How To Unlock Jeep Cherokee With Keys Inside?(Easy Steps)

Why do you want to know how to unlock a jeep Cherokee with keys inside? are you planning to snatch a jeep Cherokee from the highway or others garages? If it is not, you are a forgetful person, and I am here to help you pass this critical situation.

You don’t need much money or mechanical knowledge to unlock a vehicle door without keys. So, stay with me from 2 to 5 minutes, and maybe I can help you to have a safe return with your Cherokee.

Easy Steps To Unlock A Jeep Cherokee Without A Key

I will suggest all regular processes without drilling or window cutting as jeep Cherokee is not a cheap jeep as a patriot. Apply anyone from my list according to your surroundings, and the article is well researched to unlock your Cherokee.

Try To Open Soft-top Or Sunroof. 

I don’t know about your jeep’s model, trim level, or releasing year, but this is the easiest way to unlock your jeep Cherokee. You just need to make a little space in the Cherokee top with a thin metal or spoon and then use a hook to take your keys.

If keys are untouchable, try to press sunroof keys or unlock door keys to make more space. If your jeep has a one-touch leaking problem or an XJ or ZJ version, you can easily open the sunroof.

Use A Slim Jim.

Slim Jim is a small and thin-sized meal mostly are being used for opening car doors. Stop other cars or jeeps and ask for a slim Jim; I am sure that you will get it in your first 3 to 10 vehicles. Just put it in the lock position and turn it until the lock opens.

Use A Slim Jim

A thief can open a locked door in 10 to 20 seconds using slim Jim. Still, is this valuable item missing in the toolbox? You can buy it from 10$ to 25$ from any automotive retailer, including Amazon and Walmart in the United States.

Apply Airbags To Create A Little Gap Between Doors

Airbags are a cheap kit for 20$ to make a little distance between jeep door and body. It is one of the easy and user-friendly tools where you just need to put these airbags into the upper side of the doors.

Pump the bags until there is a 2 inches gap. Don’t pump it too much; otherwise, it can break the door’s glass. Then put a slick or metal between the gap and try to pull door keys or press the door lock button.

You can also tie a tough wire or U-shaped hook on the front side of metal if the door only offers a hook system. even you can also rub some sticky liquid on the metal stick or adjust a snake-catching stick to do it in a very soft way.

Use A Thin Rod Or Hook.

Always try to apply the first three systems as they are the most suitable and popular way to unlock a door without a key. If you are in a challenging situation where you can’t manage anything, as I said, then use a very thin rod or hook between glass and door lock and then try to unlock it.

Use A Thin Rod Or Hook

You have to be much careful to complete this process as there is a chance of scratching the body. If you are first-time stuck in that situation, try to add a helping hand with you.

Use CB Radio To Get Help From Other Drivers

most offroad vehicle owners use portable CB radio for better communication and relief from a shitty situation. You can also get full advantages from your handheld jeep radio if it is out of the vehicle and in your hand.

Communicate with your nearby drivers who have essential tools and liberate yourself from that bad condition.

Use Cell Phone 

I think you can do anything to pass this state when your cell phone with internet or balance is still in your pocket. Call anyone of your friends or automotive experts who can help and explain your bad condition.

I think they will come or provide you with the best solution to pass this worst environment. You can type jeep repair shop me in your phone chrome browser, and you will have their numbers or address to communicate.

Elucidate everything from the beginning and ask for help or tips to finish it in a smooth way. Search anything to unlock jeep Cherokee keys inside on your phone, and the internet is full of a lot of resources in this era.


Now, you know the best possible way how to unlock Jeep Cherokee with keys inside. So try the best applicable way depending on your condition and budget.

Also, try to ensure jeep anti-theft system as you know opening a jeep door is not too tough

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