Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Reliability: 5 Crucial Factors

The Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel engine is one of the most powerful and fuel-efficient engines on the market. With a 4-cylinder, 2.8L engine, and a 7-speed automatic transmission, the diesel engine provides maximum torque and excellent power for quality offroad and on-road driving. 

But, sometimes, jeep grand Cherokee diesel reliability is not so cool, though it is well known as one of the best engines. Some owners found very few problems like catalytic and overheating issues on a jeep grand Cherokee diesel engine.

Diesel engine reliability also depends on the way you are using your jeep.  So stay with me, and I will talk about some common problems with the jeep grand Cherokee diesel engine. 

Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Problems

Catalytic Converter Problems

A catalytic converter is a piece of equipment used to convert toxic gases into less harmful substances. It consists of a ceramic brick coated with metal catalysts and placed at the end of an engine’s exhaust pipe in your Grand Cherokee.

Catalytic Converter Problems

It helps diesel engines to reduce pollution from jeep exhaust and to keep the engine comparatively cooler. Some divers have found that this part of the engine does not work well in jeep grand Cherokee.

As a result jeep, the grand Cherokee diesel engine seems problematic. The catalytic coating helps reduce pollution caused by smog, which means that cars with catalytic converters are generally better for the environment. 

Extra Noise In The Engine And Exhaust

A powerful diesel engine always screams loud when you accelerate it. But, the noises minimize riding quality and make neighbors annoyed. An exhaust coupler is a thing that reduces extra noise by connecting two pipes together in the exhaust.

Extra Noise In The Engine And Exhaust

When you are using a diesel engine for a long time in your jeep, a faulty exhaust coupler can create those noises. This is a regular problem, whether it is jeep wrangler x or sport

Black Smoke

Black smoke is an easy sign of a faulty diesel engine in a jeep grand Cherokee. As a quality engine, this is not a common issue in the jeep diesel engines.

Black Smoke

Excess fuel in the crankcase, Inadequate valve clearance, Dirty air filter or dirty carburetor, and faulty oil filter, using dusty spark plugs are the major causes of black smoke in the exhaust.

When you are using a low-quality engine cooler and oil in your jeep grand Cherokee for a long time, there is a high risk of black smoke. 

Overheat Engine

An overheated engine is a regular problem in every vehicle, and the jeep grand Cherokee is not out of them. When a jeep engine runs, it emits hot air through the exhaust holes of the engine.

So, when you are running your jeep for a longer time, the jeep engine becomes hot easily without having major problems in the vehicle’s heart. Some older grand Cherokee had faced overheating engine problems as they used poor bearings and cooling systems.

Price And Maintenance Cost

Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel engine is a popular vehicle engine, and its price is quite high. If you are having major problems with a diesel engine and looking for a swap, you have to count at least $6000 without mechanic costs.

As diesel engines always use quality and pricy components, you need to spend more money on regular maintenance than others. It is considered one of the major 2014 and 2018 jeep grand Cherokee diesel problems. 

How To Improve Diesel Engine Performance

  • Engine performance depends on many things. If the oil in the engine gets dirty, you need to purify the full oil tank. So, never use cheap and local oil in your jeep diesel engine. When you are dependent on gas, try to buy from a gas pump that has good customer reviews.
  • If you have been using a diesel engine for a long time, then you should change the vehicle’s oil filter from time to time. Noisy or faulty oil filters may minimize engine performance, and changing them can also help to have better gas mileage in your jeep.
  • Engine coolant is another great factor for diesel engine performance. Always change jeep coolant and never beg for cheap items. You can easily find some top-notch coolant if you spend $25 to $35. 
  • Catalytic converter and spark plugs are major engine components to have better engine performance. Whenever you buy these engine components, try to find those items that match jeep models. Some experts advised me not to use too many spark plugs on a diesel engine. You can examine this mini tip on your jeep grand Cherokee. 
  • After a long drive on an offroad or on-road, let the jeep engine be cool enough. Keep an eye on the engine cooling and exhaust system. Always use a quality exhaust coupler that reduces extra sounds and black smoke. 
  • The engine oil and coolant are the two most important parts of a diesel engine. If you do not keep them in a proper condition, your jeep diesel engine will be damaged in no time.
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee is a pricy and fantastic off-roading vehicle, and it needs a regular maintenance process for better riding. It also ensures jeep grand Cherokee sport mode, a modern feature for better acceleration. So, keep a solid mentality to spend some time and money on the jeep diesel engine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee last?

It depends on how you are using it and how careful you are about the vehicle’s engine. If properly maintained, it can serve you for more than 20 years, but if neglected will fail at approximately 7 to 9 years.

Most of the grand Cherokee owners have run their jeep diesel engine about 200000-300000 miles.

How often should you change diesel oil?

Diesel oil is not the only component to have better engine performance. If all other parts of the engine are okay, you can change the diesel engine after driving 7000 miles. But, whenever you change it, try to input quality diesel oil.

Final Words

When your jeep headlights are not working, you can still go for a ride. But when the jeep engine acts disturbing, you are out of traveling. Jeep Grand Cherokee uses a version of Chrysler’s new 3.6L V6 diesel engine that consumes 20% less fuel than others.

Jeep Grand Cherokee sport diesel reliability is not too negative when you regularly take care of your vehicle. Still, I am with the Grand Cherokee diesel engine, which is ten times better than a gasoline engine.

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