Jeep Liberty Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror Button Isn’t Working?

Don’t you hate being blinded by headlights in the rearview mirror? Then you can certainly appreciate the mirror’s auto-dimming feature in your Jeep Liberty. But you won’t be able to enjoy it if the jeep liberty automatic dimming rear view mirror button is malfunctioning. 

Sometimes the button might be broken or stuck. On other occasions, there might be problems with the internal circuitry. Being knowledgeable about the reasons can help you avoid unnecessary costly repairs. 

Where Is the Jeep Liberty Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror Button Located?

The jeep liberty automatic dimming rear view mirror button is at the mirror’s base. You will find it nested between two other significant parts. To the right of the button is a sensor. And to the left is a light. 

When you switch on the button, the light illuminates. This indicates that the automatic dimming mirror of your jeep liberty is now on. 

The sensor, on the other hand, does not light up. However, it is light-sensitive. 

When you turn on the button, the sensor can detect the difference between ambient light and glare level. 

This input helps the mirror darken itself when there is too much glare from the car headlights behind you.  

Reasons for Jeep Liberty Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror Button Malfunction

It can be a hassle if your jeep liberty’s rear view mirror button malfunctions. For instance, your mirror will not dim when there are blinding headlights from a car behind you. 

In other cases, you may be unable to turn off the mirror when the dimming feature is unnecessary. 

To solve the problem, you have to understand why this might happen in the first place. Here are some of the commonest reasons why the button might be malfunctioning- 

  • The button is broken or dirty
  • Faulty connections or fuse
  • The mirror has bad sensors 
  • A damaged microcontroller inside the mirror 
  • The rearview window is too tainted

How to Fix the Automatic Dimming Rear View Button on Jeep Liberty

So, your Jeep Liberty’s rearview mirror’ button isn’t working. Maybe you are thinking about taking it to the mechanic. 

But before that, you should know your options for fixing it. This will help you to be in more control of the situation when you take the car to the shop. 

Clean or Fix a Bad Button

The power button of the rear view button is frequently exposed to wind and dust. Plus, you might often touch it with dirty fingers. 

This results in the accumulation of debris around the button. As a result, it becomes stuck, displaced, and loses contact with the mirror’s system. 

In this case, try cleaning the button with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol. If there is too much dirt, you might have to remove the rearview and clean the button from the inside. 

Once it’s clean, it should start working again. But sometimes, the button might be broken and beyond repair. 

In that case, you have to put in a new button. This might cost around $10, depending on where you buy it from. 

If you are uncomfortable taking the window apart on your own, be prepared to pay a 50$ (or more) labor cost. 

Replace a Blown Fuse or Loose Connection

If cleaning or replacing the button doesn’t solve your problem, the problem might be a blown fuse or loose connection. 

The fuse prevents the overloading of the rearview mirror circuitry with electricity. It melts and breaks off the connection when something like that is about to happen. 

The Jeep Liberty’s fuse box can be located on the left side of the instrument panel. Or, it might be in the engine compartment near the battery. 

You must use the diagram in your owner’s manual to examine and detect the broken fuse properly. 

A new fuse might cost you around $10. Use a fuse with the same amperage and quality as the last one. 

Also, ensure that the wire connections to the rearview aren’t loose or corroded. Otherwise, replacing the fuse won’t help. 

However, if you are inexperienced in jeep circuits and diagrams, it might be challenging to do the replacement. 

In that case, have an expert take a look at your car. That might put you down for 100$. 

Repair Faulty Mirror Sensors

So your power button is clean, and the connections are okay. Still, the auto-dimming isn’t working correctly. In that case, you have to consider the sensors. 

When you turn on the power button, you are actually activating the sensors. They differentiate between the various light intensities and adjust the dimming feature accordingly. 

So, if the sensors go bad, it might seem like the power button isn’t working. While in reality, the sensor is the issue. 

To identify the problem, you have to do a test. First, clean the sensors with a soft cloth. There are two of them. 

The forward sensor is at the mirror’s base, to the button’s right. The rear sensor is behind the mirror. 

Turn on the power button. Cover the front sensor with tape and flash a torch on the rear sensor. 

This will trick the mirror into thinking as if glaring headlights are falling on the mirror at night. 

If the mirror darkens, you know the sensor’s working. Otherwise, it’s damaged.

Dirt, moisture, heat, and similar factors usually cause the damage. The electronics are somewhat complex for a non-expert. 

So, you might have to take the mirror or the vehicle to an auto shop. Costs should stay within 100-150$. 

Fix the Microcontroller

Sometimes sensors might be okay, but still, the auto-dimming feature wouldn’t work. This indicates an issue with the microcontroller. 

The microcontroller receives signals from the sensor and applies voltage to the electrochromic material in the mirror to darken it. 

So, if it is faulty, your mirror won’t work even with the best sensor, and you might think something is wrong with the button. 

You can take it to an auto repair shop to fix the issue. Expect 100-150$ in parts plus labor costs. Meanwhile, a brand new and original Jeep Liberty rear view mirror might put you down for 200$. 


Hopefully, many of your confusions regarding the rearview mirror button in your Jeep Liberty have cleared up. Still have some queries? Feel free to ask.

Can I drive my Jeep Liberty without an Auto-dimming rearview mirror?

Nothing prevents you from driving the car since the mirror isn’t a part of the engine. However, intense lights from the vehicle behind you can be hard on your eyes. And that can make driving unsafe and uncomfortable.

After fixing all possible issues with my Jeep Liberty’s rear view, why is it still malfunctioning?

Your problem probably isn’t with the rearview mirror but with the rear window. If it is too tainted, the sensors in your mirror will have difficulty identifying the light intensity, thus malfunctioning.

Can I fix the auto-dimming rearview button on my Jeep Liberty?

Yes, you can. But you must have experience working with wiring and circuit boards. Plus, you will need a few tools like a screwdriver, soldering equipment, lint-free cloth, etc.

When do I know I must change the Jeep Liberty’s rear mirror?

If the mirror has become discolored from years of use, it is best to get a new one instead of trying to fix it. You should also immediately remove an old mirror if the electrochromic material leaks.

Final Words

The Jeep Liberty Automatic Dimming Rear View Mirror Button is a handy feature. 

You can instantly turn the mirror off or on without entering any complex dashboard command. 

To ensure its longevity, take a few minutes to clean the button every once in a while.

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