How to Troubleshoot & Fix P0306 Jeep DTC Code? (Detailed Guide)

Are you experiencing bad acceleration or lack of power in the engine of your Jeep? Then the P0306 Jeep code could be the culprit for it which indicates a cylinder 6 misfire. 

When cylinder 6 misfire starts to misfire it can lead to a variety of serious problems. Well, do not worry as troubleshooting and fixing the problem is much easier than you think. Keep on reading to know more. 

What Does P0306 Jeep DTC Code Mean?

Generally, the P0306 Jeep code occurs when cylinder 6 misfires are detected in your Jeep. Your vehicle moves when gasoline is used and energy is produced. 

The majority of engines have four, six, or eight cylinders; the number of cylinders indicates the engine’s capacity. 

The Jeep’s ECM sends out a code if any of these cylinders have a misfire, indicating the problematic cylinder. 

Misfire indicates that the gasoline and air combination inside that cylinder did not spark. 

Hence, the engine’s speed changes, which changes the output from the crankshaft position sensor.

So, when the P0306 code is detected in Jeep it will indicate this misfire occurs specifically in cylinder 6.

This error code is a very common issue, and many jeep users and 2020 Jeep wranglers have huge complaints regarding cylinder misfires. To understand this code completely, you must interpret this code fully.

  • P = denotes the powertrain that helps the vehicle to move forward
  • 0 = Generic number from the SAE standard
  • 3 = Code related to the ignition system (in our case, misfire in the cylinder)
  • 06 = Misfire in cylinder 6

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P0306 Code: What Causes Cylinder Six Misfires On Jeep?

The Jeep P0306 code occurs when the ECM module detects a misfire in cylinder 6. 

An essential component of the engine is a cylinder. It is a compartment where fuel is burned to produce power. 

So, when cylinder 6 in a jeep misfires it means it cannot produce the required power inside it and faulty spark plugs are one of the key reasons for it. 

Spark plugs in cylinder 6 do wear out over time, and this is more likely than any other factor to cause cylinder 6 to misfire. 

There can be other reasons too which can cause this issue. Keep on reading to learn more. 

  • The faulty spark plug in cylinder 6
  • Problematic ignition coil for cylinder 6 
  • Leaking valve cover
  • Lower compression

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix P0306 Jeep DTC Code?

You already know about the reasons which can cause the P0306 jeep code. As many different reasons can cause this issue, you will need to check each one and fix the required fault to completely get rid of this code.

1. Replace the Faulty Spark Plugs in Cylinder 6

One of the key reasons which can lead to the P0306 code on your Jeep is faulty spark plugs in cylinder 6. 

The spark plug transmits its electrical energy that ignites the air and fuel combinations necessary for the engine to function correctly.

When the spark plugs get damaged, they can no longer ignite the air-fuel mixture properly, which can lead to misfiring in cylinder 6. Typically spark plugs last between 100,000 miles and more. 

So, once they are damaged, you will need to replace them, which will cost between $250-$350.

2. Change the Ignition Coil for Cylinder 6

If you do not change the spark plugs on time and keep driving with a bad spark plug, it can also damage the ignition coil for cylinder 6. Moreover, heat generated from the engine can also damage this ignition coil.

When the coil gets damaged, there will be a misfire in cylinder 6 as the coil cannot ignite properly. As a result, you will see the error code P0306 on your Jeep.

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3. Change the Valve Cover

When you have changed the fuel, but you still can see the error code P0306 on your Jeep, then you should also check whether the valve cover gasket is leaking or not. 

Various reasons can lead to a leaking valve cover that includes a cracked or rotten cover.

Over time, the valve cover can also shrink, worsening the leakage issue. To fix this, first, check whether the valve bolts are tightened enough; if not, then tighten them. 

However, when the bolts have tightened enough, check the valve cover gasket; if they are damaged, you should replace them. The replacement can cost between $254-$299. 

4. Check All the Valves Properly

Another common cause that can lead to a cylinder 6 misfire and the P0306 code on your Jeep is low compression. 

Low compression is a result of overheated exhaust valves and air intake valves, which are placed at the top of the cylinder.

This is a complicated thing to check and detect exactly which valve is causing the issue. 

Thus, you should consult a professional mechanic to check cylinder 6 of your Jeep, which can cost between $100 and $200.

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This section is all about frequently asked questions related to our today’s discussion of the P0306 Jeep code. All these answers will further clear all your confusion.

Can you drive a Jeep with the P0306 code?

You can drive a Jeep with a P0306 code, but it can be extremely dangerous to drive with a misfiring cylinder as it can lead to bigger issues in the engine in the long run.

How much does it cost to fix the Jeep P0306 code?

A Jeep P0306 code can be caused due to many reasons; hence the fixing cost also varies. The typical diagnostic cost will be between $75-$150, and repair costs can be between $100-$1100, depending on the damage. 

Can you solve the Jeep P0306 code by yourself?

The P0306 Jeep code can be caused for various reasons, and it is crucial to find the exact root of the problem. So, hiring a mechanic to solve the code for you is better.


By now, you already know what the code P0306 means and how to fix it. Whenever you detect the P0306 error code on your Jeep, you should troubleshoot the issue and fix it immediately. 

However, regular maintenance can help prevent all these error codes easily.

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