshaft position sensor is functioning properly, it may still show a fault code due to a bad starter motor. 

The cost of a starter motor on a Jeep is comparatively on the higher side. Expect to pay around 318 to 422 USD depending on the Jeep year and model.

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 5. Faulty Starting System Circuit

The starting system is essentially the lifeline of any engine. From all the different sensors communicating with the PCM to the actual process of powering up the engine and the jeep, the starting system circuit does it all. 

A faulty starting system circuit will either fail to start the engine or establish the necessary connection between the camshaft position sensor and the ECM. 

In both cases, the Jeep will either stay at a halt or perform erratically until it eventually stops. 

The starting system circuit is very intricate, and it’s hard to grossly outline the replacement cost. 

A mechanic or the dealership will be able to provide a quote depending on the situation of your Jeep. 

6. Fixing a Dead Battery

The camshaft position sensor takes power from the battery. There are two things that can happen with a dead or weak battery. The electrical wiring might get shorted with an erratic power supply. 

In that case, the camshaft position sensor will fail to send the correct fuel injection signal to the ECM.

The battery is also used to power the starter motor. With a dead or weak battery, the starter motor will not work, resulting in failure to start the engine. 

You will hear a wheezing noise as you try to start the jeep, but the engine won’t ignite. 

Due to these two issues, the P0344 fault code might get triggered. The cost of a Jeep battery will vary between 200 to 210 USD. The labor cost of replacement will set you back around 30 to 50 USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything there is about the P0344 fault code, let’s look at some of the common questions that other users are asking.

Can I run my Jeep without a camshaft position sensor?

The answer is both yes and no. If your Jeep is on the road running and the camshaft position sensor fails, it will continue to run until you disengage the engine. But once you do so, you will not be able to restart the engine until you fix the P0344 fault code. 

How can I test the camshaft position sensor in my Jeep?

It’s fairly easy to test the camshaft position sensor in your Jeep. All you have to do is check the power supply to the sensor ports using a voltmeter. To get a better understanding, watch this tutorial video

Should the Jeep’s battery be disconnected while changing the camshaft position sensor?

Yes, the battery should always be disconnected while working on the camshaft position sensor. If you are working with the harness, it is better to disconnect or else it might create a short circuit which will do more harm than good.


So there you have it, a detailed breakdown of the P0344 fault code on your Jeep. The camshaft position sensor issue may sound like a big deal on paper, but it is something that can be easily fixed, albeit with a considerable dent in your pocket.

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