Jeep Traction Control Light On: Here’s Why It Happens!

The traction control system in the jeep or the car is one of the most riding-friendly features, which was invented by Cadillac in 1980. A traction Control System (TCS) is a system that reduces wheel slip with the support of ABS and helps in smooth driving even in bad weather conditions. 

It automatically prevents wheels from spinning when required and is very effective in rainy weather, slippery surfaces, and snow. Why does my jeep traction control light on? 

I have received this question several times from various jeep wrangler and Grand Cherokee owners.

Why Jeep Traction Control Light Stays On: All Possible Causes

Actually, it doesn’t mean something particular when your jeep is in a muddy or slippery land. If it stays on for a longer time on a good road or weather, maybe it has a sensor, wheel alignment, or switchboard issues.

The System Is Working

If your jeep traction control light stays on, I think it’s working fine, and there is nothing to worry about. Maybe you are in a situation where this system identifies something illogical. So, at first sight, it is not an issue for a jeep owner who spends much time in a slippery area. 

But, if the traction light is constantly on like daytime running lights, then you have to give a closer look at it. When your jeep headlights have issues or DRL is not working on one side, you can fix it as those are much easier problems than a traction control light issue. 

Finally, if your traction light is on from time to time, then it’s okay, and when it is on constantly, yes, you have issues to fix. 

Bad Weather And Road

Jeep traction control is a feature that removes the extra spin of one particular wheel in a slippery area. When you are in an area where wheels can’t adjust perfect traction with roads due to rain or others, the traction control system becomes activated, and the light goes on. 

If you are driving in the rain or in snow, it is quite normal to see the traction light is on. So, you should not lose your temper for traction light when you are in a snow or muddy area. 

Faulty Wheel Sensor

Wheel sensors are used to help jeeps steer by measuring the rotations of wheels, such as steering wheels, tires, or rear wheels. It is very important to detect the rotations of wheels if one is faster than the others. 

Passive wheel sensors are made from a plastic-metal combination that can only sense rotation. They don’t give accurate data because they can be easily affected by temperature and moisture. 

On the other hand, active sensors use electronic components, which are three times better than passive wheel sensors. If your wheel sensor is a faulty passive sensor, then it sends wrong information to the computer, and that is why your traction light is constantly on.  

Wrong Wheel Alignment

Accurate wheel alignment can reduce the chance of accidents and improves safety and driving comfort from the driver’s seat. On the other hand, the wrong wheel alignment not only reduces safety but also makes the data collecting process harder. 

Maybe your traction control system is definitely fine, but it seems faulty for wrong wheel alignment.

When the vehicle’s wheel sensor can’t collect exact data due to wrong wheel alignment, the traction control light is constantly on. There are different kinds of jacks for jeep wranglers to fix faulty wheel alignment.

Switchboard Problems

every electronic system related to the jeep needs a battery and a switchboard. You may find traction control problems if your jeep has bad ground symptoms or electrical wiring problems. A faulty switchboard can be a cause of traction light constantly on. 

How To Solve Jeep Traction light Issues

  • First of all, you have to find out the exact cause why your jeep traction control light is on. If you are in a slippery area like snow or mud, the traction light indicates that your vehicle is okay when you are not in a place that I just have said, then essential steps.
  • Reset traction control lights that can ensure a quick solution for this system. But traction control resetting process differs from vehicle to vehicle and jeep to jeep. Hold the control switch for three seconds, and you will find everything is reset if your wrangler is not much older.
  • When the sensor is the main cause of constant light on, change them as early as possible. Remember, activating the traction system for all time hinders moving your jeep back and forth. 
  • If any of the wheels is wrong aligned, take your finest jeep wrangler jack for a fast solution. Help wheel sensor to calculate accurate data by a perfect wheel alignment. It is one of the crucial factors for passenger safety.

People Also Ask:

1. Can you drive with the traction light on?

Yes, you can definitely drive as this feature is given for healthy driving. But, sometimes, you may find problems when the vehicle needs to drive back and forth as this feature is almost opposite to the jeep grand Cherokee sport mode

2. How much is it to fix traction control?

It depends on what problems you are facing with your jeep traction control system. If the issue you are facing is due to bad wiring and switchboard, then you can fix it without even a high-profile mechanic.

When the whole traction system is faulty, you may need around $200, including the mechanic cost. 

3. Where is the jeep traction control sensor located?

A sensor plays a major role in keeping the traction control system active in your jeep. It tracks all data when one of your vehicle wheels is faster or slower than the others.

If you have an issue with the jeep traction system and need to check the sensor, the sensor is located inner side of the jeep wheels. 

4. How do I get my traction control light off?

Traction control is an automatic system that takes control when one of the jeep wheels is faster or slower than the others.

Take your vehicle out of the slippery (snow or mud) area, and the traction control light will automatically be off if you want to turn off the system, including the control light, just off the system switch. 

5. Does traction control use more fuel on the jeep?

A traction control system is more related to the control of wheels and less connected to acceleration.

When your 80 percent driving root is slippery, it can consume a little bit more fuel than regular. You have to emphasize other factors for better jeep gas milage than the traction control feature. 


The traction control system has sensors that detect if the ground is wet or dry, and it uses electric circuits to tell the ABS to shut off when it feels like the wheels are slipping. 

A jeep traction control system is given for better riding support, not to make you afraid. “Jeep traction control light on” indicates that one of the wheels is spinning faster than others, and the system is working to fix it. 

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