How to Troubleshoot & Fix P0507 Jeep Grand Cherokee Code?

The error code P0507 appears when there is something fishy with the idle control system. Having an OBD2 code such as P0507 is really frustrating, especially when you do not know what the code means or what to do with your car. 

But don’t worry. We are here to cover everything about the Jeep Grand Cherokee P0507 code. So, keep reading to find out more about this code. 

What Does the P0507 Jeep Grand Cherokee Code Mean?

P0507 on Jeep Grand Cherokee is an OBD2 diagnostic trouble code (DTC). This code defines “Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected.” When the ECU detects the idle control system has excessively high rpm, it sets the code P0507 on the dashboard.

Idling means the engine is kept running when the vehicle is not moving. While idling, a vehicle should be between a specific idle speed range. It is monitored by the idle control system. 

The standard idle speed range for a Jeep Grand Cherokee is about 650 rpm. This rate is regulated by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). When the rpm is higher than specified, the ECU triggers the P0507 error code on Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Once the code P0507 is set, the Check Engine Light turns on and causes various troubles like hard starting or stalling. The engine may also sound louder.

Here’s a breakdown of the Jeep Grand Cherokee P0507 fault code:

  • P = “P” stands for Powertrain. It includes the car parts like the engine, transmission and other relative components that moves the car forward.
  • 0 = It defines the code as a generic (global) code, that derives from standarized (SAE). 
  • 5 = indicates the problem related to the vehicle’s speed control such as idle control system and auxiliary inputs. 
  • 07 = Defines a problem with a specific car part. Here the idle control speed is higher. 

What Causes RPM Higher Thus P0507 Code on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The code P0507 is most likely caused by air leaks in the vehicle’s intake manifold. But there are also some other issues that can be responsible for the error code P0507. The reasons of the code P0507 are listed below so you can diagnose the code without checking the whole unit: 

  1. Faulty idle air control (IAC) valve 
  2. Clogged or malfunctioning throttle body 
  3. Defective power steering pressure switch 
  4. Leaks in the EVAP system 
  5. Vacuum leaks

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How to Troubleshoot & Fix the P0507 Jeep Grand Cherokee Code?

Now as we know the possible causes of the P0507 code on Jeep Grand Cherokee, we will explore the basics of troubleshooting and fixing the code. If you want to fix this code at your place, here are the ways you can go through: 

1. Look for the Vacuum Leaks

The major cause of the code P0507 on Jeep Grand Cherokee is air or vacuum leaks in the vacuum system. Over time the vacuum system becomes hard and let the air flow into the vacuum system. 

Whenever the air enters into the car’s intake manifold, the combustion goes higher than usual and causes the RPM to increase. Thus, this increased RPM throws the P0507 code on the dashboard of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

A vacuum leak can be caused by defective or disconnected vacuum hose, faulty intake manifold gasket or intake manifold, and loose intake manifold bolts. So, check these possible parts to see if there are any leaks. 

If you find any air leaks, don’t worry. They are pretty simple to fix. If you find a simple leak, then K-seal will be the best and easiest solution to get it done. Otherwise, you may have to replace the damaged part of the vacuum system or intake manifold. 

On average, the cost of fixing vacuum leaks on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is between $360 and $700. The labor cost is estimated at $160-$190, while the parts can cost between $300 and $540. But if you see there are no leaks but the P0507 code is still there, try the next step.

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2. Check the Throttle Body

Another most probable cause of getting the P0507 code on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is a damaged or clogged throttle body. When the engine is idling, the throttle body will remain closed. 

But the air passes through this system, collects carbon and debris and makes it dirty. Thus, whenever the throttle body becomes clogged, it will fail to be closed properly while idling.

It will allow extra air entering into the system and increase the idle speed’s RPM. As a result, the code P0507 can be logged on your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s dashboard. 

So, locate the throttle body under the hood and viusually inspect if it is clogged. After checking, if you get it dirty, clean the throttle body using a throttle body cleaner. But if the throttle body becomes messy so fast, then it’s better to install a new throttle body. 

The cost of replacing a bad throttle body on Jeep Grand Cherokee will vary depending on the workshop which is listed below: 

Repair ShopWarrantyCost
Service Up24 months$240-$1361
Your Mechanic12 months$250-$1100
Mr. Tire12 months$233-1396

If the throttle body works well but the code is still triggered, jump to the next troubleshooting step.

