How to Troubleshoot & Fix P1D73 Jeep Cherokee Code? (Detailed Guide)

Jeep Cherokee is quite reliable; Unfortunately, the Active grill shutter can sometimes cause issues leading to P1D73 code.

There can be many reasons causing this code, and thus you will need to fix the code asap to maintain the ideal performance of your Jeep.

No need to be worried, we are here to help you understand what this code means and how you can troubleshoot.

What Does P1D73 Jeep Cherokee Code Mean?

The active grill shutter system in your Jeep Cherokee helps reduce aerodynamic drag by approximately 9% when the cooling system is on maximum. 

If you see the code P1D73 on Jeep Cherokee, it indicates an issue with the system, and the AGS intelligent modules will attempt to unjam the shutters if they are stuck. 

The AGS Actuator, located at the front bumper, opens or closes the wing to regulate the airflow entering the engine chamber, and notifies the Powertrain Control Module if the shutters are not in the desired position or have moved more than 100 degrees. 

Thus, the smart module presumes the shutters are frozen if they detect a blocked state and the outside temperature is below 4.4°C (40°F), and won’t flash the MIL or set a DTC.

Breakdown of the Code:

  • P = indicates the powertrain that propels the vehicle to move forward 
  • 1 = is a generic number derived from the SAE 
  • D = indicates a Grill shutter performance issue 
  • 73 = indicates faults in a more specific way in our case open to shut position movement is above 100 degrees.

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P1D73 Code: What Causes Active Grill Shutter Performance Issues on Jeep Cherokee?

The main function of the active grill shutter is reducing the aerodynamic drag in your Jeep Cherokee. If the active grill shutter malfunctions it cannot reduce this aerodynamic drag properly. 

Thus your driving experience will be heavily affected due to this. Many different issues can lead to active grill shutter performance problems in your Jeep Cherokee, which we will discuss below.

  • Obstruction or binding in Active Grill Shutter
  • Problematic Active Grill Shutter Actuator
  • The faulty electrical connection in Active Grill Shutter
  • Active grill shutter actuator shorted or broken connection

How to Troubleshoot & Fix P1D73 Jeep Cherokee Code?

A malfunctioning Active Grill Shutter can be highly problematic as it cannot control the proper airflow, and aerodynamics is also compromised.

There can be four potential reasons which can lead to the P1D73 Jeep Cherokee code. So, when this code appears, you will need to start to troubleshoot the issues and fix them asap.

1. Check the Active Grill Shutters for any Blockages

The active grill shutter system’s specific fuse may be blown by an obstacle that causes the shutters to jam, resulting in the error code PD173. 

When this occurs, you must assess each Active Grill Shutter component’s physical state and functionality. 

Make sure to look for any blockages and make the necessary repairs. The cost of the repair can be anywhere between $100-$350, depending on the degree of the damage and your location.

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2. Replace the Actuator

If you cannot find any obstruction or jammed shatters, then the problem can be in the actuator. 

It plays a vital role in controlling and adjusting the airflow in the Active Grill Shutters of your Jeep Cherokee. So, when this gets damaged, airflow cannot be appropriately maintained. 

The actuator usually gets damaged when water enters the system, as it can damage the whole circuit inside the actuator. 

If the actuator of the active grill shutter system gets damaged, you cannot fix it; instead, you will need to replace it. The replacement cost can be anywhere between $159-$200.

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3. Check for any Loose Wirings in Actuator

Sometimes the actuator in the active grill shutter system may be working fine, but the actual problem can be loose or shorted wirings. 

When the wires become loose or shorted, then the actuator cannot work perfectly, resulting in issues within it.

If this is the case, then you do not need to replace the whole actuator; instead, you will only need to tighten the wires, and if they are shorted, replace them completely. 

4. Check the Electrical Connections and Replace any Wiring

Another common reason which can lead to malfunctioning is Active Grill Shutter (AGS) performance which triggers the code PD173 in your Jeep. 

The electrical circuits can get damaged due to many reasons, like loose wiring, water getting into the system, and more.

Thus, when the circuits are damaged, it can prevent the proper transformation of information from the AGS system to the ECM module. 

Fixing this is complicated, and you will need to hire a mechanic to check the whole AGS system and replace any circuits as required, and it can cost between $100-$162.

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After reading this guide so far, it is common to have some questions popping around your head. So, down below, we will be discussing all these questions in detail, which will further clear your confusion.

Can you drive a Jeep Cherokee with P1D73 Code?

No, it can be extremely dangerous to drive your Jeep Cherokee with the P1D73 code, as it indicates there is a problem with the Active Grill Shutter. Thus, it can cause the engine to become overheated, and this can be risky.

How much does it cost to fix Jeep Cherokee P1D73 Code?

The cost of fixing the P1D73 code on your Jeep Cherokee depends on what is the exact reason for the code. So depending on the damage, the cost can be between $100-$400.

Can I fix the P1D73 Jeep Cherokee code by myself?

No, solving the P1D73 Jeep Cherokee code requires fixing issues related to the Active Grill Shutter system. Thus, the fixes can be a bit complicated, so it is better to consult a professional mechanic to solve the issue.


It can be extremely dangerous to drive with the PD173 Jeep Cherokee code. Thus, you will need to fix it ASAP. 

By now, you should have a proper idea of what causes this code and how you can fix it. 

Make sure to check the active grill shutter properly and detect all the issues causing this before driving the car again.

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