How To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key?

The Ford MyKey is an excellent system allowing drivers to learn safe driving. It helps teenagers to learn safe driving quickly. But turning off MyKey without an admin key can be a hassle. So, how to turn off MyKey Ford without an admin key?

Turning off MyKey is elementary. First, reboot MyKey. Then, use an OBD II to connect the FORScan app to Ford’s computer. Once you’ve clicked the app, remove the key. Finally, switch off MyKey settings to complete the process.

You’ll need some time to adapt to the MyKey feature efficiently. It makes a driver morally responsible for their actions on the road. You can stop using MyKey after you properly grasp professional and sensible driving.

What Does Ford MyKey Mean?

Ford MyKey is an excellent feature to teach the young generation safe driving and create safe driving habits. So, it helps parents relax while their kids learn how to drive carefully and learn driving manners.

What Does Ford MyKey Mean

A fantastic feature of MyKey is that any driver won’t be able to change the settings. So, you don’t have to worry when your Ford is equipped with the MyKey feature. Though sometimes, it seems complex to set this feature when your vehicle’s key fob is not working.

The radio content feature blocks the explicit content on the radio using the SiriusXM satellite. Plus, you can’t exceed a volume of more than 44%. Mostly ford SUVs, trucks, jeeps like Rubicon or Willys, and cars have the default MyKey option.

Guide To Turn Off MyKey Ford Without Admin Key

Don’t panic if you don’t have the admin key to turn off the MyKey on your Ford. It’s pretty elementary to turn off the MyKey without using the admin key. These tools will accelerate finishing the job.

Required Tools

  • FORScan Software
  • Ford Computer
  • OBD II Adapter

Follow this step-by-step guide if you want to turn off the MyKey on Ford badly.

Step 01: Process Deactivation

You must deactivate the process to reboot MyKey. It’ll also solve the restriction issues. These sub-steps will help you to do this job efficiently.

  1. Connect MyKey to the program for proper ignition. If your Ford has a push-start button, you can use it to start the process.
  2. Go to the main menu once all the lights and computers of your Ford have turned on.
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Choose the MyKey option in the settings. 
  5. Select the ‘Create MyKey’ option in the MyKey section.
  6. Tap the OK button to make the placed button your MyKey.
  7. Wait for some moment till the reprogramming is complete.

Step 02: Adapter Connection

Connect the OBD II adapter to the ford computer. It helps to make a strong connection to the USB device.

Step 03: Connect To FORScan App

Use the OBD II to disconnect the MyKey system. Tap on the wrench icon, known as the service function, once the loading is done.

Press on the BdyCM PATS to start the service function. Put your ford key On but don’t run the engine. Tap on OK, and don’t stop the car.

Step 04: Key Removing From Ford

Select ignition key programming after you’ve accessed the PATS module. It’ll give you access to the ‘no MyKey’ option. Switch off the ignition and take the key out.

You must start Ford’s electric system to deactivate MyKey if you want a keyless feature.

Step 05: Switch Off MyKey Settings

Now, do a security check before you stop the engine. It takes only 10 minutes to perform a security check to ensure the vehicle’s safety. Then, put a key in for the new program. It’ll notify you after the programming is done.

Head on to the main menu and select the MyKey option. Select Clear MyKey to turn off MyKey completely without an admin key.

Process Of Making A MyKey Ford

Making a MyKey in your Ford isn’t hard. You can make your own MyKey without using an admin key. 

However, if you’re facing trouble making a MyKey on your Ford, follow this guideline to make a MyKey on your Ford by yourself.

Step 01: Select The Administrator key

First, select the key you want to use as your MyKey. The left one will become the administrator key by default.

Step 02: Start Ignition

Place your desired key into the ignition. Use the intelligent access key in the backup slot if your Ford has a push-button start.

Step 03: Make A MyKey

Go to settings after you’ve started the car’s engine. There, you’ll find the MyKey option. Next, choose ‘Create MyKey’ in the MyKey section. Press the OK button until you see a confirmation message.

Suppose your Ford has a SYNC screen, select Settings. Then go to the Vehicle option. The MyKey option is available in the Vehicle section. Now, you can create a MyKey.

Step 04: Mark MyKey

Switch off the car to mark the MyKey. Don’t forget to tag the MyKey to make it different.

How To Clear MyKey Settings?

There’s a slight difference between turning off and clearing MyKey settings in a ford. You can remove MyKey settings using the information display and SYNC screen. Check out both of these procedures to clear my key settings yourself.

Information Display

This guideline will help you clear MyKey settings quickly through the information display.

Step 01: Use the admin key to start the car.

Step 02: Choose OK to enter the message center.

Step 03: Press the > button on steering if you fail to choose OK

Step 04: Go to Settings

Step 05: Choose MyKey

Step 06: Choose Clear MyKey

Step 07: Press OK till you see a notification about clearing MyKey

SYNC Screen

The sync screen method is a combination of manual and digital processes. Here’s how you can clear MyKey using the sync screen.

Step 01: Use the admin key to start the car

Step 02: Select Settings on the SYNC screen

Step 03: Choose a vehicle

Step 04: Select MyKey and follow the MyKey erasing method

Step 05: A message will confirm clearing the MyKey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The MyKey option has many features unknown to fresh drivers. But some FAQs can help to know about some of them. Discover some fantastic facts about MyKey from these FAQs.

What is the cost of a ford smart key?

A smart key will cost you $245 from any dealer. Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore in the market. But you can get one from any garage sale or a mechanic’s shop.

Does detaching the battery reset MyKey?

Removing the negative cable resets the battery when your car battery is H7 or H8. But you must detach more lines to reset the settings. Your Ford’s settings should be the same before you connect it to the power source.

Does every car have a MyKey?

Yes, almost every car and modern truck like Thuren or Carli are equipped with MyKey. Ford Fiesta, vans, sedans, SUVs, and F-150 trucks have the default MyKey feature. But drivers stop using it after they’ve mastered safe driving.


Turning off MyKey can be tricky sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you can’t disable it at all. However, it’s better not to turn it off if you’re still in the learning phase. Many driving schools use MyKey to help teenagers become good drivers.

Hopefully, the analysis about how to turn off MyKey Ford without an admin key has provided you with the correct answer. Follow the passage carefully to make a MyKey instead of turning it off. Remember, turning off MyKey and clearing it to make settings default isn’t the same thing.

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