How to Troubleshoot & Fix C2200 Jeep DTC Code? (Ultimate Guide)

The presence of a diagnostic trouble code is always a cause for concern for Jeep drivers. And, some codes are so extreme that there is no scope to take them lightly. The faster you can resolve the code, the better it is for your Jeep. 

The c2200 Jeep code is one of the codes that needs your complete attention, as it is related to the safety of your Jeep. Keep reading to learn more about this code.

What Does C2200 Jeep Code Mean?

The code C2200 is related to one of your Jeep’s core components (you can say safety feature), which is the anti-lock brake system module (ABS). 

When the code is stored in your Jeep, it indicates issues with your Jeep’s anti-lock brake system (ABS). 

As undoubtedly, the anti-lock control system plays a prominent role in ensuring your Jeep’s safety while braking, the PCM considers this hazardous for your Jeep. 

And when you install the OBD-II scanner in your Jeep, you’ll probably notice ‘Code C2200- Anti-lock Brake Module Internal Failure.

Now let’s elaborate on the code below:

  • C = Chassis (Brakes, suspension, steering)
  • 2 = A generic manufacturer-specific code derived from the SAE standard
  • 2 = Fuel air melting
  • 00 = Specific fault code 00-99 (Here, the numbers indicate internal failure in the anti-lock brake system)

If the anti-lock brake system (ABS) in your Jeep can’t function properly, you’ll likely lose control of your Jeep. 

The wheels of your Jeep are supposed to skid when you press the brake paddle; who knows, significant accidents can occur due to this. 

C2200 Code: What Causes Anti-lock Brake Module Internal Failure on Jeep?

As the code is related to your Jeep’s anti-lock brake system (ABS), it makes all the sense in the world that there is something wrong with the module. 

And, issues with the anti-lock control module are nothing surprising as it is an electrical component, and many elements work together simultaneously to function the system. 

Now, let’s know some causes of the code C2200 in your Jeep; You can easily get rid of the code if you can check and resolve the causes mentioned above. 

  • Faulty wheel sensor. 
  • Defective anti-lock brake system (ABS) valve. 
  • Bad ABS pump. 
  • Bad anti-lock brake system (ABS) control module.

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix C2200 Jeep Code?

When troubleshooting the code, you need to make sure you start checking the very basics like visually inspect the area for any damage. 

But if you can’t find any issues from the initial inspection, you can move forward to resolve the most advanced ones. Here is what you have to do.

1. Check and Clean/Replace the Faulty Wheel Speed Sensor

For some valid reasons, the wheel speed sensor in your Jeep is one of the essential elements of the anti-lock brake system. You’ll find the wheel speed sensors in every single Jeep wheel. 

The fundamental duty of a wheel speed sensor is to monitor the speed of the wheels of your Jeep. Then the sensors send the wheel speed data to your Jeep’s anti-lock brake system controller. 

Now, if the wheel speed sensors in your Jeep malfunction, it can’t read the proper data from the wheels. The anti-lock brake system is supposed to malfunction also due to the bad wheel speed sensors. 

Extreme chances are excessive dirt and dust creates corrosion on the wheel speed sensors of your Jeep. 

Additionally, if the connection cables from the wheel speed sensor to the anti-lock brake system’s control module become damaged or worn out, the speed sensor can also malfunction. 

So, first, you need to clean the wheel speed sensors and then check the connection cables. 

If the wheel speed sensors become extremely corroded or damaged, you should replace them. Due to this issue, the ABS and traction control modules are supposed to come on.

2. Check and Replace the Defective Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Valve Assembly

The anti-lock brake system modulator valve plays a crucial role in releasing the brake fluid pressure from the pump and preventing the vehicle from completely locking up when you press the brake paddle. 

And now, if the valve becomes faulty, it is not supposed to prevent the wheels from locking up as it can’t release the hydraulic pressure.

The valve assembly or the combination of the solenoid valve system tends to malfunction due to extreme corrosion in its location. Besides, chances are there are electrical issues with the pump. 

The solenoid valves create trouble for the ABS control module to communicate with the valve assembly in your Jeep. So first, you need to check the physical condition of the valve assembly. 

If it seems broken or solenoid valves become corroded, damaged or worn out due to wear and tear, you must replace or repair the valve assembly based on its conditions. Before that, check the electrical issue with an expert mechanic.

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3. Check and Replace the Bad Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Pump

You have to check the anti-lock brake system pump if you can’t find any issues with the ABS valve assembly and wheel speed sensors. You might wonder about the pump’s exact role in the anti-lock brake system. 

Well,  the very prominent role of the anti-lock brake system pump is to generate the brake pressure on each of the wheels. 

There is a master cylinder in the ABS in your Jeep. From the master cylinder, the pump transfers brake fluid to the hydraulic valve in the ABS.

The valve of the ABS tends to release the hydraulic pressure, and the pump itself restores the hydraulic pressure so that the wheels can’t lock up, or the pump backs up the hydraulic pressure via the brake lines and hoses. 

However, the ABS’s important components can fail for some reasons. In most cases, it might happen that there are significant electrical issues with the pump. 

Besides, the pump may become contaminated due to additional dirt and dust. Sometimes, the overheating caused by the brake fluid can also cause the ABS pump to go bad. 

It is always recommended to replace the pump of the anti-lock brake system once it goes bad. You can check this video to replace the ABS pump, which might cost you $900-$1000, including parts and labor costs.

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4. Check and Repair/Replace the Bad Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Control Module

It can be said without a doubt that the anti-lock brake module is the heart of the anti-lock brake system. And even if all the components of the ABS are good, but the ABS module fails, the entire system can malfunction simultaneously. 

The anti-lock control module gets data from the wheel speed sensor about the rotational speed of the wheels. 

The ABS control module directs the modulator valve to release the pressure of the back so that the wheels that tend to lock up avoid doing so. 

Any issues with the ABS control module cause the collapse of ABS and code C2200. In most cases, the anti-lock control module can be physically damaged. 

Also, chances are there are shorted connection cables or poor electrical connection due to loose connection wirings. 

So, what you need to do is to check the ABS control module with a qualified technician. If the ABS control module connection issue occurs, you should fix it. 

However, extreme physical damage needs the replacement of the module. Follow the recommendation of the mechanic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are not alone in the universe dealing with the C2200 Jeep code. And so some people on the internet share their queries regarding the code. We’ll answer some of them here.

Can you drive a Jeep with C2200 Code?

If you want, you can drive your Jeep with the C200 code. But experts highly demotivate you to drive your Jeep in this condition. If the ABS does not work in your Jeep, it might cause significant accidents, and you don’t want to face them.

How much does it cost to fix the Jeep C2200 code?

The troubleshooting cost of code C2200 depends on exactly what component you need to repair or replace. However, it might cost you anything between $200-$1000. The cost also depends on the mechanical shop you choose to fix the code. 

How often should you change the wheel speed sensors in your Jeep?

Changing the wheel speed sensors every 30,000-50,000 miles you drive your Jeep is recommended. However, you should replace it early if any additional issues cause the wheel speed sensor to go bad.


Whenever you know the C2200 Jeep code is stored, don’t waste time. Instead, try to fix the problem as soon as possible. 

If you don’t have enough knowledge about the anti-lock brake system, you should hire a qualified mechanic to resolve the code.

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