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3. Examines the IAC Valve

A bad idle air control valve can also cause the P0507 code on the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s dashboard. The idle air control valve or IAC valve is an important part of the engine that controls the rate of RPM in the intake manifold. 

It is controlled by the ECU to regulate the airflow in the car’s engine to ensure a steady idling. So, if the IAC valve gets bad or becomes dirty, it will fail to regulate RPMs of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

As a result, the RPM will be too high or too low. If the idle speed RPM becomes too high, it will trigger the code P0507 on your car’s computer. 

First of all, clean the IAC valve, if you find it dirty. For this case, use an electrical parts cleaner. After cleaning, if the error is still there, use a multimeter to check if the valve is functioning properly. 

The usual resistance of the idle air control valev should be between 7 ohms an d21 ohms. If you don’t get a normal reading, then the valve is bad and needs to be replaced. 

In general, the replacement cost of a bad idle air control valve on Jeep Grand Cherokee estimated from $150 to $550. Here the labor is counted for $75 to $100, while the parts can cost between $75 and $450.

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4. Inspect the Power Steering Pressure Switch

Another significant cause of the error code P0507 on a Jeep Grand Cherokee is a bad power steering pressure switch. The power steering switch is a very essential part of the engine management system. 

When the hydraulic pressure increases too high, the power steering switch adjusts the RPM while idling to reduce the engine’s extra load. So, if the power steering switch goes bad, it won’t be able to adjust the RPM rate properly and cause the P0507 code on the car’s computer. 

So, inspect the power steering pressure switch to see if it is working. If it doesn’t work, you have to fix it to correct the fault code P0507 on your car. To check the switch, you can use a voltmeter. 

One terminal of the switch must have the battery voltage, while the other terminal should have zero volatge. 

Also, turn the steering wheel while taking the resistance and see if the idle speed is increasing. If it doesn’t increase and the resistance is not as the battery voltage, then the switch is faulty and you should replace it. 

The average cost of replacing a faulty power steering pressure switch is between $158 and $900. Here, the labor will cost around $63, while the parts will cost from $95 to $813. 

Yet if you fail to correct the code P0507, then the main problem might be a bad EVAP system. 

5. Check the EVAP System

The Evaporative Emission System or EVAP system is used to collect or drive carbon vapors into the combustion to dispose of before releasing into the atmosphere. Over time, it may become faulty and remain open or closed. 

If it is stuck or open, it will create air leaks in the system and allows extra air to enter the system. If the airflow inside the system is too high, it will grow the rate of RPM and set the P0507 code on the car. 

To test the EVAP system, blow smoke through the system and see if the smoke is escaping from anywhere in the system. If it is, then there is a leak, and you have to seal that leak. 

On average, the cost of replacing a bad evaporative emission system starts from $337 to $560. The labor cost is estimated at $75 per hour, while the parts will cost between $330 and $448.

Unfortunately, if these fixes don’t work to fix the code P0507 on Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s better to handover the task to a professional auto mechanic.

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This article doesn’t finish here. Below we have enlisted a few common frequently asked questions and their answers related to the P0507 error code on Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, let’s find out what they answer about.

Can you drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee with P0507 code?

Under the code on Jeep Grand Cherokee, short-distance driving is permitted, but your vehicle should be repaired asap. Because, if you continuously drive the vehicle without correcting the code, fuel consumption will increase alarmingly. 

How much does it cost to fix Jeep Grand Cherokee P0507 code?

Typically the cost of fixing the Jeep Grand Cherokee P0507 code lies between $175 and $1000. If you need to replace the throttle body, then it will cost up to $1000. On average, the labor cost will be between $150-$250, while the parts may cost $40-$600.

How serious is the code P0507 on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Though the code P0507 doesn’t let your car be unable to run, it doesn’t mean it is safe at all. It will damage the car’s engine badly if you don’t fix the code at the right time. You will also face such problems as weird engine noises, car running issues, and poor fuel economy.


Dirty throttle body or air leaks in the vacuum system are the most probable cause of the P0507 code on your Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, don’t forget to inspect the throttle body for any issues before replacing any part of the engine management system. 

But you should take your car to an expert professional mechanic if you find it hard to fix the code P0507. Because it is a serious matter and can cause several damage to the engine.

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