How to Troubleshoot and Fix P2173 Jeep Patriot DTC Code?

If you own a Jeep Patriot, you might frequently see a number of DTCs along with the check engine light. P2173 is one such diagnostic trouble code, which indicates an issue with the throttle actuator control system.

It is considered moderately severe to severe and needs to be taken care of. Anyway, No need to be worried, we will discuss every bit of detail including why this error code is stored and how to get rid of it. Keep reading to find out more!

What Does P2173 Jeep Patriot Code Mean?

In simple language, code P2173 on a Jeep Patriot is an OBD-2 diagnostic trouble code that defines “Throttle Actuator Control System – High Air Flow Detected.”

The PCM (Powertrain control module) on a Jeep Patriot continuously monitors the performance of the throttle actuator control system. When detecting one or more malfunctions in the throttle actuator control system, the error code P2173 will be set by the PCM.

For example, the PCM will log this code, if it detects a high airflow rate in the system. The code P2173 can also be set, if the powertrain control module finds a variation in voltage coming from the throttle position (TP) sensor and manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor. 

Here’s a breakdown of the code P2173 on the Jeep Patriot:

  • P = Powertrain that helps the vehicle to move forward
  • 2 = It means that the code is generic. 
  • 1 = Issue with the throttle actuator control system.
  • 73 = Specific fault index ( In this case, high airflow detected). 

What Causes the P2173 Code On Jeep Patriot?

The major cause of getting the code P2173 on Jeep Patriot is vacuum leaks. Some other potential causes may include:

  • Faulty Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor 
  • Faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor
  • Defective Throttle Position (TP) sensor 
  • Damaged throttle body 
  • Vacuum Leaks 

How to Troubleshoot & Fix P2173 Jeep Patriot Code?

Now that we know the possible causes of logging P2173 code on the Jeep Patriot, it’s time to figure out the troubleshooting steps for this problem. So, in the following section, we’ll guide you on how you can troubleshoot the code. 

You will also know how you should fix the code and how much it may cost. So, let’s see how it goes!

1. Check for Vacuum Leaks 

As vacuum leaks are the main cause of this trouble code on the Jeep Patriot, you should check for vacuum leaks first. 

There are many ways to locate a vacuum leak. The carburetor cleaner test is the most effective way. 

Spray the carb cleaner on the suspected area and see if there are any changes in the RPM. If the RPM has changed, then there should be a vacuum leak. 

To fix the leak, you have to replace the part (vacuum hose, intake hose, intake manifold gasket, EGR valve, or brake booster) where the leakage has been lying. 

So, the repair cost of a vacuum leak will also depend on the part that you should replace. Here is a quick idea of the cost of each part: 

Parts NameCost of Replacement 
Vacuum hose$12-$202
Intake hose$10-$120
EGR valve$250-$350
Brake booster$325-$1250
Intake manifold gasket$338-$613
Intake manifold repair/replacement$200-$2000/$200-$1500

After completing this step, if you’re sure that there are no vacuum leaks found around the intake manifold, then attempt the next step.

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2. Examine the Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor 

Our next suspect is the Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor. So, locate the MAP sensor and inspect if it has gone bad. To do so, start by checking the electrical connectors and wiring. They can be bent or corroded over time and cause signal issues or short circuits. 

If the wiring is fine, then check the hoses that connect the sensor with the intake manifold. It can be clogged and bent. 

But if the hose is also fine, then the main culprit is the sensor itself. Check the MAP sensor’s output using a voltage meter or scanning tool. You should replace the MAP sensor if you get the wrong output. 

The average replacement cost of a bad MAP sensor will be between $137 and $169. Labor costs are expected to be anywhere between $30 and $45, while the parts will cost $92 to $107. 

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3. Inspect the Mass Air Flow Sensor

If you find the MAP sensor is good, then it’s time to check the MAF sensor. The MAF sensor is sensitive to contamination. Inspect the sensor visually to see if it is contaminated or rusted. 

If you see that it is affected by contamination, clean it using a specific contamination cleaner. You should also check the wirings to see if it’s in good condition. 

But if you examine it, there is no contamination or bad wiring, it must be a faulty MAF sensor. So, replace the sensor with a good one. 

But if it fails to correct the code P2173 on your Jeep Patriot, jump to the next step. Here’s a quick idea about the replacement cost of a bad MAF sensor:

Average MAF Sensor Replacement Cost $90-$336
Labor Cost $37-$75
Parts Cost$55-$251

4. Check the Throttle Position Sensor

The throttle position sensor is very sensitive to go bad. Because the throttle position sensor is made of a plastic cover. 

This plastic cover can be melted or become damaged if it comes into contact with the wiper. So, if the MAF sensor is good, then check the TP sensor. 

First, check its plastic cover to see if it has gone bad. If it is not damaged, then examine the wiring, connectors, and pins related to the sensor. 

Replace these parts, if you find them defective. Otherwise, check the voltage of the sensor using a multimeter to see if the sensor itself is faulty. 

The voltage reading should be between 1-5 volts. If the voltage is higher than it’s required, then it will indicate a failed TPS. So, install a new TPS to correct the code P2173 on your Jeep Patriot. 

On average, the replacement cost of a bad TPS is between $150 and $300 (depending on the car’s model) per hour. The labor cost is estimated at $55 to $75, while the parts can cost $95 to $199.

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5. Check the Throttle Body

If no problem is found in the TPS, then check the throttle body. First of all, inspect the whole throttle body if it is clogged. If yes, the solution to this problem is to clean it. 

The next step is to check for vacuum leaks, which you should have done in the very first troubleshooting step. 

Then, check the electrical connections and fix them if they’re messed up. Finally, inspect the throttle body mechanism if it has gone bad. 

If it becomes faulty, the solution is nothing more than installing a new throttle body. In this case, the average replacement cost can be between $450 and $620. 

Labor is expected to cost around $105 per hour, while the parts will cost between $345 and $515.

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Do you want to know more about the trouble code P2173? Well, here are the answers to the P2173 code on Jeep Patriot questions, you might need to know:

Can you drive a Jeep Patriot with the P2173 code?

In most cases, you cannot drive a Jeep Patriot with the P2173 code. The error code P2173 can prevent your Jeep Patriot from getting started. Or if it starts somehow, there might be a lack of throttle response.

How much does it cost to fix the Jeep Patriot P2173 code?

The average cost of fixing the Jeep Patriot P2173 code is between $550 and $650. Here, the labor will be around $75 to $150 (depending on your location), while the parts may cost between $400 and $550.

How serious is the code P2173 on the Jeep Patriot?

The code P2173 can be quite serious as it creates many driveability issues. You may face problems such as a hard start, cranking, or stalling while starting the car. It can also cause the engine to overheat and result in poor fuel mileage.


Now we know how to troubleshoot and fix code P2173 on the Jeep Patriot. But if all these troubleshooting steps appear unsuccessful, then it’s better to hand over the job to a professional mechanic. 

Because the PCM or ECM can also be the main culprit, as it can frequently fail and cause incorrect data to be on board. Anyway, if you are not confident, leave the job to be handled by a mechanic.

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