Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof Problems? (Solved)

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has one of the best sunroofs in its class that can be operated manually or automatically via remote control. It helps you to have fresh breath and extra fun when you are traveling on an open highway. 

But some problems can arise from technical and non-technical causes in the panoramic sunroofs. And If you’re having jeep grand Cherokee panoramic sunroof problems (2010-2021), then you will know the exact causes and solutions through this blog.

Common Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof Problems

1. Leaking From The Panoramic Sunroof 

suppose it’s a beautiful rainy day, and you listen to music inside your Grand Cherokee. Everything becomes annoying when you see water leaking from the jeep panoramic sunroof.

Leaking From The Panoramic Sunroof 

That is the first and most popular symptom of having panoramic sunroof problems. 

2. Creating Bad Sound And Noise In The Panoramic Sunroof 

if your jeep sunroof is creating noise or bad sound when it is closing and opening, it is another sign of having trouble with the sunroof. There could be several things causing the noise or bad sound in your panoramic sunroof.

One possibility is that the sunroof is not properly sealed or is not installed properly.

3. Opening And Closing Problems

There is nothing to say about this one as it is a clear sign of having a problem over the jeep top.

When you see your panoramic sunroof is not closing and opening as you want, then don’t waste your time looking for other symptoms. 

Causes Of Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof Problems 

There are many possible causes for grand Cherokee panoramic sunroof problems. sunroof motor issue is most popular among them, and others are given below:

1. Panoramic Sunroof Motor Not Working

A powerful motor operates the whole opening and closing of the panoramic sunroof system in the Jeep, which is located behind the headliner, between the front and rear seats.

panoramic Sunroof Motor Not Working

So, if this motor does not work for any reason, the sunroof will not open or close perfectly. After all, I can say the motor is the major and popular cause of having panoramic problems.

Wiring Problems Inside The Sunroof

2. Wiring Problems Inside The Sunroof

This problem can arise because there is a chance of a cable leak somewhere within the system. and if it is not perfectly installed on the jeep top, you can also have a panoramic sunroof problem. 

3. Control Panel Issue

every electrical technology has a control panel to keep the system user-friendly, and the sunroof system also has one. This is a board beside the interior mirror of the Jeep by which you can open and close the roof.

Control Panel Issue

Unfortunately, sometimes, this control panel doesn’t work due to overusing or water leaking. So this is also one of the causes of panoramic sunroof issues in Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

4. Overweight On The Vehicle Top

Nowadays, many people love to take their kayaks or bikes in the Jeep for transportation. However, these items are often too heavy to fit inside the vehicle and also create a significant impact on the sunroof.

If you are carrying heavy products without additional racks for a long time, it must create a permanent issue on the panoramic sunroof. Overweight on the jeep top can also make a crack or scratch on sunroof glass though this glass is not too flimsy.

6. Longer Opening Time And Excess Temperature

Water and dust inside the sunroof can create heavy corrosion in your Jeep Grand Cherokee. When there is rust in anything, it is no longer safe.

So, opening a jeep roof for a long time can make your sunroof closer to water and air, which leads to rust.

The excessive temperature inside or outside of the Jeep can cause panoramic sunroof problems, I have learned from one of the auto experts. 

Easy Fix For Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof Problems

Find The Exact Cause Of The Panoramic Problem

When you get the right diagnosis, then you can start your treatment accordingly. There are many possible causes of the panoramic issue, and it is often difficult to determine which is causing the problem.

First of all, you need to find out the exact symptoms and causes of the panoramic problem. Then you should go for the next option. Call for a jeep expert if you are not fit to find out the panoramic sunroof problems. 

Talk To Your Supplier Immediately

maybe you have bought a new jeep grand Cherokee, and all the papers and documents are on your dashboard. Now, your beautiful grand Cherokee is facing a panoramic sunroof problem.

So the best suggestion I can give you that talk to your dealer or supplier as early as possible. If you have a warranty and refund policy, make the best use of them. And I think Your dealer will surely be able to guide you. 

Change Bad Ground Cable Of Jeep

I would recommend replacing the ground cable of your Jeep from time to time. This will ensure that the electrical system of your Jeep is functioning properly and is protected from potential electrical issues.

If the problem is from the bad ground cable or control panel of the sunroof, change them as early as possible. 

Check Sunroof Motors 

the opening and closing system of the grand Cherokee sunroof depends on a powerful motor. Sometimes it doesn’t work due to overheating or long-term use. If your sunroof does not seem to be opening or closing properly, it may be necessary to have the sunroof motor replaced.

Yes, you indeed need adequate money, including a mechanic fee, to change the motor. Though sometimes cost differs due to the motor’s and mechanic’s quality.

Use Roof Rack Crossbar 

Roof Rack is a great way to transport your bikes, kayaks, and others goods safely and securely. It protects our sunroof from taking extra weight on it as much weight can create unusual problems on the top.

It also helps us to get the maximum load capacity of our car. If you are using a vehicle that has sunroofs, it’s better to use an extra rack to hold your heavy products.

There are the best roof rack crossbars for grand Cherokee available in the market today. You can also make an offline buying choice. 

The Voltage Regulator Of The Vehicle

The vehicle’s voltage regulator is responsible for regulating the voltage of the battery. It ensures that the battery is maintained at a specific voltage, preventing it from becoming overcharged or undercharged.

It also provides adequate voltage to the electrical component of your Jeep, including the panoramic sunroof. If everything seems to be perfect in the panoramic sunroof, then you should also check the voltage regulator. 

Change Weak Battery 

 the battery is the only source of power that is responsible for the vehicle’s starting, acceleration, and brake system. It is also the main source of power for the various electrical components in your vehicle, including the panoramic sunroof.

Change Weak Battery 

If you are facing a panoramic problem due to a bad battery, you can recharge the battery again until it works or changes the whole. 

Remove Dust And Corrosion From The Jeep Sunroof

Most Jeep’s sunroofs aren’t sealed airtight. So dust, insects, pollen, and other airborne contaminants get inside and cause corrosion. You will not get proper service when any component becomes rusty due to insects, pollen, or dust. 

So, never forget to keep your sunroof neat and clean to have more extended durability of the Jeep’s panoramic. 


Jeep Grand Cherokee Panoramic Sunroof is a luxury SUV with a retractable sunroof that is designed to enhance the passenger’s view of the surrounding area.

A panoramic Sunroof can save you from having to drive around with a bunch of blind spots and get into dangerous situations when driving in the mountains or on the highway.

But, having Jeep grand Cherokee panoramic sunroof problems or sky one-touch leaking makes everything abortive. My article is all about those problems, and please comment to me below if I miss anything to add.

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