Why Is The Jeep Key Fob Not Working After Replacing Battery?

Jeeps nowadays feature keyless entry, which makes life easier for drivers. But there is a common problem that all drivers face with key fobs; the key fob doesn’t work after replacing its battery.

There are 2 main causes behind Jeep Key Fob not working after replacing the battery,

  1. programming issues
  2. misaligned/ broken buttons.

These two are the most common, but defective door lock is another primary reason. You have to bring your Jeep key fob to a mechanic to fix it sometimes. But there are certain steps you can follow to repair or fix the Jeep Key Fob by yourself. \

This entire article will guide you in fixing your Jeep Key Fob using DIY methods.

What Would Cause Jeep Key Fob Not Working After Replacing Battery?

The solutions become more manageable when you figure out the causes behind any problem. So first, we will see the major reasons behind this problem, like electrical issues or programming errors, that will help you understand the situation better. 

Here are some significant causes for a Jeep Key Fob not working after replacing the battery:

  • Electrical System is Damaged 
  • The Key is Damaged from the Inside  
  • Programming Error 
  • Defective Door Locks 
  • Loosen or Worn out Buttons  

5 Solutions For jeep key fob not working after replacing battery

Now we will discuss some common solutions to these problems, which we described earlier about Jeep Key Fob not working after replacing the battery. 

Some issues can be fixed easily with DIY methods in your garage by yourself, and some problems cannot be fixed. For those, we prefer you go with an expert who will help. 

Read the DIY Solutions below and try them, as they are easy and convenient for most users.

1. Reconnect or Replace Damaged Wires

It is not a common or very rare cause, but we have found this issue where you have done everything right with your Jeep Key Fob, but it still isn’t working. 

The main culprit is the Keyless Entry system which may have damaged or disconnected internal wires. Here is a guide to easily fix the wiring problems in your Jeep.

  • Step 01: Get a user or service manual that will help you to locate the parts easily, and it should cost around $20 for a Jeep.
  • Step 02: Open the Key Fob Entrance using a screwdriver carefully, and ensure that it is not damaged by brute force. You will see a couple of wires.
  • Step 03: Find the constant power-line wire using the service manual of your jeep. Looks for damaged or disconnected wires.
  • Step 04: If there is any damaged wire, buy new one for $15 and reconnect. 

2. Replace The Key Fob (Fast-Alternative Solution)

This problem is more common than many others because a Jeep Key Fob starts to get affected internally. After a particular time. 

This happens mainly due to weather, water, humidity, and sometimes idleness. So, when a Jeep’s Key Fob is damaged, you can not repair it because there are many tiny transistors.

Now you may ask what’s the solution for a damaged Key Fob of your Jeep. There is no real solution. You will need to buy a new Key Fob. Now it’s up to you. 

You can either buy a new Jeep Key Fob from dealerships which will cost you $249, or from third-party shops that will charge you almost half of that price ($129).

3. Program The Key Fob

Programming A Jeep Key Fob is one of the most valuable solutions. Sometimes after everything, the Key Fob needs to be programmed, and most users forget to program their Jeep Key Fob after replacing the battery, causing it to reset. Below we will show you how you can program a Jeep Key Fob.

  • Step 01: Close the doors and trunk properly after getting in your jeep and insert the key into the ignition. Make sure it’s OFF.
  • Step 02: Slightly open the side doors and turn the lock.
    Step 03: Turn the ignition ON and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • Step 04: Pull out your key and let go of the button.

You have successfully programmed your Jeep’s Key Fob. If not, then try again. It is free of cost as you are doing it all by yourself.

4. Repair or Replace Jeep’s Door Locks

If you have already changed your Jeep Key Fob’s battery, but it is still not working, and everything related to the key is okay, there is a big chance that the door lock is broken. 

This will eventually lock every door and trunk of your Jeep for safety concerns. If it’s not repairable, then you must replace it. Here are the instructions below.

  • Step 01: Buy a new door lock from a nearby shop or contact the dealership.
  • Step 02: Use a service manual to unscrew the old broken lock.
  • Step 03: Install the new Jeep door lock.
  • Step 04: Test if the jeep door lock is working correctly. If not, consult an expert.

Jeep Door Lock replacement can be difficult for some people. So, if you don’t have good knowledge, don’t try to fix it. A mechanic will charge you around $119 (All Inclusive) for replacing your Jeep’s door lock for you.

5. Fix or Replace Key Fob Buttons and Housing

This problem is mainly caused by long-term usage. When you use a Key Fob for a very long time, like 5-6 years, it is obvious that the buttons of the key will be worn or loosened. 

As a result, they don’t work correctly. Some misunderstood that the problem was with the jeep key fob itself. But sometimes it’s the buttons.

Different sellers sell separate buttons on their website for jeep key fobs. You can buy the button that is not working. Unscrew your key fob and replace it with a new button. 

That will cost you between 5-8$ each, depending on the buttons. If new buttons don’t work well, then it indicates that you will need a new key fob.


Many people suffer from this problem where their Jeep key fob doesn’t work even after replacing the battery. However, people frequently ask questions about this, and we will answer some common ones.

Do you have to reprogram a key fob after changing the battery?

No, it is not necessary to reprogram a key fob of your jeep after changing its battery. In most cases, it is not needed, but sometimes the key fob gets reset, and you might need to program it again.

How do I reset my key fob after replacing the battery?

You will find a small button on your Jeep’s Key Fob. You might be on the back. Tap and Hold the button for about 15 seconds and release it. Your jeep key fob has been reset by now.

After battery replacement, how long does it take to reset the jeep key fob?

Resetting a Jeep Key Fob does not take much time. You can reset it within a minute. First, change the battery, hold the reset button for 15 seconds, and the key fob will reset instantly after 15 seconds. So, overall it takes less than a minute.

How much does it cost to program a key fob?

Key fobs have different prices in different places for different models. But usually, a jeep’s key fob will cost you from $50 in local shops to $250  in the dealership, including reprogramming.

Can you program a key fob without going to the dealership?

Programming or even reprogramming can be tricky sometimes for specific models. Sometimes you will need assistance from an expert when you cannot figure out the process. But if you can follow manual instructions, you won’t need to go to the dealership.


So now you know that you can fix your problem with DIY methods. We understand that when the Key Fob of your Jeep is not working, it can be frustrating. You can take it to a mechanic, but you can also unlock your Jeep with Jeep’s own IOS or android app.

People who don’t know about the fixed cost some money because they go to professionals for help. You should be careful about your Jeep’s Key Fob to save it from damage. But for emergencies, set up Jeep’s app on your phone before the Key Fob dies.

And keep it safe in different weather such as rain. If everything fails, look for a licensed mechanic for help who might charge you about $250. Also, change the batteries after a specific time. Lastly, reread the article if you have any confusion—best of Luck.

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