How To Use A Floor Jack To Lift A Jeep Wrangler?(Explained)

If you know the name of some accessories and parts of the jeep where the floor jack has to be put, you can use it easily. A driver or owner who doesn’t know how to use a floor jack on a jeep wrangler will be in massive trouble on the highway.
This is a lightweight and a must need jack for wrangler owners who spend much time on roads. So, stay with me for a better understanding of floor jack, and I won’t waste your time.

Choosing The Right Floor Jack

Using a floor jack is not much complicated, but you have to choose the right one. As the jeep is a heavy vehicle, you have to find out that jacks which can take more weight than wrangler.

Suppose your wrangler’s weight is 3000 pounds, and so, you must collect the jack which can lift more than that. You brought a mini-size jack that only can take small size vehicles; that is absurd.

Make sure your floor jack can lift your vehicle high enough. You need not take the car much high with your floor jack. But, in jeep terms, it’s totally opposite as itself has four big-sized wheels. Be sure your floor jack can take your jeep more than 30 inches.

Set Parking Brake:

So, you have the right floor jack. Now, set the parking brake and block the tire. If your duty is in the back right tire, then block the left front tire with any proper size stone. You Must keep your vehicle on plain land or garage.

If the land is not plain, you will get some problems that can make you die. Keep the lights on whether the place is dark.

Ready your Floor Jack And Jack Stand:

Turn the jack screw clockwise to make ready your floor jack and put the stick into the receptacle of the floor jack.

ready your floor jack and jack stand

Keep the stands around the jeep. Set the teeth of the jack stands to confirm how high you want to lift. Be sure; every jack stand teeth is in a similar position.

Point To The Lifting Position:

it depends on your purpose and where you want to lift the jeep. But basically, the floor jack will be put under the center rear differential. It is situated in the middle of two wheels under the wrangler. Now put the floor jacks apex accordingly to the center rear differential.

Point To The Lifting Position:

Push The Handle:

It’s time to up your jeep. So, simply push the jack handle up and down; as a result, you will see your jeep will be high. Push it until the jeep gets high enough.

Put The Jack Stands:

When your jeep is in the high, just put two stands under the axle tube. Do you know where the axle tube is? Behind your jeep’s wheel.

Keep Weight On The stands:

Now turn the floor jack screw counter clockwise wise and you will see the vehicle is coming down over the jack stands. Be sure the jack stands and the axle tube is properly attached.

How easy the installation is! Now you can remove the tire and put in an extra one. Also, I can do some mechanical changes under the jeep.

Removing Floor Jack

Removing the floor jack is not much tough. Its quate similer as installation. After finishing your experiment, put the jack stick again and pump it up by pushing. If it is high enough, remove the stands from axle tubs.

Now the vehicle pressure goes over the floor jack. Remove the stick from the floor jack and put it to the jackscrew. Now turn the stick counterclockwise. Do it slowly, and the jeep will be down. Take off the floor jack from the center rear differential. Keep every tool in the toolbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is better, a floor jack or a bottle jack?

Though both of them are popular for lifting your vehicle, installing process is quite different than each other. A bottle jack can ensure comparatively much lifting power than a floor jack. But, if you want to have better handing power, I think a floor jack is the first option.

What jack do I need for a Jeep?

There are different types of jacks for jeep wranglers, and you can try each of them. They all (floor jack, high lift, bottle jack, scissor jack) have enough lifting and weight capacity though prices differ.
When you are a regular off-road traveler, a high lift jack would be your first choice. If you want to remove 35 or 37 inches tires peacefully, a floor jack can ensure it. 


A floor jack is a must tool for every jeep owner. It helps you to change your bad tires in the midway of your journey. Sometimes your jeep can be stuck in an unusual area with holes, big stones, etc.

A floor jack can take you home from that boring situation. Moreover, a new jeep owner can clean all the dust under the jeep using a floor jack and do essential mechanical changes.

So if you want to know how to use a floor jack on a Jeep wrangler, it is not wasting your time because it will save you countless times when you are stuck in the mud.

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