Jeep Backup Camera Not Working: What can be the possible reasons?

Jeep Wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee and compass are all heavy vehicles from the aspect of weight and width; sometimes, it’s difficult to park in a narrow space.

Older jeep drivers are accustomed to moving their jeep back and forth without a backup camera, but the new generation jeep drivers are highly dependent on this feature. A backup camera can increase visibility and offer more handling power to move the jeep’s rear side.

Is your jeep backup camera not working, and are you worried about that issue? So, this article is all about the jeep backup camera issue, and you can easily diagnose the problem whatever jeep model you have.


Dust in the camera, bad installation, wiring problems, Uconnect problems, lower jeep battery charge and bad voltage regulator are the most common causes of backup camera issues.

All the causes are well explained in this article with easy solutions. The most satisfying matter is that you can fix almost all of these without a mechanic or any technical knowledge.

Jeep Backup Camera Not Working

Dust In The Camera

Jeep backup camera located behind the spare tire in jeep wrangler, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee. So, we always forget to take care of this useful jeep component unless some disturbing matters happen. 

The rear side of a vehicle spreads more dust than the front side, and the backup camera gets dirty easily if the jeep runs a long way. So, if your jeep backup camera becomes dirty, it might abate visibility or stay blank in the Uconnect camera system.

Some modern jeep of 2021 and 2022 can detect it with their sensor system and sends a notification to the dashboard.

When your is in a car wash, always give eyes to the back of your jeep, especially in the backup camera. If the backup camera issue is from dust, take a soft wet cloth piece and rub it slowly to clean it. You can use some leading camera washing kits like Polaroid, CamKix, or Lenspen sensorKlear to clean the backup camera.

Bad Installations

When planning a family trip, you might need to adjust several things, from the roof rack to the tailgate table in your jeep. In a jeep wrangler, the Third brake light, backup camera, and CB antenna go in the same way from the front side to the tailgate. 

So, if you ground a CB antenna or add no drill tailgate table on the rear side of the vehicle, there is a chance that you might make a mistake with the backup camera.

Moreover, we tend to open and close the tailgate multiple times to take touring and camping stuff when we are going a far way with our jeep. So, the backup camera function gets interrupted by unnecessary force and hits on the camera.

Open spare tire and check every device in the tailgate from the third brake light to the CB antenna. It is good to install a backup camera before installing other components in the tailgate. It’s a precaution from my driving experience; always try to use a soft spare tire cover so that it can’t rub your rear cam.

Wiring Problems

Still, the backup camera function works via a cable from the tailgate to Uconnect for caring camera data. The cable might get hurt when we remove the jeep spare tire or third brake lights. 

When your jeep becomes older, each part of its component loses its expiration date, and the backup camera is not out of this condition. The camera, cables, or other parts related to the backup camera, might get abortive with time.

As I said, vehicle accessories lose their productivity with time if you don’t nurse them in a proper way. When the trouble is from bad wiring or ground symptoms, you must change the whole cable from beginning to end.

Uconnect Issue

Uconnect comes with lots of functionality, from playing music to remote communication in the automotive industry. If your jeep climate control system is not working, Bluetooth audio is not operating, or the backup camera is failing to run, you can solve all of these problems with Uconnect when cables and devices are okay. 

I think there are settings problem in your Uconnect, which is keeping Your jeep backup camera is abortive. When Your backup camera is newer, and there are no ground or wiring problems in the camera, probably the Uconnect system is faulty.

First, check the vehicle’s Uconnect whether it’s okay or not, and then go through the next steps. Go to the setting option and find out the camera or backup camera settings in the Uconnect of your jeep. 

Then allow options that are keeping your jeep backup camera abortive. If it is not solved, then restart the whole Uconnect system according to your jeep models. This is the fundamental solution for backup camera problems until the problems are very basic in your jeep.

Older Uconnect Version

Some modern Uconnect doesn’t permit to run of aftermarket electric devices for security purposes. It also happens when you never update jeep Uconnect or your vehicle is switched off for a longer time. So, you should also diagnose your wrangler or Cherokee in that way to find out backup camera obstacles.

If a jeep is in the following condition, keep it in park mode and off the ignition switch before going to the next step. Most of the pricy offroad vehicles like wrangler Rubicon or Willys have put update system in the settings though it varies from jeep to jeep.

Open the Uconnect settings folder and go to system update and then let it update. There are some manual tricks to update the system if the upgrading option is not visible, and you might try that way.

Battery And Voltage Regulator Issue

Battery and voltage regulators play the most powerful role in running any electrical device in the jeep. If your jeep radio doesn’t work or the key fob is not detecting the vehicle, there is a high chance that your jeep battery is lower or the voltage regulator is facing problems.

In that way, a backup camera will be irresponsible when the vehicle battery or voltage regulator fails to perform.

Always keep your battery full, change battery water from time to time, and keep your eyes on the voltage regulator. Though there is no direct relation between the camera and battery or voltage regulator 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does it cost to repair a backup camera?

Actually, you don’t need to spend money to repair the backup camera when you can solve it from system settings. If your camera set or wirings are faulty, maybe you have to spend $50 to $60 with mechanic costs to fix them.

2. How much does it cost to install a backup camera in a Jeep?

EWAY and Roadpower are two brands that are so much popular for jeep wrangler wired backup cameras. This backup camera price is $60 to $80, and you can install them using their user guide.

If you want to add a wireless camera, AUTO-VOX is my personal suggestion, and it will cost around $120.

3. Where is the backup camera on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

There is a jeep logo on the grand Cherokee’s tailgate, and the backup camera is located under the logo. Sometimes the backup camera situates to the left of the tailgate handle, depending on jeep trim levels. Basically, a grand Cherokee backup or rearview camera locates on the outside of the tailgate hand.


All these steps should work to solve the backup camera issue as I have fixed my own. Is your jeep backup camera not working after trying all of these methods? No more internet surfing; take warranty papers and then talk to the dealer.

If your jeep is out of warranty, take it to the nearby garage and let the mechanic inspect it. I think it won’t take much time or money to fix your jeep backup camera. 

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