Jeep Navigation Not Working: Fix For Wrangler & Cherokee

Recently I met one of my friends who lives in Chicago and visited the art institute and science museum for the first time, only depending on the Jeep navigation system.

The navigation system is not a simple app that helps travelers to reach one place to another, and there are a lot of life-saving benefits of this modern system. 

It helps to reach the destination on time, improve fuel mileage and reduce fuel cost, new drivers to drive without hesitation, find cost and time effective root and abate accidents. 

Though there are a lot of benefits of GPS, sometimes it seems too funny when your jeep navigation shows that you are on sea or another planet. All the benefits I have said just now seem abortive when you find navigation issues in your jeep. 

Is your jeep navigation not working on your wrangler, Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, compass, or patriots? Then, this article is all about jeep GPS or navigation problems with a step by step solution guide. 

7 Reasons Why Jeep Navigation Not Working

The jeep navigation system mainly doesn’t work for cable issues, power issues, GPS antenna or sensor problems, settings issues, traveling in an isolated area, resetting or updating issues, and using multiple networking devices in your vehicle. 

All of the symptoms and causes of jeep wrangler or Cherokee navigation issues are well explained with the proper solution in my article. 

1. Cables And Power Issue

Is your Uconnect screen black, Uconnect audio not working, music system not playing? Then the main problem is not on your GPS, and I think Uconnect is the main source of the GPS issue. 

Cables And Power Issue

If you find everything is okay and there are no problems with the jeep voltage regulator and battery, then it’s clearly indicating that the navigation system is facing trouble in your Wrangler, Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee.

When you are sure that the exact problem is from GPS, then take the following steps and never forget to examine the Uconnect and antenna cable. 

2. GPS Antenna Or Sensor Issue 

Your jeep navigation gets signals from the satellite via a small sensor or a GPS antenna. So, whatever you find on the Uconnect or GPS device screen, all the networking data you are getting from the GPS sensor or antenna. 

GPS Antenna Or Sensor Issue 

If anyhow, your GPS antenna doesn’t work, the whole navigation function will be abortive in your jeep. It might happen for several reasons like an older antenna, bad installation, faulty antenna cable, and others. 

When you find there is no issue with the Uconnect system, then reinstall the antenna or sensor in some open place. In my opinion, setting a GPS antenna on the roof or front side of the jeep is the most suitable solution for the GPS antenna issue if you can provide proper protection from rain and dust.

If the cable or the sensor is the exact reason for the jeep navigation problem, replace them with a better version. 

3. Settings Issue

The electrical device manufacturer of your car or jeep always ensures settings function for better usability in their modern items. You can use and control multiple programs from setting options, and GPS settings are one of them. 

When all the metrics related to navigation are okay, then give a small peek at the navigation settings. Find out if anything is unmatched with the navigation settings and take your next step.

If you find any GPS option like screen, maps, or sensor that is disallowed from settings, activate it with a simple touch. Show the GPS settings to an expert when you can’t understand the function. 

4. Traveling In An Isolated Area

Most of the time, Off-road vehicles like jeeps or trucks run in remote and inaccessible areas for much fun and thrill. Sometimes it brings trouble for the drivers when they try to use the jeep’s Uconnect navigation system. 

Traveling In An Isolated Area

in an isolated area, a GPS sensor or antenna can’t find signals when large trees or other things cover the vehicle. When it fails to find a positive signal via the antenna, it can’t show your desired map or function on the screen.

If your jeep navigation system is in an isolated area, take your vehicle to an open place where the sensor can meet the sky directly. 

5. Using Multiple Wireless Devices

From jeep Rubicon to Willys, XJ to TJ, every vehicle’s driver’s side is adorned with a lot of functionality for extra fun. You can do a lot of things like listening to constant music, browsing the internet, remote chatting, or mobile connecting in a newer jeep.

Sometimes, using multiple networks on your vehicle makes other functions harder to run and creates jeep radio problems, GPS problems, or key fob problems

When the navigation system is not working in your jeep, solve it in a different way by shutting down all other devices. Then only play the GPS, and I think it might give you the easiest solution. 

6. Using Tent

using tent

Are you using any tent or umbrella tent on the front side of your jeep that makes a shadow over the GPS antenna? If the answer is yes, it’s confirmed that your jeep navigation system is not getting adequate signals for the tent over the jeep. 

When you are in that condition, cut some of the parts of the tent so that the GPS antenna can meet the sky directly. 

7. Resetting And Updating Issue

Are you using the same GPS device in your jeep for a long time without a system update? If your GPS device is taking much loading time when you open it, it’s a clear indication that there are problems in Uconnect, or the system is in trouble matching with the older version. 

When everything related to GPS from the antenna to Uconnect seems perfect, a reset or system update could be the last solution before going to a mechanic. 

Go to your GPS or Uconnect setting option and find the system update option and then allow it to update. Some devices show resetting options like an update in the setting bar; if you don’t find out this option in an older jeep from 2008 to 2015, try it in a manual way. 

Causes of jeep navigation problemsSolutionsCost without mechanic charge
Cables and power issueCheck GPS antenna cable and Uconnect power$25 to $200
GPS antenna or sensor issuePlace the antenna in the right place$0
Settings issueAllow navigation options that are blocked$0
Traveling in an isolated areaTake the vehicle into an open space$0
Using multiple wireless devicesShut down other devices$0
Using tentCut extra part of the tent with a cutter that covers the antenna$10 to $20
Reset and update the issueGo to settings and find those options$0

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Jeep NAV?

Resetting navigation in every jeep is quite easy though it also matters from jeep to jeep and device to device. The easy procedure is to go to the navigation bar, then select where to go, and click the options. You will find clear home data in the options and then clear it. I think you are done with your jeep navigation resetting process.

Is Uconnect Navigation free?

If your jeep provides a Uconnect system from the dealer, you will get all the features in the Uconnect, including navigation. So, the navigation feature in the Uconnect is totally free though there are some other terms and conditions. When you want to use some extra powerful feature in the Uconnect navigation, you might need to pay the manufacturer though factory navigation features are enough for traveling. 

Does Uconnect Navigation update automatically?

It updates automatically if you allow the auto-update feature from navigation settings. Some modern jeep’s Uconnect also updates navigation automatically whenever it finds the internet. But, most of the time, you need to do it manually in some older jeep models. 


A navigation system is a crucial feature for any traveler who has an off-road vehicle like a jeep. It diverts driver comfort to another level and makes the journeying more soothing. On the other hand, it decreases vehicle performance and makes travelers hesitate in an unknown place when their jeep navigation is not working.

In this article, I have tried my best to make your travel more meaningful by solving the jeep GPS issue. So, comment to me below with your exact jeep and GPS model, and I will let you know the more precise solutions. 

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