How to Troubleshoot & Fix U1412 Jeep DTC Code? (5 Easy Steps)

Getting fault codes in your Jeep is not uncommon. In fact, it’s a sign that your Jeep needs maintenance depending on the code you’re getting. 

Sometimes a single code can indicate multiple issues, whereas others might indicate a single problem. 

One of the more common fault codes is the U1412. And in this article, we will detail everything there is to know about this specific Jeep fault code. Keep reading!

What Does U1412 Jeep Code Mean?

The U1412 Jeep code indicates an issue termed as Implausible Vehicle Signal Received. 

The car computer or the PCM takes data from every corner of the car to maintain proper harmony while driving. 

Every sensor sends data to the PCM or the ECM which maintains a unison among different operations. 

The implausible vehicle signal has to do with the speed sensor of the car falling under the sub sector of the Transmission Control Module. 

The TCM fails to provide appropriate current running speed data to the PCM. As a result, you will notice erratic speed indicators which are far off from the actual speed. 

The lack of the unison in the TCM would further cause engine stalling or erratic performance. 

Breakdown of the Code

The Jeep follows the OBD2 coding system to identify and designate fault codes. Contrary to popular understanding, the entire hexadecimal numbering isn’t referred to as the fault itself. 

Rather, only the last two digits of the code indicate the actual issue with the car. Here is a breakdown of what the Jeep fault code actually means. 

U: U designates issues with the network system of the car. It is part of the PBCU class, which identifies the relevant area and designates letters accordingly. 

1: The first numerical point is designated to identify the error source. That is whether the error is a standardized one or one that is related to the manufacturer. If the number is anything between 1 to 4, it suggests that the error is a manufacturing-related one. 

4: The second numerical point goes into the sub-class of the issue. In the case of the code at hand, 4 indicates an issue with the additional systems for emission reduction. 

12: This number indicates the actual fault with the car. In the case of Jeep, 12 indicates “Implausible vehicle speed signal received.”

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U1412 Code: What Causes an Implausible Vehicle Speed Signal Received on a Jeep?

There are a lot of reasons behind the U1412 fault code. But let’s first understand what the problem actually is. 

The Powertrain Control Module or the PCM is the part that receives the wheel speed and distance from the ABS module of your Jeep. 

This specific issue with the transmission isn’t all that new. In fact, Jeep Cherokee users have registered 424 complaints on the transmission of CarComplaints. 

The U1412 fault code shows up when there is a lack of sync between the two modules. Several reasons can be the outlier in this regard. 

  • A fault in the Transmission Control Module
  • The harness within the TCM might be at fault
  • The electrical connectors inside the TCM might be compromised
  • Fault in the ABS module with speed sensors
  • Harness-related issues in the BCM

How to Troubleshoot & Fix U1412 Jeep Code?

Unfortunately, the problem with the PCM or TCM is something that you can’t DIY unless, of course, you’re a certified car mechanic. 

But given that you’re reading this piece, chances are you’re just an average consumer.

While there are several ways to troubleshoot the problem, the intricacies of the solution will need you to bring a mechanic over or take your car to a garage. And if it’s any consolation, the fixing won’t take more than an hour. 

1. Fixing Faulty Harness in the TCM

Let’s start with inspecting the wiring harness to the TCM. The harness in the TCM is a fuse block used to transmit electricity to the TCM components. 

This is essentially like a semi-powerhouse for the TCM unit which allows it to function properly. Without a properly functioning harness, the TCM would fail to register data to the PCM. 

A blown-out fuse on the harness is essentially the same as rendering the entire TCM useless, even if the TCM is completely alright. 

In the case of harness-related issues, you won’t have to swap out the entire TCM but replace the fuse. The cost will vary depending on the TCM unit and the Jeep model.

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2. Fixing Compromised Electrical Connectors in the TCM 

Now focus on the crucial connectors. Most of the U1412 fault code-related solutions revolve around the TCM. It’s because the wheel speed and the distance come from the ABS to the TCM first. 

While the TCM might be damaged or have a blown-out harness, there is one other issue that might show the U1412 code. 

And that is loose electrical connectors. It’s a no-brainer that a loose connector will make the TCM work erratically. 

The result is simply an erratic sensor that works with quizzical info on the dash. Unlike the harness or TCM failure, a loose connector won’t break your bank. 

All that needs to be done here is to open the internal electrical wiring on the TCM and readjust the connectors to their designated place. However, you will still need professional intervention to get it done. 

3. Fixing the Transmission Control Module

If there is no issue with the connectors and wiring, check out the TCM. The TCM is essentially like the calculator of your car. 

It receives all types of signals from all parts of the car and relays them to the PCM of your car. The complete harmony of signal data allows the car to run smoothly and efficiently. 

But if the TCM is compromised, it will fail to relay the data from certain corners of the car. The result is reduced efficiency, improper mileage, and erratic shifting. 

The last one is directly related to the U1412 code issue because the car is unable to pinpoint exactly the running speed of the car. 

To replace a faulty TCM, you will need to shell out anywhere between 500 to 900 USD, with another 50 to 200 USD spent on labor costs.

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4. Fixing the Fault in the ABS Module

A faulty ABS module is a telltale sign of a deeper problem than just the U1412 fault code. We mentioned how the TCM receives the speed and distance signal from the ABS module of your Jeep. 

Without a functioning ABS module, the car would solely rely on the conventional braking system, which puts it at high risk of locking up. The threat gets compounded if you’re driving in a wet or slick condition. 

So with a faulty ABS module, you’re not only losing control of your car but also compromising on the mileage and speed data. 

Unfortunately, the only solution for a faulty ABS module is to get it replaced. You might have to spend around 500 USD on replacing the ABS module on your Jeep. The cost may vary depending on the model you have. 

5. Fixing the Harness Issue on the BCM

The Body Control Module or BCM is another central part of the car that essentially combines information from several external body parts and security information of the car and transmits it to the PCM. 

The CAN Bus wiring is also connected through the BCM, so it’s paramount to have a functioning BCM for added safety of the car. 

The ABS module is one such safety feature whose information is relayed to the TCM as well as the BCM. Just like the TCM, the harness of the BCM may be compromised due to corrosion or water damage. 

Whatever the case, you will need to replace the fuse to make it function properly. 

You can either completely replace the BCM or get the fuse replaced. A complete BCM overhaul would cost you around 500 to 600 USD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we covered almost everything regarding the U1412 fault code on the Jeep. But here are some user queries that we thought needed answering.

Can you drive a Jeep with the U1412 code?

Yes, technically you can drive with a U1412 code, but it is not recommended. Because the U1412 code sends erratic speed and distance data, it will mess up your fuel gauge and distance meter giving you miscalculated mileage data. 

How much does it cost to fix the Jeep U1412 code?

The cost will differ depending on the fix. We have outlined above the different costs of components and labor. The cost usually hovers around 500 to 700 USD, depending on what you’re trying to fix. 

Does U1412 code void my Jeep warranty?

No, the U1412 code will not void your Jeep warranty if you take it to the dealership. But we guess that if your Jeep is showing the U1412 fault code, chances are that it is well old to be even under the warranty claim period. 


To get rid of the U1412 fault code for the Jeep, you will need to spend some cash on the solutions. We suggest you take the Jeep to the garage or hire a skilled mechanic for the process. 

While it might seem like much, it is actually an effective investment to deter future issues regarding the same.

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